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The Times goes Tabloid

Two academics, Caitlin Milazzo  and Matthew Goodwin, have followed the progress of UKIP closely, and over the last year or so have conducted a large number of interviews with elected members, staff and supporters.  While maintaining a spirit of impartial … Continue reading

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Triple Green Fantasy – Guest Blog By Alex Henney

Without knowing what they were doing, Blair and Ed Miliband bound us into absurd ambitions to decarbonise our electric industry. Blair signed the UK up to the most demanding targets under the Renewables Directive of achieving 15% of all energy … Continue reading

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We’re not cutting emissions .. we’re just exporting them

I’ve spent best part of ten years arguing against the theory of man-made climate change – and had great fun doing so.  There are powerful arguments to say that mankind has little impact on climate – not least the obvious … Continue reading

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Islam is a religion of peace

Islam is a religion of peace.  ISIL Terrorists are “a minority of a minority”.  They have perverted a religion of peace and love in an attempt to justify their macabre Mediæval death cult.  Or so we are told by our … Continue reading

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Israel and the West Bank

Meeting pupils at a Druze school in Northern Israel During week commencing November 2nd I went to Israel to speak at the International Leaders’ Summit, a joint project supported by the Heritage Foundation.  While there, we took the opportunity to … Continue reading

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The Brexit Referendum

The first thing to say about Cameron’s promise of a Brexit referendum is that he would never have offered it without UKIP’s stunning success in the 2014 euro-elections, where we became the leading party in terms of vote share and … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Leaders’ Summit

<> My speech starts about 20 minutes in…

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