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Climate of Fear

It’s now clear that the “IN” Campaign will rely primarily on fear as a motivator.  Brexit is a leap into the unknown, they say, which will leave Britain “isolated and marginalised”.  Our economy, our trade, our jobs, our security will … Continue reading

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Matters of Faith

The Reverend Peter Mullen is a distinguished member of the Clergy, and for many years has been Chaplain of the Freedom Association.  He casts an acerbic and unforgiving eye on the follies of modern Anglicanism.  He has given me his … Continue reading

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UKIP Myths?

There’s a leaflet circulating in the East Midlands purporting to expose six “UKIP Myths”.  The biggest myth, of course, is that UKIP ever said any of the things they claim.  Let’s look at them one by one. Myth #1: “We … Continue reading

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The Death of Peak Oil

Only it isn’t happening like that! For years – for decades – we all assumed that oil was a finite resource, that global supplies were being progressively depleted, that oil would become scarce, and that oil prices (and by association … Continue reading

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EU’s central planning approach is inimical to innovation – Roger Helmer MEP

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COP21: Institutionalised lunacy

  The recent Paris climate conference urged electrification on a scale that would require at least three Terawatts of extra generating capacity in the UK.  That’s 750 Drax-sized power stations, or 1½ million wind turbines.  Lunacy, or what?  The following … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Nick Herbert

Dear Nick: I have read the report on the launch of your “Conservatives for Reform in Europe” campaign.  I have been in politics for seventeen years, but I don’t think I have ever seen an example of a senior politician … Continue reading

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