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An Open Letter to Professor Michael Merrifield of Nottingham University

  Dear Michael, Thank you for responding to my recent blog (see below). We could no doubt try each other’s patience with a long correspondence, which I prefer not to do.  Nevertheless, some of your points need a clear answer. … Continue reading

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Academic Trolling

Universities used to be places of open enquiry and free debate.  To make sense of science, debate has to be free.  Anyone with the first idea of the philosophy of science knows that nothing is ever finally “proved”.  Hypotheses — … Continue reading

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Philip Johnston gets it wrong

I normally have a great deal of time for Philip Johnston, a columnist with the Daily Telegraph.  But his piece on December 1st, “The climate argument may never be won, but we can’t ignore it” is wrong on so many … Continue reading

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The ignorance of the Warmists

I include this graph for the general shape of the logarithmic curve.  The absolute temperatures used are open to debate. One of the points that should be better understood, and more widely known, in the climate debate, is the fact … Continue reading

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