Daily debrief March 13th

Obama makes his Brexit move

The Independent reports that ‘in the ultimate endorsement’, President Obama will visit the UK in April to back the Remain campaign. It remains to be seen whether that helps or hinders the campaign.

Cameron insults colleagues

The Mail reports, quoting former Lib-Dem Cabinet Minister David Laws, that Cameron called Michael Gove “nuts” and said “Boris is after my job”. He also reportedly said that the EU referendum was “a Party Management Issue”. Separately, the Sunday Times reports that Justine Greening says the Government has decided against the Heathrow expansion. Maybe that’s another party management issue.

Queen/Brexit row

The row over the Queen and Brexit rumbles on. The Sunday Times headlines “Palace fights to defend Queen’s independence”. Michael Gove’s embarrassment looks set to continue.

Turkey could be a big issue in the campaign

The Sunday Express reports a poll showing that a third more Brits would vote Leave if they thought that Turkey would be joining the EU. Remember that Brussels has offered Turkey visa-free access this year, plus fast-track EU accession, as part of its doomed efforts to stem the migrant flow. The Leave side needs to focus on this issue

Cameron on “Brexit Lies”

The Sunday Times reports that the Prime Minister David Cameron is upset that the press is carrying “lies” about Brexit. Maybe it would help if he stopped telling lies about Brexit.

Sturgeon and Scottish independence

In an opportunist move, Nicola Sturgeon has used the excuse of the Brexit campaign to resurrect the idea of a New Scottish Independence Referendum. But I suspect the canny Scots have seen the drop in the oil price and will understand perfectly well that it knocks the bottom of out of the economic case for Scottish independence.



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8 Responses to Daily debrief March 13th

  1. Not enough Scots are “canny” or the SNP would have remained fringe, like, say, Buddhism or head banging, but separation from the ghastly EU is a very different, vital opportunity.
    Non-canny Scots resident in Scotlandcould not see the differences, hence the threat to the UK. Partition might become necessary, but I suspect Cameron would see Scottish separation as a bonus!

  2. Edward M says:

    David Laws does a useful job in reminding us the antipathy that our ruling elites have for the British people in their own country by not wanting effective border controls. It makes me very sad that the two largest parties in the HoC are run by people who have so little concern for our interests and want our country to be subsumed into a foreign oligarchy, and we have a Prime Minister who wishes ill upon us for wishing to leave the EU and regain our country.
    It is doubly vital we leave the EU, one, to regain our country, sovereignty and democratic control, and two to send a powerful message to our MPs that things have got to change – balanced immigration inflow not to exceed outflow – and to adopt a can do attitude not the PMs can’t do/won’t do stance that makes him unfit to lead us in any circumstance.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Mutti Merkel day today..lets see if Germany is worth anything. Well, some of the beir is….Karcher definitely not!

  4. Shieldsman says:

    International development secretary Justine Greening has taken it upon herself to declare
    “I don’t believe that this government will proceed with a third runway decision. I just don’t think it is a smart decision. Trying to expand Heathrow is like trying to build an eight bedroom mansion on the site of a terraced house. It is a hub airport that is just simply in the wrong place.”

    So with her MBA is she qualified to make a decision on behalf of the Cabinet, or is she making a politically correct preemptive strike for her Seat as MP for Putney (since 2005) under the flight path.

    It is really decision time for Cameron, but being cynical he has his mind on other things. After all his rich mates have told him he cannot let us leave the EU, they will lose their fiddles and might not be as rich. So he is rushing around the Country scaring the s…. out of the workers with lies that they will lose their jobs. He was even telling the farmers they would lose their grants and that has been a mishandled Government disaster area for many farmers. EU budget 2011, UK contribution to CAP: 4.082 billion euro, UK receives from CAP: 3.315 billion euro, UK net contribution to CAP: 767 million euro.
    So we could be just as generous and better tailor the grants to the needs of our farmers. Obviously beyond the abilities of dodgy Dave to work that out.

    The government has delayed making a decision on what form airport expansion will take, even after a long-awaited independent report from the Sir Howard Davies’ Airport Commission was published, recommending building a new runway at Heathrow rather than Gatwick.
    Business and the unions: We both back a third Heathrow runway – now get on with it

    The final cost of the report is estimated to be approaching £20m, so will that be money down the drain. How did we ever get so many muddled headed people as MP’s. It was the same 30 years ago they could not make up their minds on Roskill.

  5. Maureen Gannon says:

    So Obama is going to drop in on us before going onto the Capital of the EU and Fueher Merkal how very sweet of him is that on the orders of Merkal to ensure we feel wanted and don’t vote out,

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Don’t know why they keep on about that. Farage is not of the right rank and like Clegg will barely look at him. Clegg…LOL!

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