Triple Green Fantasy – Guest Blog By Alex Henney


Without knowing what they were doing, Blair and Ed Miliband bound us into absurd ambitions to decarbonise our electric industry. Blair signed the UK up to the most demanding targets under the Renewables Directive of achieving 15% of all energy consumption from renewables by 2020, which translates into a target of 30% of electricity generation. Miliband got Parliament to pass the Climate Change Act 2008 which requires the UK to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

We have pretended that expensively subsidised new cut wood chips from the US counts as biomass, regardless of the fact that they produce more CO2 than gas and (allowing for loss of carbon sequestration) more than coal. Even by DECC’s standards of ignorant incompetence and disregard for consumers’ money, this was crass. Next, in our gloomy climate solar panels are inefficient, expensive, erratic and do not produce electricity when demand is greatest in winter early evenings.

The only volume source of renewable electricity is wind, but it is expensive. Onshore wind costs twice the market price and disfigures the countryside, while offshore wind is about three times. Wind (and solar) have to be backed up with dispatchable coal or gas plant, which is not only expensive, but when such plants cycle to balance wind their thermal efficiency drops and CO2 emissions go up. Consequently wind does not mitigate CO2 as it claims on the tin. In a leaked letter to cabinet colleagues Secretary of State Amber Rudd has warned of impending failure by 25% to meet the renewables target (as will France, Netherlands, and Poland). Apart from words about “community generation” and yet more verbiage about the goodness of combined heat and power (but little is developed), the final string to our decarbonising bow is the attempt to build the most expensive nuclear plant in the world. As he kow towed to the Chinese for money, Cameron ignorantly claimed it will provide cheap electricity.

The cost consequences of what dreamy former Secretary of State Ed Davey claimed was “Britain leading the world” are now coming home to roost in higher electricity bills, more fuel poverty, and contributing to loss of jobs in iron and steel companies and a tyre company so far. And all of this is to no end. Exporting industrial jobs to China and other countries which generate electricity predominantly from coal increases CO2 emissions – FANTASY ONE.

The SECOND FANTASY is that Britain is “leading the way” by closing coal plants. No one is following and gives not a damn what we do. Germany and the Netherlands have recently commissioned ten new coal plants. China, India, and numerous other countries including Poland have made clear that they are going to increase coal generation; according to the International Energy Agency there are 500 coal plants around the world in various stages of planning and construction. In a move that is cynical even by the standards of the oil industry, a number of oil companies have declared how concerned they are to limit CO2 emissions and argued for a carbon tax. This would hit coal harder than the gas they want to sell in ever increasing volumes.

Dane Bjorn Lomborg has just estimated from an analysis of the country submissions that the vastly expensive commitments by the EU for the forthcoming climate charade Paris Conference of Parties will reduce the temperature increase at the end of the century by 0.05oC. He comments “The emissions reductions promised until 2030 will do little to stabilise the climate and their impact will be undetectable for many decades.” The fantasists are running the asylum.

The THIRD FANTASY is the widespread belief among many of the political classes and their supplicants among renewables developers for subsidies, state climate scientists for grants, and consultants for assignments, who are all on the green gravy train and now comprise a substantial vested interest after electric consumers’ money, that cutting CO2 will save the planet from “global warming”. Figures of 3-4oC above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century are bandied around, and it is claimed that for safety we must limit the increase to 2oC. Let us be clear, there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years; the frequency of serious hurricanes and cyclones has been reducing; the sea level is rising at the same rate as for the last 200 or so years; the winter of 1929/30 was wetter than that of 2013/14; and the other hobgoblins with which green alarmists try and frighten us are phantoms of their imagination.

Led by promoters of specious “science” (notably the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Met Office, which has descended to spin, PR, and on occasions downright dishonesty), we have ignorant people prattling a mindless mantra of group think about “climate change”. These include the Vatican, the Queen’s elder son, Ministers of the Crown, the Governor of the Bank of England, a Supreme Court judge and various other lawyers, all spurred on by those on the green gravy train. The mantra is fraudulent because a number of leading “climate scientists” are well aware of increasing empirical evidence that climate sensitivity to CO2 is lower than claimed by the IPCC and consequently the prospects of significant warming is remote. (But they keep quiet to avoid disturbing the gravy train). Indeed some solar physicists surmise we are in for a period of cooling.

People who indulge in unrealistic fantasies come up against reality and in the private sector pay the cost. But regrettably in the political sphere we the public pay the cost for the fantasies and the fantasies get off scot free.

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15 Responses to Triple Green Fantasy – Guest Blog By Alex Henney

  1. omanuel says:


    The present worldwide insanity arose from a decision in 1945 to hide the abundant energy promised in the last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Nobel Lecture. See the discussion of this issue on ResearchGate:

  2. ian wragg says:

    Hopefully there will be regular and sustained power outages this winter. It is unfortunate and inconvenient for people but until the ruling classes get a fright, there will be no end to their stupidity.
    It’s time the government got out of the way, stopped these insane subsidies for wind and pv and let the market function.
    Instead of the carbon floor price tax of Gideon, we could subsidise gas scrubbers on existing coal plants and provide a floor price for UK mined coal.
    maybe , just maybe if the lights started flickering regularly we might see some fracking licences being issued.
    Remember, to get a job as a politician, you need a degree in stupidity, preferably a doctorate.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      The freaking EU lunatics again !

      I live about 30 miles south of that place. The freaks had it running on biomass which surprised me…its a long way inland. This area is not wind turbine compliant either, never enough “qualifying” wind…thankfully. So am relying on power from other areas which does not seem sensible. Common sense absent again?

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Spot on! Too many have almost boasted that they don’t understand the science, but dissension should be be legislated to be an offence.

      Sheesh I would never have believed this stupidity of us. In effect, “Although I am unable to explain this man made catastrophe, unless you agree you are to be a criminal!”

      We need Albert Pierpoint to carry out his professional duties with these treasonable leaders.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Andrew Neil:

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Andrew Neil:

    click the red x on the loudspeaker symbol

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:


    The media must stop calling ISIS leaders “MASTERMINDS.” Just murderers and ultimately losers.

    Andrew Neil:

  6. The aluminium smelters are gone. Steel is going fast. Now coal workers are being thrown out of work – in middle age onto the dole. And all because of Mr Miliband’s Green policy – warmly supported by the Conservatives.
    And the Labour Party? What do they care? Hell – it is only workers who are suffering!
    Why aren’t they really angry? They certainly ought to be.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Keep your eyes on this…the UK Supreme Court and its interference in Science:

    That approach(?) can be applied to anything that gets in the way of VI’s and lazy liberals. And we shall discover once again how useless an FOI (or many) can be.

    Trump has been talking about whipping the US back into shape and becoming unpredictable to its enemies amongst other things. Thats something big and wide to take on to say the very least, but the instrument(s) as above seem to be under discussion…suggestion? Scotch it all!

    You liberals out there need to get off your potties.

  8. Jane Davies says:

    Not yet convinced this man is a fruit loop?… on…..he blames global warming for ISIS not the fact they want to take over the world and impose Islam on everyone.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Does the royal handwringer achieve much…dunno? Does he do things like this:

      I had to go a long way down the Daily mail to find that…not enjoyable.

      If he is fingering C02 and by association fossil fuels, like too many in the world, he is on the wrong side of the survival problem. If resources are/become scarce and demand is high plus little is done about it, people will suffer/move. I’ve seen irrigation bore holes in the M. East pumped to the extent that the water table became saline. Where climate changes (a bit) preparedness/protection is all that can be accomplished. Assess the local risk and get the systems installed to mitigate….authority largely won’t and as we have seen in UK

      The Saudis drilled for water often and got oil…no surprise. I found the largest de-desalination plant in the world being built in Jeddah…by Germans and Scots consultants.
      We were advised to desal in UK before that…so it would not be stupidly expensive about now.

      Africa is in a bad state and Mercedez Benz et al have done well out of it, but for Uganda somebody here is personally helping. Nigeria is in a mess and been there for a long time despite the oil richness? Light crude. China will excavate what it wants and…not a lot.

      What we get via TV ads, just as folk come home from work is save tigers, donkeys, cats, dogs, polar bears and anything thats not helping human beings. Small bits about saving children. And with charities (so called) you might wonder how much money gets to the advertised target. You get a cuddly toy with regular bits of paper on progress…nice?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Their is a lot of counter evidence discussed here (via Bishop Hill) and I have seen some of that before. Pity the HR Handwringer doesn’t reflect such info.

      Its the counter argument thats always absent!

      • Jane Davies says:

        You have to ask yourself why he doesn’t do his research before opening his royal gob! If I am not sure of subject I keep mine shut….that way I don’t confirm to all and sundry my ignorance on a subject……especially now with access to social media where there is always an army of people ready to shoot one down in flames.
        The article on the Dam Busters was one I had missed….not sure if the money should go to a country that already has billions of ‘aid’ money shovelled into it’s coffers, but then the needy rarely have their lives changed by this so called aid, I just hope the money raised goes straight into the hands of the dam builders and not into the governments sticky mitts.
        That the brave men who gave their lives on this daring raid never got a posthumous award is disgraceful but then again not surprising, nothing changes when it comes to governments doing the right thing.

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I guess the Oxford Union debate wasn’t filmed?

    And Barosso was hanging about somewhere I’m sure.

  10. Brin Jenkins says:

    This is an honest site that attempts to show how progress of scientific discovery is stalled by insistence of consensus. It was famously stated 60 years ago that few original discoveries are made in science, progress is discovering others intellectual errors, and correcting them. That is why questions must be asked to uncover errors is theories. (A theory is only one possible explanation of a mechanism, it’s purpose is to further understanding and not proof in itself.)


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