UKIP Myths?


There’s a leaflet circulating in the East Midlands purporting to expose six “UKIP Myths”.  The biggest myth, of course, is that UKIP ever said any of the things they claim.  Let’s look at them one by one.

Myth #1: “We pay in money to the EU and get nothing back”.  UKIP says no such thing.  But we do say that we get only about half back of what we pay in.  They give us back a little of our own money, they tell us what to do with it, and then they expect us to be grateful.

Myth #2:  “We have to do whatever the EU tells us — they make our laws”.  Of course they don’t make all our laws, and we never said they did.  But the widely accepted estimate is that they make around 70% of our laws, and in most areas we have no veto.  An official German government study said that Brussels makes 80% of their laws.

Myth #3:  “Your family won’t be affected if we leave”.  It certainly will be — and in a good way.  UKIP wants to leave the EU because it will make us all better off.  Currently EU policies are destroying jobs (think steel closures) and compressing wages for working people.  Time to break free.

Myth #4:  “Being in the EU stops us from trading with the rest of the world”.  No it doesn’t.  But it stops us making our own trade deals, with Commonwealth countries, with China, with the USA.  Did you know that small countries like Switzerland and even Iceland have made their own trade deals with China?  While we’re in the EU, we can’t, and the EU hasn’t.

Myth #5:  “Leaving the EU will stop immigration”. No it won’t.  We never said it would, and anyway UKIP doesn’t want to “stop immigration”.  We just want to get it under control.  In the EU, we can’t control the numbers, or our borders, and we are forced to discriminate in favour of unskilled Romanians and against highly qualified people from elsewhere.

Myth #6: “The EU has done nothing for the East Midlands”.  No one in UKIP has ever said this.  We know that money has come from Brussels to the East Midlands, and some of it has been spent usefully.  But it’s not EU money — it’s our money.  Every pound we get from Brussels costs the UKeconomy around £3.  So after we leave, we’ll have more money to spend on schools and hospitals and scientific research and the other good things we all want to do.

This is typical of the attitude of UKIP’s opponents.  They wrongly accuse us of saying rather daft things.  Then they explain why they’re daft.  But of course they’ve produced a gross caricature of what we actually say.  The truth is, on all these counts, we’ll be Better Off Out.

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27 Responses to UKIP Myths?

  1. Alan akeister says:

    Same lying document put through letter boxes in Warwickshire

  2. Keith Kirkby says:

    This broacher is targeting the UK regions, The one for our region. Question 6 refers to the North East. But most North East businesses feel that we would be better off out of the EU.

  3. Ian Terry says:

    Well said Roger.

    This is the sort of stuff we need to get into the nationals. Only problem is would they be brave enough to print it?

  4. Flyinthesky says:

    The essence of the argument is the eu doesn’t have any money, the only money it has has been purloined from elsewhere, us. We are expected to be grateful, and erect a plaque, with menaces, saying so, for the money, our own money, that they have deigned to return to us to be expended on what they deem as appropriate. Why can’t we make our own decisions on what we spend our “own” money on.
    You have to admit it’s a fine business model, they get to promote themselves using our own money against us. It’s a farce, but a very clever one.

  5. PJ says:

    You may be interested to know that I photo-copied the questionnaire section before answering that I would be voting to leave the SS Titanic EU and posting it off to the London address. The entire ‘newspaper’ I simply made an abundance of comments regarding the untruths therein and posted it off to a certian Mr Camoron at Downing Street – I suggest that everyone else wastes a stamp doing likewise!
    And in answer to Ian T (above) “No, not one newspaper will be brave enough to print the truth!”

  6. Chris says:

    Ditto above, well said and well explained Roger. I am a proud UKIP member, one of the things that has attracted me to UKIP is its integrity. I find it to be the most honest of all the parties. I have always been impressed with your attitude when questioned and ‘provoked’ on national television. You have replied honestly and stuck to your line. The same with Nigel he has stuck with his beliefs from day one and gathered a missive support network. I want my country back, then I want a sound honest government to look after it. Getting out of the EU must only be seen as the first step. I hope all at the NEC have a sound plan to follow up our great victory after the referendum.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    So if newspapers won’t print the truth about UKIP then use other means….are there plans for TV broadcasts as in the run up to general elections? The points above with the myths and the truths is a good way to go and easily understood by even the dimmest among the population. Billboards are a good way to get points across as are the advert boards at bus stops…..newspapers are fast becoming obsolete anyway and there are many other ways of advertising on social media etc.

    • Jane Davies says:

      PS…nice to see Michael Caine on board!

      • Jane, the three giants which we have to fight are the three Ms:
        and Money.
        It is useless to expect any help from them. The three demonise Nigel Farage (a very brave man and a very good public speaker) and marginalise Dan Hannan and Christopher Booker and Dr North. All we outsiders have is the internet and the knowledge (filteredthrough the biased Media) of what is going on. Obligingly they show us the immigrants – mainly young men – pouring across into Europe and ending up often in Calais. They show us the useless meetings where the Continental and British Ministers get all chummy together. They show us the war in Ukraine and the Russians bombing Syria without any interference from the powerless EU.
        We can see, quite clearly, that if the Commission stood for election in this country they would never be elected.

  8. Anne Palmer says:

    All I know Roger, is that I remember that last WAR very well indeed, for at that time we lived very near the Lancashire Ship Canal near the “Swing Bridge” etc which was very much in use in those WAR Years, and yes, we were indeed bombed out and although the house was still standing it had no front door nor any windows etc with great holes in the roof where the great blocks from the roads of those days had gone through it.

    I have been expecting this kind of Propaganda, but in this instance it may open people’s eyes and to realise we have to indeed get out of the European Union, for if we do not get out via the referendum- I hope in this year, I fear we will be never get out of the European Union at all and will remain in it FOREVER. Yet those in those two full Houses of Parliament may STILL expect to be paid as long as they obey those Treaties THEY have ratified without ever allowing the people a “SAY” before ratification. So many lost their lives in those terrible days, trying to prevent FOREIGNERS Governing us and in those days, the one in charge would have been HITLER. .Just think about that, for how do we know WHO will be the next one in charge? And what if WE could not do anything at all about it EH?

    • chrissy says:

      Anne, you should write this on a post and share it to public , it is something you have experienced first hand & a very possible frightening outcome if we do not LEAVE .

    • Anne Palmer says:

      On second thoughts, there is absolutely no point at all in having ANYONE in either of those two Houses of Parliament if the EU is to Govern ALL once FREE Member States because I have just remembered that the first thing Mr Cameron did when he was firstly made Prime Minister of this once truly GREAT Country,, was to divide our once whole ENGLAND into the nine EU Regions so desired by the European Union, making 12 EU REGIONS of the EU (Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) making the twelve EU REGIONS altogether. for the whole of the once United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland

  9. Pamela Hood says:

    We have received this in the North Tyneside as well.

  10. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Is this true about those living in London? (I was going say resident)

    Most definitely! Add Bristol, Birmingham, Rotherham and so on… its the simplest and easiest way that the likes of Daesh can/will ruin our countries. And I know about the DM.

    Plenty of very expensive lunches in Davos I note. Truly are wasters!

  11. Christopher Browne says:

    Who is printing and distributing these leaflets? it should say in small print at the bottm

    • Pamela Hood says:

      It is the back of a four page newsheet and it is produced by – Britain Stronger in Europe, St. Bride’sHouse, Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8EH – the Heading of the newsheet is Europe & You.

  12. sean says:

    we got the same leaflet down here in kent i ripped it up and it went in the recycling bin

  13. Ex-expat Colin says:

    None of this is myth: (“Future of Europe”)

    Am pleased to see something from Europe that has not been hidden from us (Breitbart)

  14. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Grassroots Out kicking off now(Farage cross party stuff). Vid/Livestream in linked page

  15. Brin Jenkins says:

    It seems Facebook is already promoting the in campaign vigorously. Can this be countered?

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Also got this through the door in Hampshire. Absolutely disgraceful!

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