Grudging agreement on Emissions Trading


Former Lib-Dem MEP Chris Davies

On Tuesday morning (Oct 13th) I attended a breakfast briefing on emissions trading (“Streamlined Market Provisions for the Paris 2015 Climate Agreement”) organised by IETA, the International Emissions Trading Association (no, I hadn’t previously heard of it, either).  They were full of hope and enthusiasm for the up-coming Paris Climate Conference, and keen to spread emissions trading around the world, claiming that areas accounting for 40% of global GDP already had such arrangements in place.

Their objective (they said) was to meet climate targets and keep global warming down to only 2oC, by capping emissions.

It was chaired by German Socialist MEP Jo Leinen  (whom I had discomfited the previous evening at the EEF dinner event: He’d said he liked “Designed markets”; I got a laugh by interjecting “That’s because you’re a socialist!”).

I was the first speaker from the floor.  I started out “Here we go again.  Another UN Climate Conference.  We approach it with high hopes, but as on previous occasions we’ll come away disappointed.  Commitments will fall short of your objectives.  Subsequent delivery will fall shorter still.

An early speaker mentioned “Putting a monetary value on pollution”. May I remind you that CO2 is not pollution.  It is a naturally occurring trace gas, colourless, odourless and non-toxic, which is essential to life on earth.  Indeed the current level of atmospheric CO2 is massively raising crop yields and helping to feed a hungry planet. 

You’ve been talking about emissions trading.  We have ten years’ experience of the EU’s ETS.  Surely that’s long enough to convince us that it doesn’t work?  It was supposed “to send price signals to the market” – but the only signal it’s sent to industry is “Go to China!”

What we have round this table today is a special interest group, which is making a good living out of this artificial carbon market.  But we’ve heard nothing about the damage that your energy prices are doing to real industry in Europe. Steel, aluminium, chemicals, petroleum refining, glass, cement, all moving abroad for cheaper electricity prices.

As Antonio Tajani put it, “We’re creating an industrial massacre in Europe” – and it’s time we stopped.

So far, so predictable.  That’s just what you’d expect me to say.  But I was astonished by what followed.  Leinen invited Chris Davies to speak. Chris is a former Lib-Dem MEP, who was always a passionate climate alarmist, and was rapporteur on the original ETS proposal.  He is now working with the European Climate Foundation (no, I hadn’t heard of that one either).  But in his MEP days he and I enjoyed a lot of sparring over climate issues.

But what he said now was striking.  As near as I can remember (and I made notes) he said: “I hate to agree with Roger Helmer.  I’ve spent years trying to avoid it.  But we have to admit that the EU’s ETS system has failed to live up to expectations.  That’s because we added a lot of other measures – renewables subsidies, emissions and renewables targets – that muddied the water and created confusion.  

We keep talking about the take-up of emissions trading around the world, but it’s going much slower than we’d hoped, and standards are very variable.  We keep hearing about the amazing progress of CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) in China – but not a single CCS project has been signed off!  I’m very disappointed with the way things are going”.

So, our analysis of the state of play is remarkably similar, though Chris Davies admits it with a long face, while I greet it with relish.  But endorsement is welcome from all sources, however grudging.

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15 Responses to Grudging agreement on Emissions Trading

  1. omanuel says:

    Congratulations on getting Chris Davies to admit publicly the obvious – “I hate to agree with Roger Helmer. I’ve spent years trying to avoid it. But we have to admit that the EU’s ETS system has failed to live up to expectations.”

    Did the UN organize this IETA, International Emissions Trading Association, to promote UN’s Agenda 21?

    • omanuel says:

      The insanity of claiming that CO2

      _ a.) waste product of animal life
      _ b.) gaseous food for plant life

      is a dangerous air pollutant, confirms that Stalin won WWII and converted science into a tool of propaganda to rule the world. Is there another viable explanation?

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    What we see is a massive mess led by incompetents: (fraud and so on)

    Its a signature style of the awful EU that the likes of our UK business (Rose & Co) plus government failures love. Must be something in it….only not for the people. Mr Farage got the people thing over very well in Gateshead yesterday.

    O/T: I think Paul Nuttall said that there are more and more german voices heading and talking for the EP groups. That would be the wrong germans.

  3. Jane Davies says:

    I am tempted to ask….when will there be a ‘light bulb moment” for these silly people, but I fear the lights will have gone out for good before the penny finally drops.
    Well done Roger…….in the future when the hysterics….sorry I mean historians look back on the crazy mess that was the EU they will say “That Helmer chap was right all along, it’s a shame the idiots who clung on to the ship as it sunk into oblivion couldn’t see it”
    Or refused to.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      They’e wrecked light bulbs already and most anything else to do with electricity. Farage in Gateshead yesterday…a glimmer?

  4. ian wragg says:

    By March next year Roger we are due to lose 5GW of coal fired generation taking us down to 11GW. This is (was) the cheapest power generated. It very much looks like we are going to have a colder than usual winter according to my berry count. Not very scientific but usually correct. I think the light bulb moment will come one dark frosty winter night when you press the switch and darkness remains. I put 10 to 1 on power cuts this winter.
    We are ruled by the most stupid species ever to roam this earth.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Solar PV Data is sparse, it shows only as a dip in the midday demand graph levels on :-

      Reducing coal generation without any increase in Gas standby capacity begs the question, how will we obtain a load balance in Winter? Beware of the 19.00hrs peak load, power supplies will fail, power cuts will then balance the load/supply.

      The Black Mountains Hydro Storage can inject 1.3 Mw to help our 40 Gw demand, but only for a very short time. This is inadequate for replacing the shortfall caused by Coal generation closures.

      Photo Voltaic Generation falls to just 12% of capacity in mid Winter, and is useless in the hours of darkness.

      Should we whistle for the wind perhaps?

  5. Jane Davies says:

    Anyone seen this?

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Similar articles, Global actions suggest its correct.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Yes…London, Birmingham, Glasgow. Never stopped in mid to north england to check due to constant blocked boring motorways. Made a navigator mistake of passing through N. London to Park lane a few weeks back from M1…scary over crowded places, never again! M1 was almost completely blocked from M6 junction (Coventry) south to M25 (N. London) for hours (and days+). Multiple road works and too many people in cars/trucks.

      First time I witnessed an ambulance trying to barge its way through 3 lanes of blocked motorway with the hard shoulder in use. You only have to witness this stuff a few times and you know UK is completely out of any identifiable control. So the idiots here want to add many more invaders to it. Just wondering when the water and sewer services fail, let alone energy which they need anyway. London mains water pressure is already low.

      And of course there still exists the foul mouthed/drunk feral english and foreign beggars…almost everywhere.

      I won’t mention (much) the immigrant refuge across the road where their garbage and old beds get strewn across the road and washing hangs up in the windows. That big place must be black with mold. Used beds seem to have prominence in some London streets these days?

      Fortunately the sun is shining.and sky is blue …currently.

      • Jane Davies says:

        What you are describing above Colin sounds horrendous. Trouble is the idiots in power who do not enter the real world never get to see it….they move around from A to B in their limos and live in their multi million houses in London’s posh areas and jet off to the country pile at the week-end. A good dose of reality is needed.

      • Ian Terry says:

        Reply to reply to Jane

        Just got back from your bit and with all the non stop election news it sounded just like home at times I thought that some of our lot over here had written their key pointers.

        Off topic tried to to leave a phone message that we found in the book but obviously it was the wrong one

      • Jane Davies says:

        Reply to Ian….that was a brief visit. Sorry we couldn’t get together……maybe next time?
        Yes we vote tomorrow (Monday) for a new PM so many are determined to get rid of Stephan Harper, everyone has had enough of him and his Conservatives…..the run up has been going on for 11 long weeks……watch this space.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Talking about “the people” above..there is this piece of fundamental stuff: (TTIP)

    “The European Union’s Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has told a leading campaigner that she does not take her mandate “from the European people.” Her statement came in response to a question on the unpopular Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between America and the EU, which is opposed by millions of European citizens”.

    Can’t be true can it…?

    • Jane Davies says:

      Once voted in power the wishes of the voters are ignored so this person who has never been voted for by the people treats the plebs/ eu citizens with contempt. Really we shouldn’t be surprised but she will disappear when the ship finally goes down beneath the waves. Sorry dear no lifeboats provided, the citizens mandate is to take no survivors!

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