The idiots!


I enjoy rational debate – but sometimes I despair of the critics we find on social media.  One of their favourite tricks is to assert their own prejudiced ideas of what they think we in UKIP might think – and then attack the false proposition that they themselves have put up!  It’s the Straw Man tactic.  Mind you there was a BBC Radio 4 “comedy” programme today that presented Nigel Farage and Donald Trump as long lost twins, linked by their “Xenophobia”.  I can’t speak for Donald Trump, but of course Nigel is married to a very charming German wife, and like all UKIP MEPs he constantly works with colleagues of many nationalities.  Looking back over my parliamentary career I have hired staff from at least ten different countries and several ethnic groups — yet we’re still accused of xenophobia.

Repeat after me: rational concern over immigration is not xenophobic.  Especially when we’re concerned about an existing British  immigration policy that prioritises unskilled Romanians over highly qualified Commonwealth citizens.

The latest example of this “Straw Man” tactic is a recent Twitter notification as follows:

Bothwicky ‏@hashtageruk  Sep 11

@MichaelAbberton @RogerHelmerMEP I do wonder whether dear old Prof Roge Himler does apply the same logic to the theories of Darwin/Einstien!

This lunatic knows that I challenge the IPCC position on climate.  And no doubt he accepts without question the old canard that “97% of scientists agree with the IPCC”, so he assumes that my position is anti-science.  He clearly hasn’t read the recent Danish government study showing that fewer than half of scientists working in the field of climate science agree with the IPCC.  He then jumps to the bizarre idea that I must therefore reject other scientific theories too.

Mind you, he has a point on Creation.  I’m sceptical about it.  I just don’t believe that God made the world in six days, in the Year BC 4004.  It is very clear that all living organisms on earth share a common ancestry, and that evolution has proceeded over the last three billion years, give or take.  In fact I have read widely, from a layman’s perspective, on evolution in the context of modern molecular biology, and I daresay I know a bit more about it than Bothwicky does.

I certainly know more about Einstein than Bothwicky does — for a start, I know how to spell the name.  If he fully understands Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity then I owe him an apology.  My maths didn’t go that far.  But I suspect he does not.

I don’t get upset about his persistent, deliberate and derogatory mis-spelling of my name — if he can’t spell Einstein, perhaps he can’t spell Helmer either.  But it does underline the puerile, anti-intellectual nature of his criticism.  He can’t or won’t debate the facts, so he uses class-room sarcasm — to little effect.

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12 Responses to The idiots!

  1. Jane Davies says:

    What do you expect from an idiot who gives his location as the moon! Can he really expect anyone to take him seriously.
    I’m sorry you are just sceptical about evolution Roger, I would have thought an intelligent man like yourself would have dismissed the religious fairy tales a long time ago. I had that all worked out when I was in my teens!

  2. Brin Jenkins says:

    The Bible is a collection of several books written as the story or history of Jews, and starts before Jews existed. Initial history would have been only spoken, and passed down with inaccuracies creeping in with retelling. When written History started old stories were scribed and would have carried the mixed ideas of time scales and events forward in a more stable form. This was possibly when Moses was in Eygpt, and I believe the first mention of writing was the Tablets of Stone brought down from the mountain top in Exodus.

    By the time of Jesus, just 2000 years ago, accuracy was improved and slavishly recopied to preserve accurate detail. All the books do not share the same level of authenticity, I believe its OK to have doubts on the earliest writings, but lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I’m 80 next birthday and see 2000 years in a shorter perspective, just 25 times my age!

    • afwheately says:

      If you choose to believe in the supernatural concept of “god” then a few errors in the source material are hardly here nor there. And none of it stands up to a naturalistic view of the World.

    • David says:

      In a book I read in my teens Encyclopedia of Mythology, there were many similar stories you find in bibles and other tomes, of great floods etc in many other godbothering groups, greek, roman, norse , so to me its all mythology, but those who wish to believe it are free to do so, I have no wish to eliminate them from the earth, chop heads off etc. The left to me seem most unpleasant, equally extreme as the so called ” extremists” they oppose.

      They call us racists, yet I have LP covers lined up from 55 years collection of Blues, from America, and obviously they are black guys and girls, ladies, handsome men & women, but Ive no problem with their colour. Behaviour is what puts me off certain groups.

  3. omanuel says:

    E.M. Smith quotes Mahatma Gandhi on dealing with close-minded idiots:

    I suspect Gandhi had read in the Upanishads, Truth is victorious, never untruth.”

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Rarely do I look at Twitter stuff and each time I do I am reminded not to go there. Obviously some need to be aware of those influences. Glad I don’t!

    Watched Junker kick the cash cans on a bit further – state of EU speech. Not sure that Mercedes Benz will be very bothered with UK trade…it’ll certainly get a better sales order book indirectly from Brussels fairly soon. So debts continue to climb really.

    Junker didn’t have time to get into climate, other than mention Paris a couple of times, so there is a printed piece issued somewhere? Probably won’t need to skim that very much.

  5. John Poynton says:

    Too true. I like the ‘Straw Man’ moniker. When I was Finance Director at PCHA in the 80’s I had a department of around 25 staff, of whom at least three quarters were black or Asian. So, like you, I have hired, appointed and worked with many black and Asian people, and what I always found was that ,once you get to know them, all you notice is their personality. Colour fades away completely.

  6. afwheately says:

    Dear Ringers has become a dead loss. Not only does it now fail as a humours programme, but it has become pointedly offensive, as exemplified by item about Nigel Farage.

    I used to enjoy this programme, but this time I turned it off in disgust. The most recent programme was the last in the series, and I hope the last for good.

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