Daily Debrief March 7th


Send in the Navy

Several papers major on the story that the RFA Mounts Bay is being sent to the Aegean on a NATO mission. It’s not clear why this is a big story today – I mentioned it in my Debrief on March 5th. But there are now phrases about blocking traffickers and sending migrants back, which suggests a more robust approach.. The Guardian adds another element to the story. IT says that David Cameron is heading to Brussels for an emergency summit on migration.

 Yesterday the Coastguard: Today asylum policy

The FT reports “Brussels bid to centralise asylum systems”, and with remarkable perspicacity adds “risks Eurosceptic anger”. Typical Brussels response: the universal solution to any crisis is to grab new powers and centralise everything.

Farage warns on Security

The leading headline in The “I” paper reads “expanded EU poses security risk, says Farage”. The story points to the risk of Turkey joining the EU, plus the danger of Jihadists arriving amongst the waves of migrants.

 John Longworth of BCC: the row grows

The Mail headlines “An honest man knifed by Number 10”, amongst strong indications that Cameron’s team put pressure on the BCC Board. The BBC (keep up there!) reports that Mr Longworth, previously “suspended”, has now quit. The Referendum Campaign is getting down and dirty.

Nancy Reagan: RIP

Ronald Reagan was the most popular President of recent decades, and his wife Nancy was an elegant, distinguished and supportive presence at his side. The papers report her passing. The world will be a poorer place without her.

Charities Commission  to clampdown on anti-Brexit Green groups

The Telegraph reports the Charities Commission is taking action several green groups, including Friends of the Earth, (or, as I think of them, ‘Enemies of the People’), Greenpeace, the Wildlife Trusts and ‘environmentalists for Europe’.

An unhealthy convergence of interests, almost a symbiosis, has developed between the European Commission and green groups, who gain influence and/or receive funding in exchange for stroking Commission egos and supporting Commission positions.

Taxpayers will be rightly angry their money is being used by the Commission to undermine the campaign for our country’s independence.


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10 Responses to Daily Debrief March 7th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    11 months later…”Royal Navy ship dispatched to Aegean Sea to turn back migrants”

    Just imagine what Turkey could be…but clearly doesn’t want to be. The VI’s have precedence and at a terrible cost.

    Pork not doing well in Germany…a clear indication where that place is going.

    Strangely the Lords in the HoL have been bitching badly about Southern region trains. Words like late, multiple delay and “bringing to account” thrown around. When you arrive my Lord/Lordess expect to see what we always have to suffer.

  2. Shieldsman says:

    Christopher Booker is associated with Richard North so his article could have been more pointed at faulting Cameron’s non existing (fantasy) reformed EU and the FCO’s problems with BREXIT.
    Perhaps the Telegraph restricts what he can write.
    Certainly with the Press, BBC C4 News, Sky News, ITV News, the Labour Party – the official opposition,you could ask the question are they all blind to Cameron’s confidence trick, or are they all under orders to let him get away with it.
    They could read Lawyers for Britain treatise. where they will see the promise is to enter a clause recognising the United Kingdoms exclusion from those three little words, not to remove ‘ever closer union’, therefore the essence of the treaty will remain unchanged.

    The Labour Party are very silent on immigration and the fact that by remaining IN freedom of movement means no limit on migrants from member states.
    Just before the general election the politically correct Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper made major speeches and regarding immigration they said, firstly Miliband:
    It is not prejudiced to be concerned about immigration.
    I’ve been very clear about the mistakes the last Labour government has made.
    We were wrong not to ensure there were maximum transitional controls when new countries joined the European Union in 2004.
    And the reason we were wrong is that working people were seeing dramatic changes in their communities that were not planned or properly prepared for.
    We won’t make that mistake in future.
    We need a system of controls.
    Cooper’s titbits:
    Requiring countries to treat new migrants exactly the same as long standing residents create a risk that member states simply cut family support, housing or services for all citizens in order to avoid increasing migration. That kind of race to the bottom undermines social solidarity and isn’t good for anyone.
    That is why Rachel Reeves is proposing changes to the benefit rules both here and across Europe so that countries can require people to contribute for longer before they receive support. New migrants should be self-sufficient. We would not expect British citizens to travel abroad and swiftly expect support from foreign taxpayers.
    Isn’t that what Cameron has failed to achieve?
    That is why Labour will argue for reform in Europe to create an EU Migration Impact Fund within the existing EU Budget to provide more help directly for those regions which have seen the greatest increase in population as a result of EU migration, to pay for public services such as school places, extra medical staff or housing investment.

    What dreamers the EU is not for changing and all those wooly headed Councillors who think by staying in we can change it must live in the labourites dream land.

    EU referendum: Britain’s biggest environmental charities using public cash to call for In vote
    Friends of the Earth, The Wildlife Trusts and Greenpeace accused of leaving donors ‘infuriated’ by openly campaigning for In vote despite guidance

    What’s new! Brussels has been funding the environmental groups for years with our money. The EU has them in its pocket. The Brussels bureaucrats fund them as lobbyists.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    EU Nutter Alert:
    Spain would demand control of Gibraltar the ‘very next day after Brexit’ warns foreign minister as he sparks fresh row over The Rock


    • ian wragg says:

      Then we should nuke Spain. That would make a very interesting headline.
      Also. All Ministers, councillors and public figures who have sold out to Brussels against the interests of the British population will have all assets confiscated.
      Let us do some silly scare stories.

      • If I could have a fiver every time someone writes that the EU brings full employment, then I would spend it all on the wretched under 25s in Spain who are “parados” – on the dole.

  4. Jane Davies says:

    I think Turkey would fit in well into the EU club. They have shut down the only newspaper that had the temerity to criticise the Turkish government and clearly free speech is a no no and they are chock full of non pork eaters, just the right type of people to populate Europe….and good luck with that. I can’t wait to see the overthrow of the Brussels parliament once their numbers reach the optimal level. I just hope the UK is out of it……and doesn’t give Merkel and her bunch of thieving criminal pals asylum.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Windmill Turbine hits the deck before being erected couple of days back: (lucky really)


  6. Nigel Farage was rubbished when he said that the Romanians and Bulgarians would flood into Britain. Keith Vaz actually had the cheek to go to Heathrow and discover that not one was getting off the planes that landed the next day.
    Guess what?
    Now he is warning against Turkey which will be much worse even than the Roma influx. (I have met some of these people. They are very, very hard to like. Even the Lithuanians and Latvians cringe when they walk into the room.) None of them, by the way, admit that they come from Romania.
    I simply gasp at the idiocy of Frau ‘Mutti’ Merkel. I really do.
    PS We have had a couple of real Romanians who are lovely people – really urbane, humorous and utterly charming.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Vaz and his committee always have a few outings. Calais was one or two of the most recent…nothing happens. I suspect the T&S claims get a good hammering though.

  7. David Fabb says:


    Re: Carney. Even worse?? than the dozy Aston Villa President who preceded him?

    Why, oh Why does’nt someone say of Carney ” If this placeman, who spent years within Goldman Sachs, says we should remain, then that fact, AND the fact of GS and Morgan chipping in millions to the “IN” campaign, is good enough reason for the whole population to vote Leave?

    On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 8:39 AM, Roger Helmer MEP wrote:

    > rogeroffice posted: “Send in the Navy. Several papers major on the story > that the RFA Mounts Bay is being sent to the Aegean on a NATO mission. It’s > not clear why this is a big story today – I mentioned it in my Debrief on > March 5th. But there are now phrases about blocking ” >

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