‘Ever Closer Union’ report makes absolute nonsense of Cameron’s claim – Roger Helmer MEP

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6 Responses to ‘Ever Closer Union’ report makes absolute nonsense of Cameron’s claim – Roger Helmer MEP

  1. catalanbrian says:

    The woman behind seems rather amused by these pearls of wisdom!

  2. davidbuckingham says:

    Hopefully EU statements will continue to embellish Brexit’s pitch … and who knows how four months’ agitation within other EU nations will turn out? Today Holland – tomorrow?

    What the UK will resemble after Brexit cannot be broadcast enough – old deals and new deals but most important, new-found freedom and autonomy. We need a UK Declaration of Independence.

    Conversely the negativity and surrender of a Remain victory – especially if as DC says this is a one off would vindicate and lethally inflate Brussels, safe from further UK referenda, to flex its flabby muscle and unleash a whole new treaty towards more Union – with just a hint of revenge on Britain.

    As Cameron says the trope Ever Closer Union will quite possibly be dropped, and replaced with Forever Total Union. The EU cannot stand still, especially being in crisis, and the Brussels spider will be energised to truss up its victims with renewed vigour.

  3. foxbarn says:

    Diddly squat chance of this being mentioned on the BBC of course, which lies by omission on a daily basis. But Roger, UKIP is pretty useless at getting any of your, Nigel’s or anyone else’s speeches onto the national website. Last update on the ‘videos’ page was May 18th 2015. The anti UKIP wreckers running/ruining UKIP ‘output’ have been having a long long laugh at UKIP MEP/NEC blindness to what they’re doing.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      This is probably mad and I am pretty ignorant of the requirements of politicking but I’ve long wondered whether Nigel Farage would have been even more successful heading up a single-issue anti-EU campaign on the lines of Grassroots Out or Taxpayers’ Alliance over the last 20 years instead of getting embroiled in the tortuous machinations and distractions of constructing political party policy.

      Judging by the cross-party support that GO and the rest are receiving, he and those like yourself Roger might have also gained seats as Independent anti-EU MPs with your articulate voices at Westminster.

      Big political parties are always coalitions, especially Labour and Tory, but the clarity and strength of the single-issue position at the GO event last week was a massive relief, including the bizarre spectacle of seeing the abominable George Galloway being Churchillian on this over-riding issue, arguably even upstaging Nigel.

      I hasten to add I wouldn’t want to discourage your excellent expositions on energy. You could still be UKIP in Brussels. If Boris can do two jobs, I’m sure you and Nigel can.

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Dutch stirrings…I wish.


    Watch the vid piece with the EU boy getting shirty about being called a bureaucrat…LOL

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