Daily Debrief Feb 26th – More Cameron promises on immigration

It stretches credulity, but our Prime Minister David Cameron is again promising to get annual net migration below 100,000 — “down to tens of thousands” — despite his abject failure so far.  Recent shocking statistics confirm a record net immigration figure of 330,000.   Yet here is Cameron reiterating his previous promises.

Let’s remind ourselves why it won’t work.  First, he simply can’t do anything to cut EU immigration.  He pretends that his welfare curbs will do the job.  But the OBR says otherwise.  Meantime the proposed “Living Wage” will increase the pull factor, and make the UK more attractive compared to low-paid economies in the East.

Secondly, the UK will come under increasing pressure from Brussels to take more migrants/refugees.  And soon Angela Merkel will give her million migrants EU passports — so they’ll be able to come and Cameron won’t be able to stop them.  More migrants are pouring westward from Middle Eastwar zones.

Thirdly, the EU is fast-tracking Turkish accession.  A very large, very poor country with a population of 75 million.  There will be huge new migrant flows from Turkey.  It is critical we vote for Brexit before these threats get any worse.

Advice to the PM: If you promise to do something when you know very well you can’t do it, that’s called lying.

Pressure and patronage

We’ve seen Downing Street trying to mobilise FTSE CEOs (and achieving less than half their target).  We’ve seen the letter from the Generals — which blew up in the face of Number Ten as two of their thirteen signatories distanced themselves, and other senior officers explained why they declined to sign.  Quote: “You can’t have security without sovereignty”. But Downing Street hasn’t given up.  Two new stories today.

Osborne presses world finance ministers to speak out against Brexit.  It was bad enough when Downing Street had to beg support from US President Obama. But now Osborne is soliciting support from around the world.  Probably he’ll get some routine pro-EU statements.

Cameron dangles the glittering prizes.  The Times reports that Cameron is planning to appoint new peers to the House of Lords (already bursting at the seams).  And the accolades will go (they say) to donors to the Remain campaign.  This is frankly a disgusting abuse of power and patronage by the Prime Minister.  I hope and believe that the British public will see right through it and be equally offended.




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26 Responses to Daily Debrief Feb 26th – More Cameron promises on immigration

  1. F. Hugh Eveleigh says:

    These daily briefings are very useful – thank you for spending the time to write them.

  2. catalanbrian says:

    I am pleased to see that you are continuing with your disgusting xenophobic postings. Perhaps your supporters will eventually see through the pretense that is UKIP

    • charles wardrop says:

      Xenophobia implies RACIAL distinction/discrimination, not evident in Roger Helmer’s briefings, rather international and cultural distinctions.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I think that if you bothered to check you will find that you are wrong. Xenophobia is defined in my dictionary as “hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers or of their politics or culture”. Nothing to do with racism, although xenophobes are often racist and racists are generally xenophobic. In my view ‘xenophobic’ pretty much sums up Mr Helmer’s comment.

      • charles wardrop says:

        Fair enough, C’Brian, but “disgusting” in the dictionary xenophobia context is unduly strong language, when it is clear that Roger H. refers to an xs of economic migrants flooding our UK, not related to their human race.

    • B Hough says:

      Just go on youtube, type `the rape of Europe` plus many more examples,
      If these don`t make you feel there is something terribly wrong or suspicious when the prime minister wants us to be a part of it then that is up to you and your` conscience, I worry about my grandchildren and future generations
      Nothing to do with UKIP it is called Jihad.

      • catalanbrian says:

        And what has Jihad got to do with the UK being in or out of the EU?

      • B Hough says:

        If we were to leave the E.U. would Germany, France etc. stop
        selling us cars and other road transports?
        Would it not be great if we only bought cars etc. made in the U.K.?
        Think of the employment figures.
        Would Germany etc. stop selling us wind turbines plus all the
        services they require?
        Would it not be great if we made our own?
        Think of the employment figures.
        Would Germany, France stop building our railway rolling stock etc.
        Would it not be great if we built our own?
        Think of the employment figures.
        Would France refuse to build our power statioms?
        Would it not be great if we built our own?
        Think of the employment figures.
        We are told that being in the E.U. is a safeguard against terrorists.
        It is due to the E.U. that so many terrorist cells have been able to
        set up in Europe.
        Slowly the whole political scene in Europe will change.
        Why any British prime minister would be in favour of handing power
        to some unelected parliament I cannot imagine, unless
        it is in anticipation of some future lucrative reward within the E.U.
        as has happened in other cases we know about!
        Let us be outside and watch it fall apart at the seams.

      • B Hough says:

        Jihad does not need to be a warring situation, it is the taking over of countries, in this case Europe, by any means, ie.by over populating.
        The EU has helped in this by calling any reaction by the native population `racist`.
        Also allowing a massive uncontrolled influx without knowing exactly where people were coming from, passports lost (disposed of) families fine, look after them, young men of military age send back to defend their country.
        Where would we be now if we had fled to Canada & The Commonwealth in 1939?
        Maybe if we leave the EU we can sort ourselves out, the EU seems to be on a suicide mission.
        A few people are doing quite well financially from it but at the expense of the man in the street.
        Our countries leaders past and present (they hope) only think of themselves and not future generations who most likely will be living in European Islamic states.

    • catweazle666 says:

      “…your disgusting xenophobic postings.”

      Do you find yourself accosting random strangers in the street, grasping them by their clothing and shouting insults in their faces?

      How about howling at passing cars?

      Have you considered seeking psychiatric assistance?


    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      usual bollox, lack of medication!

      • catalanbrian says:

        More offence, more lunacy. And how do you know that Mr Helmer has not taken his medication, if indeed he needs any. I might disagree with pretty much everything he writes but whilst he is certainly misguided in his anti EU/stance, and a few others I do not believe that he is clinically insane, unlike a number of posters hereon.

      • catweazle666 says:

        “I do not believe that he is clinically insane, unlike a number of posters hereon.”

        You were looking in the mirror when you wrote that weren’t you, brian?

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  4. Jane Davies says:

    I hope the lies from Cameron and the backhanders are called just that in the media, lies. Time to remove the kidd gloves and call a spade a spade.
    As for the House of Lords carrot, the people are sick to death that the incumbents get, I believe 300 smackers a day, for just signing in so they can bugger off home or to the ‘club’, and would the majority would love this set up to go down the swanny. It galls the working people that this blatant abuse of taxpayers hard earned is grabbed by these people who are no better than the benefit ‘scroungers’ that Osborne et al believes all disabled, those thrown out of work and seniors to be. What a despicable bunch of dishonest self serving crettins most of them are, not all but most of them, including those sitting at the oval table in number 10 Downing Street.

  5. charles wardrop says:

    How can anyone trust Cameron when his record as PM, culminating in the recent sham negotiation, with an outcome so obviously contrary to UK’s democracy and interests, is of a hardline Europhilia, when he holds office as our chief politico, sworn to get the best deal for our people?
    Had he given a cogent and convincing justification for his supporting a continuation of our EU-subservience and democratic deficit, he might have allowed us to give fair consideration of his position as possibly betokening integrity, but it now looks like just his personal, uncritical, ill-considered preference.

  6. Shieldsman says:

    I think we have all missed Cameron’s big CON.
    He has perpetrated a gigantic confidence trick on the British Public.
    He claims to have REFORMED the European Union.
    How can that be?
    Surely it would require a Major Treaty Change to which all 28 member States are signed up to.

    When Mr Cameron was setting out the faults he found with the EU in his Bloomburg speech, later interview with the Daily Telegraph and Manifesto it is interesting to review what was said. There were bold statements of how he was going to change our relationship with the EU.
    “Some changes will best be achieved by alterations to the European treaties – others can be achieved by different means”.
    “But when we achieve it, we will have transformed the European Union and Britain’s relationship with it. I would then campaign for Britain to remain in this reformed EU in 2017”.

    The concentration on the legality of those three little words ‘ever closer union’, is this just a red herring, together with the 28th piece of a red card? The ‘ever closure union’ opt out only highlights the UK’s different direction of travel from the other 27 members.
    What he did obtain were dispensations for the United Kingdom alone, which in the main are still to be approved by the European Parliament if we vote to stay.

    Then we come to the wishful thinking “we also have in two vital areas the commitment to treaty change. Treaty change to carve Britain out of ever closure union. So we’re in the bits of Europe we want to be in but out of those we don’t want to be in”.
    Sounds a bit like ‘pick and mix’ which President Hollande said was not on.
    The Council have inserted a safety clause: “(UK) will not create obstacles to but facilitate such further deepening (economic and monetary union) while this process will, conversely, respect the rights and competences of non participating member states”

    Nothing changes for now (until the next treaty) and the Lisbon Treaty and Protocols are unamended. Cameron has not Reformed the EU, our terms of membership remain the same. We carry on paying £55million per day and implementing every Directive from Brussels.

    Cameron’s non-binding deal and arguments for remaining has more holes than a kitchen colander.

    Cameron attempted to put a new spin on the word sovereignty as disclosed by the Daily Mail DOMINIC LAWSON: Cameron and the cynical lie that’s festered for 45 years. Which ends up saying ‘On that basis, the British Parliament and Government are not sovereign’.
    What Cameron is recommending is the ending of the oldest Parliamentary Democracy in the World. If we stay in the EU we will witness its demise. The last salami slice taken by the EU.

    Let us all shout from the roof-tops – NO TREATY CHANGE NO REFORMED UNION

    Please pass the word on

  7. Hugh Davis says:

    “….Thirdly, the EU is fast-tracking Turkish accession”

    Turkey is a country whose genocidal inclinations show no signs of diminishing.
    The Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides by Turkey in the last century are all well-documented, as are the Zilan and Dersim massacres against the Kurds. Turkey now uses the Syrian conflict to mask its ongoing aggression against the Kurds, while violence against ordinary Kurdish citizens and the pro-Kurdish rights groups continues unabated.

    If you want to belong to a “club” of which Turkey is a member, perhaps this youtube video reporting the mass rape of Greek women during 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus will make you think again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHqKgmb-MSs

    • ian wragg says:

      Cameron and most of the other idiots in Westminster support Turkeys membership of the EU.
      Head cases the lot of them.

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