Daily Debrief March 24th


Sir Richard Dearlove

“Quitting EU would help our security”

In a striking intervention, Sir Richard Dearlove, former Head of MI6, has addressed the security implications of Brexit, and concludes that our security would be not only unharmed, but actually strengthened, by leaving the EU.

So far, the battle lines for the debate on security have been fairly clear.  The Government insists that being part of the EU institutions, and sharing intelligence though EU channels, contributes positively to our security.  Only yesterday, Michael Fallon was repeating that point in a major speech.We need a seat at the top table.  We need to share intelligence.  And so on.  Though as I Tweeted earlier today “Why does Michael Fallon imagine that we could no longer exchange security information with neighbouring countries after Brexit?”  It would be in everyone’s interests to do so.

On the Brexit side, we argue that there is no security with open borders, and that Schengen has created free movement for terrorists and Kalashnikovs.  The recent tragic events in Brussels seem to support that view.

But Sir Richard opens an entirely new front.  He sees our security being positively improved by Brexit.  Our borders could be strengthened, and extremists more easily deported.  Writing in Prospect magazine, he dismisses Europol as little more than a talking shop, and also condemns it as “a colander” for intelligence.  Critically, he insists that our intelligence and security links with the USA would be unaffected by Brexit.  (My personal view — given the known concerns of the US intelligence community about the reliability of continental intelligence services, Brexit could actually enhance our transatlantic relationship in this area).

Overnight, Sir Richard has turned security from a stand-off in the Brexit debate to a clear win.

Brussels: “A tragedy of errors”

The press naturally continues to cover the Brussels tragedy in great detail.  The Independent dubs it “A Tragedy of Errors”, pointing to a series of unforced errors by Belgian security services that allowed the bombings to take place.  One of the bombers had been flagged up as a terrorist suspect by Turkish authorities, but the warning appears to have been ignored.  This story rather reinforces Sir Richard Dearlove’s view about the effectiveness of continental security services.

Boris: EU Courts put UK security at risk

Speaking to a Select Committee yesterday, Boris Johnson picked up the security theme.  He said that European Courts are preventing the UK from deporting terrorist suspects, and also making proper surveillance difficult or impossible.  He insisted, rightly, that leaving the EU was the only way to solve these problems.

Lord Howard: “EU open borders an invitation to disaster”

Former Conservative Leader Lord Howard joins the chorus of condemnation for Schengen and open borders. The arguments are familiar, but Lord Howard gives them added authority.  The same report carries a telling quote from UKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP: “Cameron says we’re safer in the EU.  Well I’m in the centre of the EU right now, and it doesn’t feel very safe”.

40% of deportations cancelled

The BBC reports that 40% of planned deportations of illegal migrants from the UK are cancelled, and that a key reason is lack of staff to accompany the deportee.    This is simply scandalous, and shows we are putting too little resource into the effort.  Surely it is cheaper to deport an illegal immigrant than to keep them in detention?

“300 Jihadis on British streets”

The Express headlines “300 Jihadis on British Streets”, citing warnings from former Labour Home Secretary Lord Reid, and others, that returning British Jihadis are an immediate threat.  Chillingly, Lord Reid adds that “the terrorists only have to get through once”.

“Trucks full of migrants enter Britain unchecked”

The Times reports that large numbers of migrants are entering Britain unchecked in the backs of lorries.  It cites two cases in which 50 migrants were identified in two instances within 72 hours, but one suspects this is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that hundreds more made it through without being found.

The Mail features a full page picture of the moment 26 migrants tumbled out of a truck near the Dartford crossing:

I’m no expert in these matters, but I find it astonishing that we can identify gravity waves from the far side of the universe, but we can’t tell if a couple of dozen immigrants are sitting in the back of a lorry.  True, we can’t check every single truck.  But we must check more of them, and we must find a technical fix.  Less money for Brussels, more for our Border Force, please.

“David Cameron needs more time to think”

Indeed he does.  As he jets off to Lanzarote for Easter (what’s wrong with Skegness, for heaven’s sake?), he tells us he needs more time to think.  Maybe he’ll come back, and tell us he’s been thinking about Brexit, and that he’s decided it’s the right way to go.




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13 Responses to Daily Debrief March 24th

  1. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re “Trucks full of migrants…”

    Once the trucks are on a ferry or on the train, they are in a contained and controllable environment, and are stationary. I would have thought this would be an ideal opportunity for a team from Border Force to do a sweep through ALL the trucks to check for migrants. Any found would be detained and, as a minimum, sent back on the next return journey.

    This would require the drivers to be with their trucks during this process, which they probably would not welcome but would likely think this something worth suffering compared with being threatened by violent thugs on the roadway approaches to the departure point.

    Once the migrants know trucks WILL be searched 100% and hence there is 0% of getting through, they will give up.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    There are always severe delays at the Dartford crossing. They could casually walk down the lines of traffic and check. The M25 at Heathrow is another. However, France (and the EU) is the primary problem!

    Anyway, don’t let a huge mess get in the way of a holiday. Above all..do nothing!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Dartford last monday…near me.


      It won’t have been the first time I suspect…they got past before?

    • kim Terry says:

      Yes, nothing like they are all doing. All this ‘celebrity status’ photo taking and standing together in a square in Brussels is laughable. It’s about time we stopped the talking and did something. These suspected terrorists are known to the authorities and the know where many are living so go in and round them up, together with any supporters, guns and explosives and get rid of them. Don’t know where and don’t know how but just do it. Couldn’t care less what happens to them as long as they don’t end up on our streets. It’s time to get tough and not keeping dancing around doing nothing for fear of racial tensions. Racial tensions are already here and they are fuelling it by committing atrocious acts on European soil.

  3. Anyoldiron says:

    WE fought two World WARS-the last one I remember very well indeed, for we as a family were indeed bombed out- yet some of “TODAY’s MP’s” want to remain in the EU -as long as they get paid plus their vast expenses I guess, so what is indeed the point in having ANYONE in those TWO HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT when even THEY all have to obey those TREATIES they have ratified-without ever putting ONE of them before the people and before they ratified them? I also gently point out to those in that Parliament, our very own Common Law Constitution FORBIDS US OBEYING FOREIGNERS-THAT WAS WHY WE WENT TO WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    To waterboard…or not? To do nothing (very little)…or not?

    My son uses the London Underground (UG) daily, twice a day at the crazy peak hours. It worries me it really does and not just because of Brussels. He says the armed cops are at the main London stations not on the UG. Maybe today they are at the UG stations…but WTF can they do?

    No, we have to get amongst the killers (physco’s) and deal with them their way!

    • catweazle666 says:

      Exactly, Colin.

      The murderous subhuman pigs who carried out the 7/7 atrocities came within one bus stop of getting my daughter.

      As far as I’m concerned, that makes it personal.

  5. ian wragg says:

    I’m sure dave needs time to think. With the wheels coming off his Remainiac bullshit he must be seriously worried.
    When he called the referendum after the success of UKIP he thought it would be a doddle and the subject off the radar for a generation.
    Even if Remain win by a couple of points him and Gideon are dust. Roll on July.

  6. davidbuckingham says:

    The mantra post-Brussels by Michael Fallon et al is that as things stand we have the best of two worlds. Control of our borders because we’re not in Schengen and access to intelligence as a member of the EU which we’d be denied with Brexit. Sir Richard does a brilliant and scathing demolition of the weakness of EU security but I don’t think mentions the benefits or otherwise of not being in Schengen.

    In principle I’m in favour of free movement by reason of individual rights which governments shouldn’t have the right to flout, as well as for the mutual benefit (vs the desert island), provided welfare doesn’t distort the picture – but effective and clear border checks that are subject to our sovereign control have to be in place when you’re at war.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Shame on the EU ‘leaders’ they have allowed those intent on harming innocent peaceful people to infiltrate the very streets where for decades people have lived in peace. Their intent is to destroy and instill fear, the fact that when opening borders this scenario didn’t occur to them is gobsmacking. Borders need to be closed NOW and strict searches and security checks made on ALL who wish to travel especially those with EU passports. The writing has been on the wall for generations…….
    Winston Churchill wrote in 1899. “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.”

    A wise man, Churchill.
    It is nothing short of criminal that the leaders of the EU have now exposed the citizens to this danger.

  8. I have Muslims in my family and, yes, I love them too. They loathe terrorists just as I, a Catholic, loathe the IRA.

    A question:
    Roger, how long do you think it will take for us, after our victory on 23rd June, to get out of the EU?

  9. David says:

    A top rank German cop recently said half the eu member states do not share security info etc, yet turkey told em about one of these madmen and nothing was done he was released.
    Security eh.

  10. Anyoldiron says:

    Perhaps the question should be asked of ALL those in both of the Houses of Parliament, do THEY want to Govern our Country or empty both Houses of Parliament and let the EU Govern us forever by and through the EU REGIONS Mr Cameron set up when he first came in to alleged power.

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