Heavy handed top-down European regulation delivering perverse incentives


“Then we come to the question of roaming which has been presented as a wonderful benefit for consumers.
Of course, it is no such thing, it is profoundly regressive.
It will benefit well-heeled executives and business executives and it will result in higher costs for domestic users.
We’ve had members of this house, including Vicky Ford, who have told us there will be no rebound effect on domestic costs.
I have to say if you take that view you simply don’t understand how markets work.
The operators will have lost a major revenue stream, they will seek to recover it and the only place to recover it is from domestic prices.
We MEPs will get lower prices but Mrs Lumsden in Coronation Street will pay more. Yet again we see European regulation delivering unintended consequences and perverse incentives.”

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8 Responses to Heavy handed top-down European regulation delivering perverse incentives

  1. Andy says:

    So, Roger, why didn’t you attend any of the meetings and make your point at what might well have been a more appropriate time?

    • Because he was keeping us informed about the appalling mess the EU is making of governing Europe.

      • Robbo says:

        I am sure that in a period of over two years he could have taken time out from writıng his l newsletters to attend at least one such meeting to voice his opposition – if he was really serious about the subject.

  2. jerzed says:

    Dear Roger, Well said. You also revealed that the Conservative Party is nothing to do with Conservatism.  You could’ve conflated it with the effects of all of the green taxes, permits etc that we we assured wouldn’t put up energy costs and yet we are paying the highest charges in Europe with precious little investment in generation and storage. The same will happen with the mobile industry. If they are forced into this, 4G investment will stall and costs will rise with less generous contracts to make up the shortfall. Besides you can already buy short term roaming “bolt ons” so this stuff is unnecessary, interfering junk that gives the illusion of activity. Regards  Jeremy Zeid  (Harrow)

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  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I’d say if you want to go outside UK and download as much BS from the web as there is on your phone..you pay for it! Or like many of us, use the nearest wifi link that lets you do that.

    Its rather like the BBC and others..if you want it, you pay for it. Which heads off towards choice for the rest of us who don’t want to be forced to pay for that cack!.

  4. Brin Jenkins says:

    We have a bewildering choice, pay as you go, or a variety of contracts. We then have another choice of many competing suppliers.

    Many of these contracts cost you dearly whilst buying your new iPhone 6. I have just bought mine for cash from Three. All I then required was a reasonable price for my mobile data and phone calls. Preferably pay as you go that would not expire! This is not on offer by anyone.

    I now have a Three, 12 month contract for a sim card and will see how it goes. I chose Three because of their good network, I also object to paying a great deal more for data, and so finished up on a contact, Hobson’s choice.

    It would be good to see less confusing choice and clearer information.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Farage on Radio 2 now (12:30). Edwina Curry grizzling and trying to push him out of the debate. She is seriously mis-informed….too many eggs and ummm, well you know?

    Roaming stuff came up as if UK had succeeded gaining it amongst the 40 we lost.

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