Daily Debrief March 6th

Cameron’s Calais claims crash and burn

Three weeks ago David Cameron, in an astonishing alarmist outburst, claimed that in the event of Brexit we should find that “The Jungle” Camp would move from Calais to the Home Counties.  The French government was quick to dismiss this absurd idea.  Then, in what seemed to be an orchestrated public relations exercise (remember that our Prime Minster used to be a PR man) the French Economics Minister Emmanuel Macron repeated the threat in forthright terms — oddly enough just the day before our Prime Minister David Cameron went to France to meet French President François Hollande.  Suddenly, like a vampire emerging from a newly dug grave, the Calais threat got top billing.

But yesterday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve knocked it on the head, and said in quite clear terms that the British border controls in Calais will remain in place. Cazeneuve is not just being nice to the Brits (Heaven forfend!).  He’s talking naked French self-interest.  First, he says (as I have argued repeatedly) that if the UK Border Force moves back to Dover, then undocumented arrivals will simply be turned around and sent back — and Cazeneuve knows that France will have to accept them.  Second, he sees the move creating a flood of additional migrants converging on Calais, and a consequent humanitarian crisis.

So another of the dire warnings of the Remainians bites the dust.  This is not just nonsense — it is anti-British nonsense.  And the Remainians are campaigning for an anti-British policy.


Gove and Boris: a double-barrelled assault

The two Tory big-beast Brexiteers, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, have been in action.  Gove argues (rightly, in my view) that “The EU fuels terrorism and fascism”, pointing to the ease with which migrants and Jihadists can enter Europe, and cross Europe, and also to the rise of far-right parties and movements on the continent. He makes the case that we can best protect ourselves by controlling our borders — but we are unable to do that without Brexit.

Boris focuses on the issue of the head of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, who was “suspended” by the BCC after saying (in a personal capacity, though to a BCC audience) that he believed Britain would prosper after Brexit (as I reported on March 4th). There are reports (denied by Downing Street) that pressure was put on the BCC to suspend Mr. Longworth.  Boris is quite rightly furious at what he sees as No. 10’s “bullying scandal”.

Chris Grayling puts in perspective.  Would Mr. Longworth have been suspended, he asks, if he had instead spoken in favour of EU membership?  Of course not.

It seems that Cameron and his Remainians have little sense of balance or proportionality, but are using some very unpleasant measures to suppress dissent.  Certainly the Prime Minister gives the impression of a degree of panic.


EU to take over our coastguard?

The Express reports that the European Commission plans to take over our Coastguard, as part of its response to the unprecedented migrant crisis, in what the paper describes as “the biggest transfer of sovereignty since the €uro”.  This illustrates a key argument of the Leave Campaign.  The EU is not some steady and secure structure.  Rather, it is an on-going process — a headlong, helter-skelter rush to a unitary state.  Safety and stability for Britain are not secured by staying in, but by taking back control and setting our own course under our own institutions.


Labour voters urged to back Remain

Leading Labour figures have been urging Labour voters, and the Union Movement, to back Remain. Alan Johnson fears that the debate is being dominated by “Tory splits”, and says “The Tories are split on Europe; Labour is united”.  Sorry Alan.  It may be that the Labour establishment is united (more or less), though Corbyn and Momentum seem to be a bit lukewarm.  But an awful lot of Labour voters are patriotic British men and women who believe we should take back control, and govern our own country through our own democratic institutions.  You may be surprised on June 24th when we start to see the breakdown of who voted which way.


“GO!” Action Day

Yesterday, March 5th, saw up to 350 street stalls and related outreach activities across the country by the Grassroots Out Campaign “GO!”.  Nigel Farage visited the street stall in Thornbury, after his keynote speech to the UKIP South West Conference (where I and other MEP colleagues also spoke).  “GO!” is a cross-party campaign which has featured parliamentarians from Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and the DUP, and is attracting widespread support.  A substantial proportion of the “GO!” campaigners on the streets yesterday were of course UKIP members.  This initiative deserves our support.

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9 Responses to Daily Debrief March 6th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Daily Mail…oh dear:


    Small business about 5% of trade with EU and forced implementation of 100 regs
    Price of food virtually doubled in the UK in 1973 when we joined the EEC

    And there was that decimalisation con..remember? 1971

    Galloway put Kate Hoey on RT Sputnik last night…good stuff.

    • Jane Davies says:

      I have always though that Boris Johnson was a bit of a buffoon and not being able to see his interview with Andrew Marr over here I just have to hope his articulation has improved. I last saw him speaking about Brexit in the street interview outside his house and his constant tripping over the plum in his mouth was really frustrating. Can he actually string words into a sentence without umming and arring? I really hope so as he can use his influence to leave in a positive way if only he can make himself understood, and no clowning around please Mr Johnson, this is too serious a subject to bring down to the level of an episode of “Have I got News for You”.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        His usefulness apparently lies in the notion that he reaches parts of our lifeforms that nobody else does. That might be something to do with younger -ish folk? Or its like getting Galloway ON because OUT needs as much on side as possible. Always prepare for a sudden flip flop though.

  2. Roger Smith says:

    As John McDonnell explained, Labour are united – but on a totally false premise: that of staying in a totally reformed EU. The irony, of course, is that nirvana could only be achieved if Brexit prevails, given Cameron’s abject failure to achieve that end.

  3. Graeme Chegwidden says:

    Regarding Alan Johnson claiming that Labour are united on remaining in the EU, I have two words for him: “Labour Leave”. Oh, and another two – Kate Hoey…

  4. When the UK leaves the EU and even if the UK Border Control was asked to abandon their post in France then the French border control would still exist. As the UK is not in Schengen it is unlikely that migrants, both economic and asylum seekers, [especially without papers] would be allowed to leave France.

  5. Flyinthesky says:

    The influx of asylum seekers is very easy to rebuff, international legislation would prevail. Without travel documentation, passports et al, you would not be allowed to set off. Those without documentation would be returned to point of origin and the carrier fined. It’s an absolute nonsense.
    The fundamental problem we have is people accepting what they read without actual evaluation. It’s all headlines and unfortunately, in a lot of cases, that’s all they read. Almost every fear scenario, on inspection, is holed below the water line. The question is will people look.

  6. Edward M says:

    I agree with all that you say.
    I am appalled that we have a Prime Minister who threatens rather than defends.
    Brexit is becoming doubly important – in that we need to get out of the EU and it will hopefully cause the fall of David Cameron and his replacement by a patriot.

  7. Anyoldiron says:

    Vote to remain in the EU in the coming REFERENDUM and I think this Country will be in the EU-FOREVER. I doubt there would ever be another REFERENDUM. The coming REFERENDUM count should begin the moment the doors are closed and the REFERENDUM counts should be counted in exactly the same way a General Election is counted-on that same evening. There should be no DELAY nor count on another day-for people would never believe a count on the subject of who may govern Britain forever if the count is delayed in any way. at all. It is also up to responsible MP’s and UKIP to make this count happen.

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