Daily Debrief March 10th


The Sun: Pole Chancers

Personally I have great respect for Polish people in the UK.  Their grandparents made a hugely important contribution to the UK war effort in the dark days of the early forties.  Today’s Poles in Britain have an enviable reputation as hard workers and reliable employees.  Nonetheless the Sun highlights a worrying issue, with its headline “Pole Chancers: Migrants’ guide to raking in UK benefits”.  A Polish newspaper in the UK, Polish Express, has published a guide for Polish immigrants advising them on how to make the most of UK welfare benefits.

The Sun believes that this guide will encourage many more Polish migrants to rush to the UK ahead of the migrant welfare curbs that Cameron claims to have negotiated (though there is great doubt that they will ever take effect).  The Polish Express newspaper is widely read on-line in Poland, and could amount to a pro-immigration campaign.  I have no reason to believe that there is anything illegal or improper about the guide – I have no doubt that it deals with benefits that are actually available under UK/EU rules.  Nonetheless it may leave a bad impression with British voters already concerned about very high immigration levels.

The Sun stands by its story on the Queen

According to the Mail on-line, the Sun is standing by yesterday’s story that the Queen backs Brexit, claiming that it was based on two separate and credible sources.   But constitutional expert Vernon Bogdanor has serious doubts, and the Palace is lodging a complaint with IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation.  Meantime Michael Gove stands accused of leaking the story.  He is reported to have been at the lunch where the Queen is claimed to have discussed the EU issue with Nick Clegg.  Gove was reportedly “at the heart of a Cabinet row” over who leaked the story.  Jacob Rees-Mogg MP has ventured the view that the Queen would support Brexit because “Her deepest commitment is to the UK and the Commonwealth”.

The Express headlines “NOT AMUSED – Queen’s outrage at Brexit story”, while several papers again mention the Palace’s complaint to IPSO.

Macedonia blocks the Migrant Trail

Macedonia has closed its southern border with Greece, blocking the migrant route north to the rest of the EU, and stranding thousands of migrants in appalling conditions in Greece.  No use crying over spilt milk, but the EU should have moved months ago to interdict migrant traffic in the Aegean.  This would have saved Greece the current crisis, destroyed the business model of the traffickers, and removed the incentive for migrants to set out on the perilous sea crossing.  It would also have stopped the drowning.  It would have meshed with the policy of the USA and the UK to provide funding for refugee camps in the region, rather than dealing with large numbers of displaced people in Europe.

In a plenary session yesterday, Nigel Farage said “I wish the British Prime Minister were as good a negotiator as the Turkish Prime Minister”.  The bizarre swap deal tentatively agreed between the EU and Turkey involves rapidly escalating payments to Turkey – now looking like €6 billion, including £500 million from the UK.  There are promises of cutting the migrant flow in exchange.  A typical EU deal.  We pay up front, and the other party delivers …. when?  This year, next year, sometime, never?

There is now no simple solution, and European leaders must face the consequences of their folly.  But for the UK, we did not hang out an “All Welcome” sign, as Angela Merkel did.  We did not allow (and I trust would not have allowed) large numbers of migrants to land on our shores.  We are not part of the Schengen free movement area.  While we continue our humanitarian support for refugees in and around Syria, I think we are entitled to say to Brussels: “You broke it.  You fix it”.  With current net immigration into the UK running at a third of a million a year (thanks to the EU and “free movement”), we are in no position to admit big additional numbers.

Follow the Money

Stephen Hawking is hugely respected – and even loved – in the UK.  A brilliant scientist who has triumphed over a life-threatening illness to become one of the giants of British physics and cosmology.  I have actually read his book “A Brief History of Time” – all the way through.  But while Hawking knows a great deal about Black Holes, he seems blissfully unaware of the Black Hole that faces the European project.  The Telegraph reports that he has led an initiative by 150 scientists from the Royal Society against Brexit. They make essentially two points: first, that Brexit would stem the flow of bright young European scientists into the UK, and second that the loss of EU funding would be a disaster for science and academia (recall that the EU funds Jean Monnet professorships in many British Universities).

Sorry, Stephen, but I’m afraid you’re wrong on both counts.  First, under the Australian-style points system which UKIP proposes after Brexit, bright young scientists from the EU (and from around the world – no discrimination in favour of Europeans) would continue to be welcome, and continue to make an invaluable contribution to our universities and research programmes.  Second (how many times do we have to say it?), every pound we get in EU funding costs the UK around £3 – and that ratio can only get worse as the EU brings in poorer countries like Turkey.  So after Brexit, we’ll have more money – not less – for all the good things we want to do, from supporting research in universities to cutting the deficit to agricultural support programmes for farmers.

The fact is that there is extensive cooperation between British universities and other institutions around the world.  I am genuinely puzzled as to why we can cooperate with universities in the USA and Australia (say) without being governed by Washington or Canberra, but the Royal Society believes that we can only cooperate with continental universities if we agree to be governed by Brussels.  Answers on a postcard, please….




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11 Responses to Daily Debrief March 10th

  1. davidbuckingham says:

    Great points Roger. Not easy to persuade a recipient of short-term immediate EU gravy to give it up – and climate alarmism plugs neatly into this. Certain scientists admitted AGW bias/dogma for political reasons (exaggerating to alert us all to the dangers). It’s not surprising that they are so subservient to government funding and supporting EU-centric privilege against the rest of the world. But can’t help wondering if the university that has one college (Trinity) with more nobel prizes than France is now afraid of that global competition? Are they protecting an EU monopoly on European science? Do they prefer to remain an overfed fish in a small but temporarily lucrative pond? You would know far better than me Roger.

    As you say other sources of financing could become available from newly liberated sterling for scientific research, but without EU conditions attached. Trouble is there are no guarantees. Again worth emphasising that European projects would still be free to develop unencumbered by an EU political agenda.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Any Use Alert?
    “(Reuters) – Norway’s $830 billion (£584 billion) sovereign wealth fund, the world’s biggest, does not see the prospect of Britain leaving the European Union as a significant risk to its investments, its chief executive told Reuters on Wednesday.”


    Known earlier as good housekeeping. Rainy Day stuff?

  3. Pat Wolfe says:

    So why are you not telling him roger I hope you do!!!

  4. ian wragg says:

    What does it matter if the Poles are given the info to access benefits. The government assures us that they don’t come here for handouts but to contribute to our pensions.
    All these car wash entities which are donating millions in tax revenues, all these doctors, nurses and professional people who are enriching our culture do not require benefits.
    I wonder why the welfare bill rises exponentially to the number of immigrants allowed in.
    Just saying…………….

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Thats the general squawk…contributing. However, the debt rises due to varied methods of arching money up a wall. So if they were able to contribute they effectively can’t.

      The beneficiaries are some were else…not the UK public for sure.

  5. Chris Newton says:

    Its time for the queen to get of the fence. With the greatest respect Ma’m your country is dying its being killed by the Eu and the Erdogan’s Islamic conquer of Europe, Great Britain will be the jewel in his Islamic crown. Please I beg of you, your country needs you now as the sovereign defender of British freedom and democracy.

  6. Shieldsman says:

    So Hawking and the Royal Society are at it again, leave the EU and funding and scientific research will end. Like pretty well all the high profile ‘remainders’ they are mercenaries, they have been bought by the EU with our money. From the retired Commissioners (Mandelson and Kinnocks) with their EU pensions to the CEO’s and Chairmen of large companies they are beholden to the EU in one way or another. They represent a group of well-heeled people who have private health cover, live in nice houses, their children are all grown up and are not representative of the man in the street. Even the politically correct Labour MP’s are remote from their electorate.

    It is a long time since Enoch Powell Conservative Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West made his speech. It really was about the problems of multicultarism and integration into a basically white protestant society.
    Ever since the Windrush Commonwealth citizens of all colours and creeds have been settling and integrating as British citizens. The greater the variation in ethnicity the greater the integration problem.
    Priti Patel as second generation of Ugandan Indian migrants in wishing to leave the EU expresses the view of many – the Country is full and we need time to assimilate Blair’s intake. This is similar to the views of Powell’s constituents all those years ago.
    Britain’s longer-standing immigrant populations are turning against government migration policy and mass migration from the European Union (EU) according to a recent report by the Financial Times.

    When it comes to assessing the problems of remaining in the EU for immigration all the party leaders (except Nigel) are political pygmies, with Cameron dancing to ‘His Masters Voice’
    Having conceded to rising Eurosceptic sentiment in his own party and the British public more widely for over five years, he could not be seen to support continued EU membership in its current form; however, it was also abundantly clear that other European countries had no appetite for British special pleading, beset as they were by a chain of crises and impatient with Cameron treating European Council meetings as a series of domestic media opportunities rather than as forums for serious diplomacy. There was only one solution: to launch a ‘renegotiation’ that would change next to nothing, but sell it as a wholesale rewrite of Britain’s membership conditions.

  7. Chris Newton says:

    The Eu and David Cameron are like wife beaters. We are the wife. The wife (us) will threaten to leave the abuser will beat her again and tell her you can’t leave you have nowhere to go everybody hates you, you will be destitute. Then beats her again for daring to suggest it. The wife who leaves will stand proud and gain her freedom. We have to stand proud and leave if we are to be free.

  8. Shieldsman says:

    I think it is going to get pretty boring until the referendum, Cameron is going to keep repeating his myth that he has reformed the EU. Someone on his behalf will orchestrate the unsubstantiated claims that by the OECD and others that the pound will collapse and there will be millions of job losses (in that case we wont need so many car-washers). This will be followed by another parade of the old stagers, Major, Heseltine, Clarke, Mandelson, Kinnock, Clegg, even Gordon Brown.old uncle tom cobley and all.

    Could someone write a quiz, titled the Referendum Quiz, how good is your memory, who said what, where and when.
    Here’s an easy one to start.
    1. ‘I’m chairman of Stay in Britain.. Better in Britain campaign.. right start again.
    I’m …………….and I’m the chairman of the Better in Britain campaign… the Better stay in Britain campaign.’
    2.So you have an illusion of sovereignty ……………….sovereignty really means are you able to get things done?

    I sure there must be a lot of bloomers someone could find.

  9. I live in the Fens where the Eastern Europeans have colonised to take part in the agricultural industries.
    We got a lot of Poles under Mr Blair. Then they sort of tailed off. I witnessed a lot of my English Students (young mothers mainly) going back with their benefits assured. In days of mobile phones, you do not need the press to tell about British benefits. Nowadays the Poles are either English or else they are at home in Poland. At work a lot have been replaced by “Bulgarians” who work for below the living wage (after deductions).
    Lithuanians are now discovering the benefits system. Again, we help them to their rights. Yup. Rights. Under the law of the EU and that of the land. We also help them to make use of the English law when they need it (free).
    Recently we have had one Indian dentist and three young excellently educated Chinese (in fluent and correct English). We have a couple of people from Africa too. And four lorry boys.
    Just saying how it is at the moment.
    Anyone speak Turkish?

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