Daily de-brief – Feb 27 – BoJo clarifies

BoJo clarifies

Boris Johnson makes it clear that “Out means Out”. He agrees with us that it is not just a negotiating plan to secure better terms.

If, however,  as the Prime Minister says, a ‘Leave’ vote is followed by the Article 50 process, there will indeed be further negotiation. But it will be about a Free Trade Deal, not new terms for UK membership.

Two million migrants

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports accusations that Tony Blair presided over a secret plan to allow two million migrants into the UK.

As someone once said, “Tony Blair hated the British working class, so he decided to import a new one of his own.”

Perhaps too true to be funny, especially when EU ‘Free Movement’ allows mass immigration to continue.

Brussels silly season

And here is an example of Brussels silly season – The FT reports a cunning Health and Safety plan from Brussels to control the boiling of kettles, potentially making a cup of tea impossible.


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17 Responses to Daily de-brief – Feb 27 – BoJo clarifies

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    “The European Union’s (EU) Enlargement Commissioner has claimed Russia is working to destabilise the continent by flooding it with migrants from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.”

    Ever closer union getting wider with yet another unelected idiot…Enlargement Commissioner FFS!


  2. Shieldsman says:

    I repeat what I said earlier today against yesterdays brief
    I think we have all missed Cameron’s big CON.
    He has perpetrated a gigantic confidence trick on the British Public.
    He claims to have REFORMED the European Union.
    How can that be?
    Surely it would require a Major Treaty Change to which all 28 member States are signed up to.

    When Mr Cameron was setting out the faults he found with the EU in his Bloomburg speech, later interview with the Daily Telegraph and Manifesto it is interesting to review what was said. There were bold statements of how he was going to change our relationship with the EU.
    “Some changes will best be achieved by alterations to the European treaties – others can be achieved by different means”.
    “But when we achieve it, we will have transformed the European Union and Britain’s relationship with it. I would then campaign for Britain to remain in this reformed EU in 2017”.

    The concentration on the legality of those three little words ‘ever closer union’, is this just a red herring, together with the 28th piece of a red card? The ‘ever closure union’ opt out only highlights the UK’s different direction of travel from the other 27 members.
    What he did obtain were dispensations for the United Kingdom alone, which in the main are still to be approved by the European Parliament if we vote to stay.

    Then we come to the wishful thinking “we also have in two vital areas the commitment to treaty change. Treaty change to carve Britain out of ever closure union. So we’re in the bits of Europe we want to be in but out of those we don’t want to be in”.
    Sounds a bit like ‘pick and mix’ which President Hollande said was not on.
    The Council have inserted a safety clause: “(UK) will not create obstacles to but facilitate such further deepening (economic and monetary union) while this process will, conversely, respect the rights and competences of non participating member states”

    Nothing changes for now (until the next treaty) and the Lisbon Treaty and Protocols are unamended. Cameron has not Reformed the EU, our terms of membership remain the same. We carry on paying £55million per day and implementing every Directive from Brussels.

    Cameron’s non-binding deal and arguments for remaining has more holes than a kitchen colander.

    Cameron attempted to put a new spin on the word sovereignty as disclosed by the Daily Mail DOMINIC LAWSON: Cameron and the cynical lie that’s festered for 45 years. Which ends up saying ‘On that basis, the British Parliament and Government are not sovereign’.
    What Cameron is recommending is the ending of the oldest Parliamentary Democracy in the World. If we stay in the EU we will witness its demise. The last salami slice taken by the EU.

    Let us all shout from the roof-tops – NO TREATY CHANGE NO REFORMED UNION

    Please pass the word on

    • catweazle666 says:

      “Surely it would require a Major Treaty Change to which all 28 member States are signed up to.”

      Check out Acquis Communautaire.

      It is the most fundamental foundation stone of the EU Constitution, and unequivocally asserts that once a state has surrendered a competence to the EU, that competence cannot be regained without leaving the EU altogether, and further that any and all states will eventually converge to identical legislation on all matters, no matter how trivial.

      It’s purpose is to absolutely ensure that there can be no variation whatsoever on any aspect of EU governance between states, hence Cameron’s contention that he has somehow negotiated special treatment for the UK on various fundamental issues cannot be, and when tested in court will fall at the first hurdle.

      Cameron of course is well aware of this, and thus is a proven liar.

      VOTE OUT.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Global economy will suffer ‘shock’ if Britain leaves EU, G20 warns

    The keyword is …will

    Thats actually a terrible thing to state publicly and is meaningless junk. And for that reason I am…out!

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Here is another article to set the proverbial cat among the pigeons……what say you Roger, is this likely to happen?
    Perhaps the unfrozen should have supported us frozen ones over the last 70 years to get the whole scandalous issue sorted.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Can’t see this lot here fixing that ever Jane. And if we get Out of this EU mess we are busted…allegedly. I think these crutched up obscene UK banks ought to cough up more…oh no, we won’t have any businesses left. No jobs, no tax to collect?

      • Jane Davies says:

        Yes well ‘this lot’ will be out on their ears before too long. Cameron has already said that Britain cannot go it alone so the good people of the UK will need a PM who can do the job without the EU clowns telling him/her what to do!

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Here’s Max Hasting in today’s D. Mail….la.la.la

    Trump the racist, Trump the liar, Trump the opportunist, Trump the crusader for a jihad against Muslims and a trade war with China, could receive the keys to the White House in November’s national poll.

    Needs to add the xeno thing, disgusting stuff… and take a few pills I think?


  6. colin kay says:

    “The global economy will suffer shock if the Britain leaves the eu”,dead right, they`ll all have to pull there socks up and take more notice of us once we are independant again.

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