Busting the EU Myths


If you’re undecided on the Brexit question, I hope this will help you to make up your mind.  And if (as I hope) you’re campaigning for Brexit, this may help with some of the most frequently-asked questions.

“If we leave, there’ll be 3½ million jobs at risk”.  Not true. The jobs depend on trade, not membership, and the trade will continue.  We buy far more from the EU than they buy from us – so if 3½ million UK jobs depend on EU/UK trade, it follows that five or six million continental jobs depend on it too.  They need us.  We should be worrying about the jobs we’re losing now, as a result of EU membership.  Ask the steel workers, who lost their jobs because of the EU’s energy policies, and failure to counter Chinese dumping.

“We need to be in the Single Market for trade”.  Not true.  The largest sources of imports into the EU are Russia, China and the USA. They’re not members of the Single Market – they don’t even have preferential trade deals.  Yet they sell huge quantities of goods into the Single Market.  Dozens of countries around the world trade successfully with Europe – and so will Britain after Brexit.

“Even if we leave, we’ll still be subject to EU rules”.  Not true. Pro-EU campaigners constantly talk about “the Norwegian model”.  But Norway is a quasi-associate-member of the EU.  After Brexit, the UK will be an independent nation, like Canada or the USA or China or South Korea.  They don’t obey EU rules.  Nor will we.

“We need the EU because the UK is too small to negotiate trade deals alone”.  Not true.  Little Switzerland and tiny Iceland have managed to set up their own trade deals with China – but neither UK nor EU has a China trade deal.  The USA has bilateral trade deals with 20 countries, and every one of those countries has a smaller economy than the UK.  As a G7 country, the UK is well able to make its own trade deals.

“The EU is vital for our security”.  Not true.  The EU is the problem, not the solution.  EU open borders have allowed terrorists and eastern European crime syndicates free access to our country.  “Free movement of people” appears to include free movement of jihadists and Kalashnikovs.  Security starts with proper border control.

“We’ll lose the benefit of police cooperation in Europol”.  But the EU already extends police cooperation to 18 non-member countries.  It is inconceivable that that would not extend to UK.  And of course we still have Interpol.

“Even after Brexit, we won’t be able to control immigration”.  Yes we will – as an island nation, we can control our borders.  But if we stay in, we can expect Germany to give EU passports to a million migrants, who can come and live on a street near you.  The EU is keen to admit Turkey, which would be the biggest and poorest EU state, allowing 75 million Turks the right to come to the UK.

“Business leaders say we should stay in”.  Many do – but many say the opposite.  And many who say they want to stay in, like the big banks, are subject to EU commission influence and patronage.

Britain will be Better Off Out.

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34 Responses to Busting the EU Myths

  1. foxbarn says:

    Spot on Roger, as always.

    • Dr Richard North, one of the most clued up commentators on the EU there is, wrote the 410 page Flexcit to describe how we can leave the EU painlessly, thoughtfully and without hurting ourselves – or the EU either.
      Nobody has read it because
      a.) it is far too long.
      b.) Dr North is often quite abrasive on his blog.
      I have written a digest which takes just 10 minutes to read and it does really clear the air.
      Just e mail me. It is free to download.

      • Derek says:

        The problem with North’s solution, apart from it being much too long to digest easily, is that it would lead to the UK not actually seeing any changes in the main issues that most of those wanting to leave would want, such as the control on immigration. I think that Roger’s arguments are spot on. We should negotiate from the strength that we undoubtedly have.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        North’s plan doesn’t solve immigration. Therefore it’s a non-starter, since immigration is the single biggest issue on the doorstep.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I wasn’t undecided about joining an “EEC”, but I missed the big trick. I am very decided about getting out of this EU mess though. I don’t want to be better off(?) from what I give them…I’ll just keep it and conduct my own lunches!

    Chris Monckton today having asked 10 “climate cr*p” questions on WUWT:

    Millions die worldwide every year because they do not have cheap, clean, continuous, low-tech, coal-fired electricity, to replace the wood, grass and animal dung fires they must use to cook their food and heat their homes. Given the growing and flagrant discrepancies between prediction and observation that we have revealed here for the first time, the moral case for defunding the profiteers of climate doom and redeploying the money to give coal-fired light and heat to the world’s poorest people is overwhelming.

    We are killing millions of parents and children today, based on a scientifically baseless goal of saving thousands who are not at risk “the day after tomorrow.


    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      The big issue is surely this: the EU isn’t a secure, established structure that we can rely on (whether we like it or not). It’s a process, a journey to a destination that gets less attractive with each year that passes. Staying in the EU is “a leap into the unknown”. Independence, on the other hand, is well understood, and the natural condition for a great trading nation like the UK.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        You saw QT last night Roger? The tory Stephen Crabb (SoS for Wales) tells us that whether we like it or not the world is on the move. Also, whether we have controlled or uncontrolled immigration Brexit will not solve the world “immigrating” problem. Well, its not tourism..is it? I was always under the impression that control meant…err..um control. Are we to expect the world to move to the West therefore? Sounds like it. With our newer living wage the worlds immigrants are not likely to stay in the permanently dead european southern states I’d say…see Greece for one.

        Nigel was right about congestion…M25, M6 and of course since our manufacturing is fairly ruined the roads in Kent going north are rammed with european trucks. See the Highways Agency live map. Brexit won’t solve this stuff in an instant but the drivers of these problems have to disabled starting with Brexit.

        They keep on about immigrants benefiting the NHS… so what? Many of us benefit that and all other services/businesses both in UK and the World. We need an NHS, but not quite this one now.

        Fortunately Nigel was there to emit common sense. 1 against 5, add the naive bunch in the audience?

  3. Jane Davies says:

    I have taken the CBC here to task for never discussing the other side of the climate doom story, I’m taking a guess this is also never discussed on UK media either.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome is contagious to say the least.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      No… its not. Is all on the least worry/don’t care list. Probably got an EU High Representative floating about with some sort of weak hand wringing to do. Nothing happens!

  4. catalanbrian says:

    More tosh from the “out” brigade; those little Englanders who just don’t like Johnny Foreigner and everything he stands for. I just dread the negative effects that exiting the UK will have on the UK.

    • ian wragg says:

      As you don’t live here no one is particularly bothered about what you think.
      Your probably worried your funding from Brussels will dry up.
      Are you a friend of Peter van Leuwen per chance.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Johnny Foreigner…WTF!! I’ll certainly enjoy my multiple lunches once away from the EU. Europe…doubt any god can help that freaking mess!

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Tosh, Brian? OK. Tell me where I got it wrong. Try some debate, instead of generalised abuse. If I don’t like Johnny Foreigner, how come I work with foreigners today and hire foreigners to work in my office? How come I spent a dozen years in Asia, including four years running a business where I was the only Westerner? When will you recognise that your “Little Englanders” are, in fact, Greater Worlders — and that you are the Little European?

    • Jeff Taylor says:

      Geography, England is a part of the UK and the initials ‘UKIP’ tells you what the party stands for- you should consult a map prior to issuing such garbage. As an aside, would you call members of the SNP little Scotlanders or members of Plaid Cymru little Welsh people?

    • catweazle666 says:

      “Little Englanders…Johnny Foreigners…”

      YAWN… that your best shot, you pathetic little troll?

      Boring, boring, boring.

      And utter unmitigated drivel to boot.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      What is tosh in your opinion Brian?

      I think we will be much better off out if we survive the immigration crisis, and that I have grave doubts over now.

  5. Ian Terry says:

    Straight to the point Roger no misunderstanding.

    Hopefully the out group will deliver the same co-ordinated approach

  6. Jeff Taylor says:

    Common sense as always and all points made in an easily understood way. Well done Roger!

  7. John says:

    Good article, I hope to god we vote leave. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to stay unless they have a personal vested interest – and those people must be very few in the population at large.

  8. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Your NHS:
    A married human resources director who was called a “whore” and then sacked after she spurned the advances of her NHS boss was awarded more than £800,000 in compensation yesterday


    More arched against a wall,,,but who cares for ordinary people really? HR folk, no problem and no injury really! Its just a simple and large measure of contempt for the people of UK.

    • foxbarn says:

      A lottery win. Outrageous.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Outrageous, this is money NOT being spent on caring for patients because you can bet your boots this moron of a ‘boss’ won’t be made to cough up the dosh. I last worked in the NHS 16 years ago and during my twenty years working up the sharp end, on the wards, we were never valued any where near as much as those who pushed paper around all day. I dread to think what moral is like now.

  9. pirate3012 says:

    We need to be in the Single Market for trade. Not true … but is it sensible not to be in the EEA?
    This link would advise against it and I agree. It is playing into the hands of the remains.


    I don’t care if the day after we leave looks exactly like the day before. The important thing is to win the referendum, step 1. We are more likely to win if we can offer a safe and sure exit plan. Once we are out we can consider step 2. But without a vote to leave we are stuffed and I think you should ensure the undecideds don’t see leaving as a leap in the dark, which remaining undoubtedly is. All the arguments are on our side, the remains have only mood music.

    Leave the EU

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      But I could see a UK/EU free trade area gradually becoming a European free trade area (NOT a customs union) as more EU member-states opt to follow the UK move,

  10. Bill says:

    Why has UKIP failed to point up the fact Cameron’s 4year benefit withdrawal cannot be imposed unless he gets EU permission to do so PLUS they and not our elected reps can call a halt to the emergency as THEY see fit?

  11. Ex-expat Colin says:

    NHS again:
    “Whistleblower doctor wins £1.2mn in damages over false ‘sex pervert’ accusations by hospital bosses”

    Thats apart from:

    PFI rip off
    Procurement fraud
    Anything else?..probably!

    I’d certainly do something about their contracts…all of them. And particularly those that drew them up in the past.

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  13. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I get the feeling that those of us male non believers need to be disposed of, because the daddy’s and their medieval belief…believes so! Maybe not all…but enough to disrupt modern societies

    Don’t get this on the UK cr*p media do we?

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