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EU plan has different targets for different pollutants in different countries – Roger Helmer MEP

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EU roaming charge plans are good news? Think again!

And for the Tories – Vicky Ford gets it wrong On Tuesday, the European Parliament voted through EU proposals on mobile phone roaming charges.  This would have gone through without debate had I not tabled an amendment to reject, which … Continue reading

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Heavy handed top-down European regulation delivering perverse incentives

<> “Then we come to the question of roaming which has been presented as a wonderful benefit for consumers. Of course, it is no such thing, it is profoundly regressive. It will benefit well-heeled executives and business executives and it … Continue reading

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Why Ken is wrong on business and Brexit

On Friday Oct 23rd, I appeared in a TV debate organised by Notts TV  along with Ken Clarke, North Nottingham Labour MP Graham Allen , and a psychologist from Nottingham Trent University. Of course Europe came up, and Ken trotted … Continue reading

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I’ve been in the lions’ den. And it’s Green!

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato This morning I was scheduled to attend a breakfast debate on “Controlling Carbon: COP21 and beyond”.  I had failed to do my homework, and I discovered on arrival that it was a Green Party benefit … Continue reading

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Turkey: You couldn’t make it up

Merkel with Turkish PM Erdogan The evolution of the immigration crisis, and Europe’s response to it, becomes increasingly bizarre.  If it weren’t so tragic and serious, you could call it farcical.  Yet in a way it’s a metaphor and an … Continue reading

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Plenary Speech Climate Change October 14th 2015

<> Mr. President, Here we go again. Another UN Climate Conference. As ever, high hopes disappointed. Commitments below expectation. Implementation below commitments. We should remember that there is still huge uncertainty around the climate issue. It is not clear that … Continue reading

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