Climate of Fear


It’s now clear that the “IN” Campaign will rely primarily on fear as a motivator.  Brexit is a leap into the unknown, they say, which will leave Britain “isolated and marginalised”.  Our economy, our trade, our jobs, our security will all be under threat.

The truth is practically the opposite.  Independence is not “an unknown” – it is the normal state of most countries, most of the time, and it is especially appropriate for a major economy and a great global trading nation with a long democratic tradition.

Let’s look at the supposed threats.

“Isolated and marginalised”.  Come Independence Day, we shall continue to be a key member of the UN Security Council.  Of the G7 and G20.  Of the World Bank, the IMF, the OSCE.  We shall resume our seat on the WTO.  We shall still be a main player in NATO and the Commonwealth.  And we shall be free to make our own trade deals with those countries where the EU has failed to negotiate a deal.  We shall be free to re-engage with the Anglosphere.  To suggest that a great country like Britain is “isolated and marginalised” if it declines to be ruled by foreign institutions in Brussels is both demeaning and absurd.

The threat to jobs.  The “IN” Campaign is still touting that “3½ million jobs” figure, even though the think-tank that produced it, NIESR, pointed out within hours of publication that the jobs depended on trade, not membership, and they explicitly stated that there was no prima facie reason to suppose that trade would be affected by Brexit. Let’s be clear: those who continue to use that “3½ million jobs” figure are not merely mistaken: they are lying.  Keep in mind that we have a huge trade deficit with the continent.  If 3½ million UK jobs depend on trade with the continent, it follows that five or six million continental jobs depend on trade with the UK.  They need us more than we need them.  Hands up those who think that those clever guys in Munich will decide not to sell us BMWs after Brexit.  No one?  I thought not.

The real threat to jobs is not Brexit, but staying in.  We’re still smarting from the steel closures.  Major factors were energy prices – directly driven by failing EU climate policies – plus our inability to apply anti-dumping measures to Chinese steel, or to offer state aid to UK steel makers.  All a direct result of EU membership.  But it’s not just steel.  A huge range of energy-intensive industries are moving abroad because of energy prices, including aluminium, chemicals, fertilisers, petroleum refining, glass, cement and more.  Jobs lost, plants closed, investment directed elsewhere.  Don’t tell me about the jobs we’ll lose with Brexit – tell me about the jobs we’re losing today as a direct result of EU membership.

Threat to Trade:  In fact global trade is one of the key arguments for Brexit.  When we leave, we expect current trade deals negotiated by the EU to be grandfathered – though we will be able to revisit them.  But we will also be able to set up our own trade deals with countries where the EU has failed to make any special trade arrangements.  How come Switzerland – and even Iceland – have trade deals with China, while we don’t?  Our position will be protected by our WTO membership.  One of the most egregious arguments used by the “IN” Campaign is that “The UK is too small to negotiate a trade deal with the USA”.  In fact the USA has trade deals with about twenty third-party countries, and every one of those countries has a smaller economy than the UK.  As a G7 country, we are in a very strong position to make our own trade deals, and our national interests will be front and centre – not submerged in the interests of 27 other member-states.

“Brexit is a threat to security”.  I honestly cannot see how the “IN” Camp can make this argument.  We can continue police cooperation through Interpol after Brexit.  Military cooperation between the UK and France will continue.  NATO membership will continue.  Again, the threat is not from Brexit, but from EU membership.  In the EU, we have free movement of people – which seems to include free movement of Terrorists and free movement of Kalashnikovs.  Remember Paris, and terrorist migrants arriving via Greece – and Belgium.  The EU has allowed accession to Eastern European countries where the Rule of Law is honoured more in the breach than in the observance.  Countries which are essentially Mafia states, where smuggling of people, of migrants, of drugs, of weapons, even of human organs, is rife.  Countries where illegal migrants can buy an EU passport.  And the citizens of those countries can freely come to the UK.  I was at the launch of the “Grassroots Out” (GO!) Campaign in Kettering on Jan 23rd, and heard ex-Defence Minister Liam Fox make these points with great force.  Our security depends on NATO and on our armed forces – not on Brussels bureaucrats.

“Brexit is a threat to our energy security”.  This argument was made by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, and again I really can’t see her point.  I have already written about it at some length. Sufficient to say here that EU energy policies have undermined both our energy security and energy pricing (see above, “threat to jobs”), and that Brexit will at least give us the opportunity (if we have the sense to take it) to put matters right.

“We won’t be able to control immigration”.  They say that (for example) we won’t be able to send illegal immigrants back to the country of entry to the EU if we leave.  But of course we can scarcely do that now, and they’re dismantling the Dublin Convention which was supposed to enable us to do that.  As I write, there are plans to exclude Greece from Schengen – a public admission that EU immigration and free movement policies have failed.  There are a million migrants in Germany (and more to come), who will soon get EU passports and be entitled to come and live in a street near you.

Current EU immigration policy discriminates in favour of unskilled Eastern Europeans and against (for example) highly qualified Commonwealth citizens.  That’s unfair, as well as being bad economics.  We simply cannot control immigration while we’re in the EU.  But as an island, we are in a relatively good position to control the borders of an independent UK.

It is vital to recognise that the EU is not a status quo, but a work in progress.  The choice is between Independence, knowing where we stand; or a one-way ticket to an unspecified destination.  It is between controlling our own affairs – and having no control.  We should not lose sleep over fears of Brexit – but we should be very worried indeed by the prospect of continued EU membership.

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19 Responses to Climate of Fear

  1. Alan Wheatley says:

    A well argued case, correct on all points.

    As to “Security”, there is a worked example as to how well EU countries tackle a military crisis. When Yugoslavia broke up after Tito’s death it came as no surprise; I can remember many such predictions in the mainstream media well in advance of hostilities breaking out. EU countries attempted to bring about law and order, but failed dismally.

    Reasonable order was only brought about with the intervention of the USA.

    It wasn’t a case that EU countries couldn’t, more a case that they lacked the necessary will and organisational initiative. A conglomerate with 28 heads is hardly the format for quick and decisive action. Of course, with Merkel in control, as recent events would seem to indicate this is what she think should be the case, things could be different.

    • DICK R says:

      The EU never had a mandate concerning military action, it is something that has slowly and insidiously crept in under the radar.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Its bad times really because as with the US, the governing systems (senates/houses/parliaments) have been configured to oppose common sense. Simply observe what happens in the EU parliament and our HoL. Democratic…oh, so it is…pfffft!

    So, anything that clearly has a common sense label attached (v. good for the country) and may disturb a minority is blocked/hampered. And down we all go to the lowest common denominator. Add in an awful lot of lunches, flights and multiple meetings.

    Tonight I guess is for Channel 4 to assassinate Trump using his ex wife and S. Scott. Add a bit of rough contracting in N. York etc. Thats shortly after the cr*p media going over Putin……sort of? Could get a bit niffy around London on that last one.

  3. This article is indeed well thought out. I agree with it entirely.
    The need for a democratic right of all legitimate UK voters to express their views directly to their representatives and government and if not listened to the right at the ballot box to ease a government out is essential.

    We want the right on all the issues you raise for UK citizens to be in control not be dictated to by those elected from other member states or unelected Commission officials.

    This article needs a wider circulation

    Wilfred Aspinall
    Former Member, European Economic and Social Committee

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Fear drove the uniting of nations in 1945 and the return of totalitarianism.

    The scientific revolution was initiated, and the feudal system of slavery subsequently destroyed, by Copernicus’ discovery of a giant fountain of energy at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543.

    After Einstein showed in 1905 that the fountain is powered by the conversion of mass (m) into energy (E), E = mc^2, warring nations competed and finally ended WWII on 6 Aug 1945, using the FORCE of E = mc^2 to vaporize Hiroshima.

    Nations were united on 24 Oct 1945 to avoid worldwide nuclear annihilation and totalitarian rule was re-established by using public funds to provide research funds to scientists who hid from the public the FORCE that actually controls our destiny:

    Click to access The_FORCE_of_Creation_Preservation_and_Destruction.pdf

    Today worldwide NAS’s (National Academies of Science) and DOE’s (Departments of Energy & Education) still hide from the public Figure 1, which shows exactly how much energy (E = mc^2) is stored in the rest mass of each of the ~3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter in the solar system.

    To break the current chains of worldwide tyranny will require open dissemination of information in the “Cradle of the Nuclides” by the news media, the National Academies of Science, Departments of Energy, educational and research institutions.

  5. Shieldsman says:

    Electricity – the Engineers know better than Amber Rudd or the DECC. I-Mech the electricity gap.

  6. “a one-way ticket to an unspecified destination.”
    This is the only sentence which I disagree with. Thanks to frank and open statements by M. Juncker and the other four Presidents and thanks to the Spinelli Group and their Fundamental Law of the European Union which revises the Treaty of Lisbon, we know precisely where the EU is planning to go.
    Eric Pickles, to the delight of the Sun, put it best: We have no intention of leaving the Eurozone.

  7. Anne says:

    A climate of FEAR? My Generation fought a World WAR rather than allow foreigners to Govern us-now THAT War a climate of fear. We stupidly vote and PAY foreigners to Govern us TODAY-that too is a climate of FEAR, at least it should be, for all those some have elected and get paid plus expenses for what is to come if we do not pay? WHY should we continue to vote for and PAY plus expenses of course when all those we elect have to obey those Treaties, they have ratifed without every putting one before the people before they were ratified. And what about that one REFERENDUM in 1975 was it? What was the government of the day saying? Ah here,;Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, 31st July 1961 (column 928)
    “This is political as well as an economic issue. Although the Treaty of Rome is concerned with economic matters it has an important political objective, namely to promote unity and stability in Europe which is so essential a factor in the struggle for freedom and progress throughout the world.”
    Mr Fell, same day (Column 935) “Is the Prime Minister aware that this decision to gamble with the British sovereignty in Europe, when 650 million people in the British Commonwealth depend upon his faith and his leadership, is the most disastrous thing that any Prime Minister has done for many generations past?” YUP, and we still PAY foreigners to Govern us in and by the EU. A reminder from the past and why we went to war to prevent foreigners Governing us in 1939. OUR Constitution forbids us obeying foreigners..HC Deb 12 February 1959 vol 599 cc1368-494 Mr Reginald Maudling. Finally, we must recognise that the aim of the main proponents of the Community is political integration. We can see that in Article 138 of the Treaty, which looks towards a common Assembly, directly elected. The whole idea of the Six, the Coal and Steel Community and Euratom is a movement towards political integration. That is a fine aspiration. but we must recognise that for us to sign the Treaty of Rome would be to accept as the ultimate goal, political federation in Europe, including ourselves.

    • Anne says:

      And our own Constitution states:The Act of Supremacy 1559 went even further. It included the words: “…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.” THAT WAS WHY WE WENT TO WAR IN 1939.

  8. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Paper rounds….now thats a real worry.

  9. B Hough says:

    In my opinion we have been sold down the river for years, by people with power both politicians and business investors who care only for their status and pockets, with not a patriotic bone in their bodies. What about the three obvious ones, Messrs Blair, Mandellson and Campbell.
    Even more so are the majority of E.U. parliament members who are leading the whole of Europe, even the UK, (unless we leave) into being taken over by stealth.
    Some of the scenes from Europe which are shown on the internet but not on our news channels show this in no uncertain terms.

  10. Richard111 says:

    I think I heard on Radio 4 this morning that Parliament, during repairs, will move to Richmond House. The report said that Richmond House is owned by a muslim who will lease the building to Parliament but on no account was alcohol to be consumed in the building. And what else???

    Can anyone confirm or deny the validity of this report.

  11. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Sunsets, sunrises, northern lights are daily reminders of the benevolent, and seemingly omnipotent, force in the core of the Sun that popes and communists failed to hide:

  12. Anyoldiron says:

    We were given a REFERENDUM on the then EEC in 1975 and we are to be given a REFERENDUM this YEAR all being well. Much has changed over the YEARS from what the EEC/EC was, to the now European Union. If we do not get out of the present European Union this year-tell me exactly if the people vote to remain in the present EU-will they ever be able to get out of the European Union or be able to have another REFERENDUM in the many years to come? Will the people of this Country ever be able to get out of the European Union ? Will the people ever be free to Govern themselves again? How many more years will go by being Governed by the European Union before they could have another REFERENDUM? Will it be FOREVER if the people vote to remain in the EU this year? Will a vote to remain in the EU this year be FOREVER? Are we supposed to be so foolish as to keep paying for two full to the brim Houses of Parliament that all in it can only obey the Treaties THEY have ratified-without ever allowing the people a SAY BEFORE THOSE TREATIES WERE INDEED RATIFIED? Are they taking us for fools? Voting and paying them all plus expenses of course when all THEY can do is obey the orders of Foreigners? Just how long are the people from the remaining States in the European Union going to continue voting and paying their MP’s?

    • B Hough says:

      In my opinion referendums are manipulated by politicians and big business to give the results that THEY want and not the PEOPLE.
      As in the case of Scotland`s referendum, the people voted to stay in the UK so within a very short period of time the SNP were talking about having another one!
      If they had voted to leave the UK then that would have been the end of the matter.
      I notice also that most publicity is biased towards staying in the EU
      I would suggest that before the referendum more people should peruse Youtube and look at the situations in most of Europe, then decide if they are making the right decisions or not.
      With regard to the market situation, I cannot imagine France or Germany refusing to sell us their cars! If they were to then we could buy only cars made in the UK, even if they aren`t British.

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Ted Cruz campaigned against the Climate of Fear and tonight, TED CRUZ WON defeated Trump to win the Republican Primary in Iowa:

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