Daily Debrief February 28 – Project Secrecy follows Project Fear

The Mail reports the anger of Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond as he refused to release a secret Eurocrats’ report on Cameron’s deal. That followed the PM’s refusal to release his official legal advice on the deal. It turns out that the Eurocrat document merely repeats the questionable Brussels party line that deal is watertight. I suspect the (UK) legal advice says something quite different.

But Poject Fear rolls on. Cameron in The Telegraph says: “It’s not good enough just to say that everything will be alright when the country’s future is at sake.” OK Dave. And it’s not good enough to ignore the huge economic damage, the massive costs, the plant closures, the energy prices that EU membership brings.

Alistair Darling (remember him?) gets even more hysterical. “We know more about life on Mars than about Britain outside the EU.”. Calm down Alistair. Independence is the natural state foe most countries. Most countries in the world are not in the EU – and most countries in the world are doing better than the EU in economic terms.

Euroscepticism on the rise – The Express reports opinion polls showing a sharp increase in Euroscepticism in 25 of 28 countries. Now there’s a surprise.




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11 Responses to Daily Debrief February 28 – Project Secrecy follows Project Fear

  1. Anyoldiron says:

    My generation fought a World WAR to prevent foreigners Governing us. Today’s Politicians PAY foreigners rather than govern this Country “According to LAW”, by and though our very own Constitution that so many gave THEIR lives for, fighting to save. The only way this Country should be Governed.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      We’re supposed to be safer as a union. Thats missing the ad hoc demonstrations/protests that seem to constantly fire up in Europe and the invaders heading north. Nearly forgot the threats hanging around the French ports and NATO doing its own threatening thing. The Ukraine Govt (EU in waiting) seem to throw tear gas bombs weekly into their chamber to er, umm…stop the continual brawls. Nifty

      I’d say thats a lot of threats plus ad hoc polls to tell Brussels to more or less Foxtrot Oscar. Trying to imagine how you might tell your kids what a wonderful place/time we live in…oh, plonk them on an overcrowded beach in Spain.

  2. Anyoldiron says:

    If all those presently in both Houses of Parliament do not want to Govern this Countrry according to our very own Common law Constitution WHY are some-not me-voting for them and WHY on earth are we PAYING THEM when all they can do is obey foreigners. I remember very well we fought a WAR to prevent foreigners Governing us-yes-we, as a family,were bombed out too?

  3. Shieldsman says:

    Yesterday I made reference to the fact that Dave’s deal is not a treaty change and does not reform the European Union in any way whatsoever.
    It is therefore open to challenge.
    His reformed EU is based purely on “It is recognised that the United Kingdom, in the light of the specific situation it has under the Treaties, is not committed to further political integration into the European Union.”
    “The substance of this will be incorporated into the Treaties at the time of their next revision in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Treaties and the respective constitutional requirements of the Member States, so as to make it clear that the references to ever closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom.”
    This is a promise of a treaty change at some indefinite time in the future.

    The summit decision does not spell out the precise wording of the treaty changes which would be made (another point of weakness), and the precise wording could be important. But assuming that the wording in some way declares that the references to “ever closer union” do not apply to the UK so that the UK is not committed to agreeing to further treaty changes which deepen political integration, the words “ever closer union” would still remain there in the Treaty on European Union and in the preambles, still influencing the mindset of the integration-minded ECJ.
    However, the references to “ever closer union” will remain in the Treaty and in the preambles, and is hard to see how they will not continue to have subtle and indirect effects, as one but only one of the pointers to the continuing direction of travel of the EU which serve to confirm the pre-existing mindset of the ECJ and the Commission.

    Somehow or other Cameron is trying to spin out of this: “we also have in two vital areas the commitment to treaty change. Treaty change to carve Britain out of ever closure union. So we’re in the bits of Europe we want to be in but out of those we don’t want to be in”.

    Which poses the question – which bits will we be in and which will we be out of? If we are only partially in why should we pay full fees, and what is the point of a halfway house?

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Just reviewed QT from last week. Liz Truss (SoS Food, Environs and stuff) says we’re going to get the output of “alternatives models”.that would be the what if OUT. On the topic of models…Dunno? And exactly when? The when bit is important because it likely needs unpicking..

  5. Jane Davies says:

    Alistair Darling should really know better, he is 62 years old and should remember how the UK was before joining the Common Market, I say join the CM because we never voted to join the EU. Heath lied to the citizens then and Cameron is lying to the citizens now.

  6. Your usually hostile correspondent, Catalan B., has not explained his devotion to the EU(SSR), so perhaps we should ask him for a detailed justification.
    If he did not exist, like Aunt Sally, he is needed, so would have to be invented.
    Perhaps he was?

  7. catweazle666 says:

    And it’s not good enough to ignore the huge economic damage, the massive costs, the plant closures, the energy prices that EU membership brings.

    To say nothing of regaining control of our borders and immigration, so that we permit only immigrants that can satisfy certain criteria, and return to their native countries those who have transgressed against our laws.

    It is ridiculous that we cannot permit an English-speaking medical professional from the British Commonwealth, and yet we are incapable of preventing an Eastern European criminal from free access to our benefits and medical resources and worse, that should that individual commit a serious crime such as murder or child rape we are prevented from expelling them due to some ridiculous ruling by unqualified “judges” who we have no control over whatsoever.

  8. leosco says:

    Thousands of our forebears fought against a malignant force that sought to enslave us in Britain just as they had the Nations of Europe in two World Wars, but who benefitted from that enslavement? Not the Kaiser, Not the Nazi’s! It was the greedy industrialists that funded both wars.
    Now those same industrial giants have succeeded through legal subterfuge and now have virtually gained control of almost every facet of our lives in the UK, household names like Bayer AG a major drug supplier to the NHS, RWE who own N- Power, BASF & AGFA Chemicals, Bosch, Siemens electronics , AEG, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW, Audi, Porsche, Krupps Thyssen, all these and more were component parts of German war production, all used slave labour, Bayer even developed the deadly poison Zyklon B at their purpose built factory/concentration camp complex at Auschwitz as part of the infamous FG Barden combine which was convicted of war crimes including mass murder/Genocide, slavery, aiding aggressive warmaking and the exploitation and looting of commercial patents.
    Let’s take back our country for our forefathers sake and for generation as yet unborn.

  9. Anyoldiron says:

    We will NEVER forget.

    So many gave their lives for us
    Fighting in two World Wars,
    Yet when “Peace” came at last
    We ask, “What was that war for”?
    Where is that peace we fought for?
    Did we pay to give it away
    To foreigners once more to govern us?
    Did the people ever have a say?

    We were asked once in 1975
    To remain in the then EEC,
    But what is it now in 2016
    It is nothing like we thought it would be.
    Our Common Law Constitution
    Ignored and deliberately cast aside,
    A new Flag and EU Anthem
    That no Brits can truly abide.

    Yet according to our Constitution,
    We must be free to govern our selves?
    To betray those that gave their lives for us
    Would be like living in a permanent Hell!
    We are forbidden to obey foreigners
    Our Constitution makes that quite clear,
    It is time for us to set ourselves FREE.
    By the REFERENDUM Governments fear.

  10. Very,very ,apt , a good post.

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