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Daily Debrief Feb 29th – Fury of pro-Brexit ministers denied access to papers

  The Times reports the anger of pro-Brexit Ministers, who are now graciously allowed to campaign for Leave — but denied access to relevant Cabinet papers.  It is preposterous and unprecedented that Cabinet Ministers should be denied papers in their … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief February 28 – Project Secrecy follows Project Fear

The Mail reports the anger of Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond as he refused to release a secret Eurocrats’ report on Cameron’s deal. That followed the PM’s refusal to release his official legal advice on the deal. It turns out that … Continue reading

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Daily de-brief – Feb 27 – BoJo clarifies

BoJo clarifies Boris Johnson makes it clear that “Out means Out”. He agrees with us that it is not just a negotiating plan to secure better terms. If, however,  as the Prime Minister says, a ‘Leave’ vote is followed by the … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief Feb 26th – More Cameron promises on immigration

It stretches credulity, but our Prime Minister David Cameron is again promising to get annual net migration below 100,000 — “down to tens of thousands” — despite his abject failure so far.  Recent shocking statistics confirm a record net immigration … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief February 25th – Brexit and workers’ rights

The TUC has published alarmist claims about the supposed risks to workers’ rights when we leave the EU. TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Working people have a huge stake in the referendum because workers’ rights are on the line. It’s … Continue reading

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EU energy policy undermining our economy and increasing global emissions

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Daily Debrief Feb 24th

Military leaders warn against Brexit: The government is pulling in its patronage and its pay-roll vote.  Yesterday we saw the letter from FTSE-100 CEOs – though against the promised eighty, in the end only thirty-six signed.  Today it’s the turn … Continue reading

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You don’t need to be in the Single Market to trade with it

Years ago, in my early days as an MEP, when challenged to cite any benefit of EU membership, I fell back on the mantra “Well at least the Single Market is an unequivocal benefit of EU membership”.  There was (and … Continue reading

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‘Ever Closer Union’ report makes absolute nonsense of Cameron’s claim – Roger Helmer MEP

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This isn’t an Emergency Brake. This is a car crash.

When is protection not protection?  When it doesn’t protect, that’s when! Mr. Cameron is proud of his “emergency brake” on in-work migrant benefits.  Let’s leave aside the fact that the Office of Budget Responsibility takes the view that cutting migrant … Continue reading

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Dave’s deal: trivial, embarrassing, fraudulent

David Cameron is seeking to sell his “renegotiation” with the EU as a major breakthrough, an historic moment when our relationship with the EU is totally re-set, and our independence and sovereignty reasserted.  It is no such thing. Most of … Continue reading

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Scaremonger watch: The AA

Old fashioned ideas? The AA, that old and respected motoring organisation, has come out with the most preposterous piece of Brexit scaremongering yet.  We must be ready for more of this nonsense in the next few months, but so far … Continue reading

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Internationalism versus the EU

It is fascinating to watch the way that the “Leave” and “Remain” camps are spinning events and comments from prominent people. There was Theresa May’s recent speech in Washington, at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.  The BBC picks … Continue reading

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Conference of Presidents

In the European parliament, we have more presidents that you could shake an order paper at.  We also have regular meetings of the portentously-named “Conference of Presidents” which is (as it were) the Steering Committee of the parliament, and is … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Andrea Leadsom MP

Dear Andrea, I was shocked to read in the Sunday papers that you may be contemplating some verbal gymnastics to enable you to continue subsidising on-shore wind farms at the expense of tax-payers and energy consumers.  I hope these reports … Continue reading

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