Roger Helmer – why would anyone join the EU?

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13 Responses to Roger Helmer – why would anyone join the EU?

  1. Why do Cameron et al want our country to stay in? -baffles me at least!

  2. Shieldsman says:

    Out of interest I picked up on an article in the Daily Times of Pakistan – Is EU unravelling?
    Here is the first paragraph:
    S P Seth March 16, 2016
    The project Europe to integrate European countries into a tight regional union — European Union (EU) — is in trouble. It was doing fine as long as it was on an upward economic curve. But then the credit bubble that sustained it burst and the emphasis shifted from easy credit to tight austerity, leading to rising unemployment, negative growth among some of its member countries, social distress and political unrest, of which Greece became the highly visible symbol. Its government was finally coerced into a humiliating credit bailout in return for extreme austerity putting it on economic diet for whenever. The EU, particularly its 19-member common currency union, euro zone, has a structural problem that will surface whenever its economy is in trouble, as it continues to be. As Thomas Piketty, professor of economics at the Paris School of Economics and author of the much lauded book, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, has written in an article, “We [euro zone] have a single currency with nineteen different public debts, nineteen interest rates upon which the financial markets are completely free to speculate, nineteen corporate tax rates in unbridled competition with one another, without a common social safety net or shared educational standards—this cannot possibly work, and never will.” Now, there is also fear of a deflationary spiral.

  3. Francis says:

    Well said Roger, the question of in/out should be phased differently. Asking if GB would wish to join the EU now knowing the mess it is in, is far more telling than putting it any other way. Why would any country want to join this broken system? Apart from Turkey of course.

  4. Jane Davies says:

    All good questions Roger……they need to be asked over and over again as they put a different perspective on the reasons to leave.
    Also why would anyone want to belong to a club that is fast tracking a country that is unstable and is waging war on certain tribes within it and therefore releasing those fighters to swarm into the EU countries. The idiots in Brussels should abide by a code of duty of care for all EU citizens not welcoming the Taliban etc with open arms.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      “duty of care”…..there are different versions of that. Its common meaning of what we would generally expect is lost I think. Brussels has what I call a self duty of care and at a huge expense to us all.

  5. Bellevue says:

    Very well said, Roger. You do have a way of putting across your points succinctly and comprehensibly.

    Slightly OT, what do make of the launch of the Leave Alliance today? What do you make of the comprehensive leave plan that is Flexcit? Do you have any thoughts about these things, or are they below your radar? You Brexiteers really do need to pull together, or you will lose us the once in a lifetime chance to correct an historic mistake……

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Remember this: (J. Redwood)
    “On 4 June last year the European Court of Justice upheld a complaint against UK tax policy brought by the EU Commission. They argued successfully that the UK is not allowed to tax “energy saving materials” at just 5% but has to impose a full 20% VAT on them. A long list of green or energy saving products, including insulation, draught strip, central heating controls, hot water system controls, solar panels, wind and water turbines, ground and air source heat pumps, micro combined heat and power units and biomass boilers are all subject to our reduced rate and were all adjudged illegal.”

    “The government has decided it therefore needs to impose extra VAT on all these goods, bringing in an additional £65 million a year from next year.”

    For the EU its food next I think?

    Probably taking money from the colder “rich” states to give to the warmer south states… with lunches all the way through?

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Who wrote to Obama to tell him/them to keep interfering noses out?

    “Five Members of the British Parliament and a Member of the European Parliament have written to U.S. President Barack Obama urging him to stay out of Britain’s referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union (EU).” Plus Mr Farage

    • Jane Davies says:

      The signees are named in the article, just a pity more didn’t sign it. I agree with everything in the letter except the bit where Obama’s visit “could have the opposite effect” on voters, if that was the case then why would anyone who wants to vote out want to stop him? The petition mentioned in the article is the one I signed and the government have already arrogantly dismissed it saying they can “invite whoever they like to speak in parliament” so achieving 100,000 signatures will not make any difference.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        I’m waiting for The Donald…seriously! Parliament petitions are closer to Talk -Talk than anything else.

        Its about business…not the t*ssers we have around us at the moment. Also need something better than a pitchfork to make the point.

        Wales lost out on its public place vape ban yesterday….ha, ha, ha. Fools in high position..well, sort of high?

  8. returned expat BriA says:

    Excellent succinct message Roger and a very positive one too. No fears!.
    More of this attitude please from all GO and UKIP speakers.

  9. returned ex-pat Brian says:

    Excellent succinct message Roger and a very positive one too. No fears here!.
    More of this type of presentation and attitude please, from all GO and UKIP speakers.

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