RE: Daily Debrief March 22nd

Another day when few EU issues make the front pages, which are dominated amongst the serious papers by the fall-out from George Osborne’s Budget, and in the popular papers by the genuinely tragic death of PC David Phillips.  We read that before driving at the PC, the young thug involved shouted “Watch this!” to his passenger.  But reportedly the jury were not told this until after the verdict.

 There is of course a link between the Osborne story and Brexit, since two of the primary protagonists for Remain, Cameron and Osborne, now look significantly diminished.  Stephen Crab, the new Work & Pensions Secretary, announced “an end to the cuts”, leaving a £4½ billion hole in Osborne’s budget.  It’s worth reflecting that this hole could be filled immediately, and twice over, by leaving the EU.

Brexit “would not lead to exodus of bankers”

The front page of the Telegraph Business News headlines “”Brexit would not lead to exodus of bankers from the UK”. They quote reports from the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) and from Moody’s.  There are of course the usual caveats – it will be important to get new arrangements in place quickly.  Nonetheless the overall tone is positive, and gives the lie to those who say that the City of London would migrate to Frankfurt and Zurich.  We recall that they made exactly the same predictions with regard to €uro membership, and were proved spectacularly wrong.

EU/Turkey deal in chaos

It seems the EU/Turkey deal has run into a legal blockage.  It’s a technical point over the status of Afghans and Iraqis.  Turkey will not give them refugee status, which would prevent them being deported to war zones.  But without it, returning them to Turkey from Greece becomes illegal under international law.  Impasse.

Meantime, the practical arrangements on the ground are scarcely starting to be put in place, and pieces of paper signed in Brussels are having no impact on the rate of migrant arrivals.  The EU/Turkey deal is starting to look like a dead letter before the ink is dry.

MEP calls for legal action against EU to allow access to migrants

Yes.  You read that right. Ana Gomes, a Portuguese Socialist MEP, has called for legal action by MEPs against the Commission, demanding that they give full access to all migrants who choose to come to the EU.

EU/UK trade balance

We believe that after Brexit we’ll be in a very strong negotiating position with the EU, because we buy so much more from them than they do from us.  Virtually twice as many cars (by value).  The Remainians counter by saying OK, but the continental EU is much bigger.  They’re 42% of our exports, while we’re only 7% of their exports.  Viewed that way, they matter more to us.

I responded (in my open letter to John Major) that you pay the bills not with percentages, but with folding money, and that there’s no way the rump-EU could afford to lose what will then be its biggest customer in the world.  But Tim Hammond, commenting on my blog, puts it in far more demotic terms:

“It is like saying that Chelsea play 100% of their games against Premier League clubs, but the other Premier League clubs only play 5% of their games against Chelsea. That is “true”, but meaningless”.

Terrorist attacks in Brussels

As I write, there has been a bomb (or bombs) at Brussels Zaventum Airport, with many casualties, followed apparently (news is still sketchy) by a series of explosions at Metro stations.  I and my staff are unscathed, though Rachael was rather close to one of the Metro explosions and is consequently a bit shaken – she gamely came on and in to the office.  Allison Pearson has Tweeted “Brussels, de facto capital of the EU, is also the jihadist capital of Europe. And the Remainians dare to say we’re safer in the EU! #Brexit“, and been condemned by trolls for “exploiting the injured”.  Nonsense.  She’s rightly drawing attention to the lies at the heart of the Remain campaign, and deserves credit for it.  Our security matters.  We need to control our borders.  We need to leave the EU.

 Where Britain leads, Europe follows

We in Britain are rightly focused first and foremost on our own referendum on June 23rd.  But in a very real sense, British independence is not an end, but a new beginning.  We may be the first: I don’t believe we shall be the last.  In Germany, we’ve seen the rapid growth of Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), from a 5% party to 20%+ results in recent regional elections, on the back of concerns about Merkel’s immigration policy, and there are now demands for a German referendum on the EU.

In France, a recent poll showed that 53% of the French people favour a “Frexit” referendum – an alarming figure for Brussels in one of the original six founding members.  As many as 25% oppose free movement, following the Paris attacks.  There is increasing talk of EU exit in The Netherlands and the Czech Republic.  This last Saturday I spoke at the well-attended annual Conference of the Lithuanian Order & Justice Party in Vilnius, and talk of a radical new order in Europe was well-received.

 I have a vision of a Europe of independent, democratic nation states, bound together by nothing more than free trade and voluntary intergovernmental negotiation.  And I believe that Brexit will kick-start the process to achieve it.  Once again, Britain will have saved itself by its exertions, and Europe by its example.

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11 Responses to RE: Daily Debrief March 22nd

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Steven Woolfe (UKIP MEP) saying it on R4 and lives opposite that Metro station in Brussels

    End the Shengen and I think quite a few EU borders were closed today. Not that it will do much good. Who else has to die for this dreamboat stuff?

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Don’t quite understand this (Sinn Fein MEP of the convicted violent variety):

    “A convicted IRA bomber has been forced to cancel an event in the European Parliament today commemorating the Easter Rising because of events in Brussels. Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson

    The p*ss take never ends?

    • Jane Davies says:

      A convicted terrorist should NEVER be allowed to become an MP of any sort and why did this low life only serve part of a life sentence? If you bomb and kill innocent people you should never be allowed to walk free again. Life should mean life. She tells people to stay safe? What a hypocrite when the victims of the IRA where not given the chance to “stay safe” when she was the one planting the bombs.

    • Maggie Stroud says:

      It is completely unbelievable what world are we living in ?

  3. Edward M says:

    Glad to hear you and your staff are unscathed.

    On Osborne’s budget I agree with you. I see the real issue is the amount of money the government so readily sends abroad, poorly targeted and poorly accounted, and the increase in national spending caused by unlimited immigration (free housing ahead of local waiting lists, school places, extra demand on NHS etc).

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Daily debrief May 22nd Roger?
    Had me confused for all of two seconds!

  5. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin says:

    I read this Telegraph article with some incredulity and have lifted some quotes below.

    EU sources admitted the 2,300 EU officials due to be sent to the islands will not start to arrive until next Monday.

    Clearly urgent then.

    “A decision came through from Brussels for political management of the crisis, but there is no clarity on how to execute this,” Spiros Gallinos, the Mayor of Lesbos told Sky News.
    “It was a rushed, if not forced, decision. For one and half years the EU policy makers dragged their feet. Then overnight they came up with a decision they want us to enforce within two days.”

    See above!

    “For us, the commitment is to change the law,” said an EU source. “If they don’t, we won’t send people back.”

    What, like the Turks want them back? They have 2 million already.

    “We have to make this work. We don’t have time for comments,” Jean-Claude Juncker’s spokesman said. [18 months after being made aware of a growing problem rapidly escalating to crisis pitch.]

    • Jane Davies says:

      Well what do you expect when these so called EU leaders inhabit La La Land?
      What a bunch of incompetent muppets……..

    • Ex-expat Colin says: hearing the term “Brussels the capital of Europe”. And Berlin?

      No government of significance…damp rags and constant collapses
      Six different police forces
      No go areas (like France and Holland)
      French and Dutch

      Am sure there’s more…oh, awful Stella Artois

  6. Shieldsman says:

    Would David Cameron ever have been allowed to recommend that we leave the EU.
    I think not, the establishment – his string pullers would not permit it.

    Three years ago, starting with his Bloomburg speech Cameron set about listing the faults with the EU.
    On 15 Mar 2014 he wrote in the Telegraph “The EU is not working and we will change”
    The EU is not working must be the most logical, sensible and compelling reason for leaving the European Union.

    We will change it turned out to be Mission Impossible.

    Nothing changed in the working of the EU after Cameron’s visit to Brussels, in fact the situation has deteriorated, and Osborne is having to borrow another £500million to hand over.

    I have made out a list of all the faults Cameron promised to rectify and failed to do so. Saving it for another day

  7. David says:

    Great letter to John Major; good to have you on our side.

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