Daily Debrief March 5th

Immigration is the big story today

The Daily Telegraph interviews Culture Secretary (and Brexiteer) John Whittingdale, who calls on the government “to reveal the true numbers of immigrants”, arguing that “social services are creaking at the seams”.
The Mail headlines “Surrender on illegal immigrants”, quoting Home Office Minister Richard Harrington saying “the UK is powerless to boot out illegal immigrants” because “they have nowhere else to go”. The Express headlines “Asylum claims hit new high”, reporting that EU asylum claims have doubled year-on-year.

Meantime the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Mounts Bay is being sent to the Aegean to join several NATO ships already operating there. It will be tasked with surveillance & reconnaissance. But not, apparently, with the only tasks that might be useful: turning back the migrant boats and apprehending the traffickers.

Pension reform falls victim to the EU project

Several papers report that George Osborne has abandoned radical plans for pension reform, which were to have been announced in the up-coming Budget. The FT gives the reason: he was fearful of upsetting voters ahead of the Referendum. They might have sought to punish the government by voting for Brexit. Nice try, George, but I suspect they may vote for Brexit anyway.

What would Churchill have said?

On March 2nd  I reported on Sir Nicholas Soames’ attempt to suggest that his grandfather Sir Winston Churchill would have opposed Brexit.

I suspect that Sir Winston would have been urging the orderly continuation of “our island story”, and would have warned against entanglement in a dysfunctional and declining European project beset by existential threats from immigration, from Schengen, from terrorism, from the €uro débâcle, from demographics, from its energy crisis and competitiveness crisis.

Ritual sacrifice

Yesterday I reported on the brave speech of John Langdale, head of the British Chambers of Commerce, saying that Britain would thrive outside the EU. Today, Classic FM reports the establishment backlash. Mr. Langdale, they say, has been “temporarily suspended” for breaching the BCC’s policy of neutrality on the EU Referendum. Well done Mr. Langdale, for your brave & principled stand.

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13 Responses to Daily Debrief March 5th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    The BCC, which represents 75,000 small and medium-sized firms, has formally adopted a neutral position on the referendum. So 75K are neutral are they? Not what I hear locally/daily

    Langdale specifically expressed a personal opinion, and I saw him speak outside the building. Nearly misread that…..BCC – BBC

  2. Thank you for these daily reports. Much appreciated.
    Federica Mogherini made a speech threatening to be beastly if Britain left the EU. http://www.federicamogherini.net/a-foreign-policy-for-european-growth/?lang=en
    I do not think, myself, that once we have voted to LEAVE there is any prospect other than to accept the Associate Membership which the EU grandees understand. If we do what they know about – EFTA membership, EEA membership – they will be much more likely to agree. Then they can go off and do their own thing with the Eurozone expansion and congealing the EU into one big superstate with themselves in charge.
    We can negotiate after that safe in the knowledge that we are not going to get dragged into ever closer union.
    The status quo is not an option.

    • B Hough says:

      When ISIS enter an area and take it over with weaponry, they are repulsed by bombing / gunning. this is never referred to as `racist`
      Whwn an area of Europe is taken over by outnumbering of its population and comments are made pointing this out it is called `racist`.
      Are the members of the European parliament, or the select commitee who lead them, so busy feathering their own nests that they do not see the cuckoo that is moving into it?
      Once the balance is tipped and the cuckoo makes himself heard it will be too late.
      If we can leave now it may not be too late for us but what our future will hold with Europe as a caliphate does not bear thinking about!
      We may need our American allies again as in 1941! .

      • davidbuckingham says:

        The only safeguard against democracy, the tyranny of the majority, which could potentially vote in sharia law or another Hitler once the numbers are right, is a written constitution founded on individual rights, the rule of law and a constitutional republic (with or without a symbolic monarchy).

        As Benjamin Franklin observed, democracy (on its own, rather than as part of a written constitution) will always be two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch – it needs to be demoted in the hierarchy of political importance to a technical necessity which should not trump (sic) the constitution.

        How wonderful if the House of Lords actually became representative of the nation’s opinion instead of a dubious system of bought favours. It could be voted on a non-party proportional basis, thereby creating a bicameral parliament with meaningful checks and balances, like the American invention. Dan Hannan has some good things to say about making our system more responsive to individual votes…. I particularly love the comparison of the way Hampshire (pop 1.8m) is represented with New Hampshire (pop 1.3m). QED.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    O/T slightly: (how lawyers play with us and we let them)

    This is how you get a holiday (18yrs) at the MoD’s (RAF) expense. I was RAF and passed thru RAF Akrotiri once..just wondering what would happen if I invaded that place? Of course I’d have to ditch my documents first. Aircraft leave there to attack ISIS…allegedly. And the Russian Navy has port facilities in Cyprus.


  4. Shieldsman says:

    No doubt it is going to get dirty with the ‘prince of darkness’ involved, and every time Cameron opens his mouth out comes -staying in a ‘Reformed European Union’.

    I know you are very clued up on the options of how we leave the EU Roger, but Richard North today knocks down Hammond’s scaremongering on trade treaties.

  5. david fabb says:

    Most informative Roger!. Suggestion: Why, whenever there is reference to all the Footsie 100 “Bosses” keen to stay in, don’t we pose the question.. “How many of them have a cent of their own money at risk?” Simple.

  6. David Fabb says:

    Roger. We met at Cleobury Mortimer party… Question… Why, oh why, whenever any of the Footsie 100 Bosses say we we would be best “in” do we not ask “How many of you and your ilk have a penny of your own cash at risk?” Simple.

    On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 6:30 AM, Roger Helmer MEP wrote:

    > rogeroffice posted: ” Immigration is the big story today. The Daily > Telegraph interviews Culture Secretary (and Brexiteer) John Whittingdale, > who calls on the government “to reveal the true numbers of immigrants”, > arguing that “social services are creaking at the seam” >

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Osborne is fearful of upsetting voters is he? I have news for him….the senior voters are sick and tired of mere politicians messing around with, and moving the goal posts of, their hard earned pensions. It’s too late George…..
    I would hope that pensions in future will be removed from thieving hands of politicians who are not trained in finance, why is it that just because these people get the Pensions Portfolio that they suddenly think they are experts? The seniors have had enough….time to tinker with the gold plated index linked MP’s pensions methinks.

  8. Martin Young says:

    Ritual Sacrifice, and the establishment backlash! Well done to John Langdale! “temporarily suspended” for breaching the BCC’s policy of neutrality on the EU Referendum – a small price to pat for upholding our democratic constitution. There is nothing neutral! The BBC is known as the ‘Brussels Broadcasting Company’ – I wonder why? Due to the loans and subsidies it receives from Brussels?
    People have forgotten about an infamous execution of a person who was strong to stand for democracy.
    Lincoln’s Inn Fields was the site of the gruesome and prolonged public beheading of Lord William Russell in 1683, after he was convicted of being part of the Rye House Plot against King Charles II. The executioner, Jack Ketch, was so inept that he took four axe blows to separate the head from the body. After the first failed blow his victim looked up and said “You dog, did I give you 10 guineas to use me so inhumanely?”.

    Criticism of the EU is ‘verboten’, and considered blasphemous! Just like Charles ll’s corrupt parliament.

  9. Brin Jenkins says:

    I feel utter disgust at most of our elected and employed leaders, they continue to twist and cheat the indigenous people of our country. A public trial is required to clear this nest of vipers.

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