Daily Debrief March 25th

Penny Mordaunt

Penny Mordaunt MP

Another slow news day for the Referendum Campaign.  The papers are dominated by two convictions and sentences.  Radovan Karadzic found guilty of genocide and sentenced to forty years, and a footballer called Adam Johnson sentenced to six years for sexual offences against an under-age girl.  The Sun carries perhaps more graphic detail on this one than you might wish to know.

There is however some coverage of developments in the Brussels terror attacks and related matters.  Belgian police have made six arrests in Brussels after a series of house-to-house raids which uncovered some bomb-making materials.  So far it seems they have not arrested “the man in the white coat”.

Meantime in a development which at least so far appears unrelated either to the Brussels attack or to earlier attacks in Paris, French police claim to have made an important arrest in Paris which, they say, has foiled a major terrorist plot.  Very few details so far.  There seems little doubt that Jihadists are active and that the pace of police activity is not letting up.  But there is one new development:

The terrorists want a “dirty bomb”….

The Times headlines “Brussels cell was plotting radioactive bomb attack”.   This seems to be more than mere hearsay.  The Belgian authorities have withdrawn security clearance from a dozen operatives at a nuclear facility, who may be suspected of seeking to obtain radioactive material.

…and Britain was not told about it

The Telegraph headlines “UK was not told about bomb fears”. This, I think, is genuinely shocking, and it gives the lie to all those quiet, plausible voices – like Home Secretary Theresa May, and Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon, who keep insisting that EU membership is essential to Britain’s security.  They are clearly and evidently wrong.

I prefer to agree with Defence Minister Penny Mordaunt, who said that Britain would be safer outside of the EU, because membership stops the UK being able to form alliances and “share the intelligence we need to keep us safe”.  Compare and contrast the ideological, knee-jerk support for EU membership from May and Fallon with the practical political common sense of Penny Mordaunt.

The EU/Turkey deal and migrant numbers

It seems that the EU/Turkey migrant deal is having at least some effect.  Reportedly no migrants crossed from Turkey to the Greek Islands in the last 24 hour period.   On the other hand there seem to be little or no progress in terms of organisation and administration on the ground, or deportations to Turkey, so far.  But NGOs are continuing their litany of complaints that the system (what there is of it) is inhumane, that the reception centres are in effect detention camps, and that the scheme is possibly illegal.

News from across the pond

Trump calls the Referendum for Brexit

I’m not sure that Donald Trump is necessarily the best endorsement we could hope for, but whether or not, we seem to have his endorsement.  The Donald says that Britain will vote to leave, and the key reason he gives is “the EU’s crazy immigration policy”.  There at least, he’s not wrong.

And Obama gets tied up in knots

Several papers carry excruciating photos of President Obama in Cuba apparently getting tango lessons – or at least wrapped up in a nubile dancer.  Not sure it’s quite what his Press Office would have ordered.

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9 Responses to Daily Debrief March 25th

  1. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re Migrants and what is “legal”

    One systematic problem with international layers seems to be that that when a country is faced with dealing with a problem imposed up on it the lawyers are quick to say what can’t be done but silent as to alternatives.

    Given that the self determination of peoples (i.e. of the nation state) is an absolute right, then it seems to me other people (e.g. illegal migrants) should not be able to impose themselves on the nation in such a way that the nation’s right to respond is subservient to the right of the imposers.

    It should never be the case that the nation MUST absorb all who cross its border.

    Asylum Seekers are a special category: simply to claim asylum is insufficient, but those granted asylum should be treated accordingly. However, there must come a point where the numbers become so large that they have a material impact on the peoples of the nation. In such cases it would seem justifiable and reasonable for the Nation State to take measures to correct the cause forcing people to flee their own country; indeed, this is likely what asylum seekers themselves would prefer, and sooner rather than later.

    Ideally the United Nations is the forum where these tricky international problems are resolved – faint chance!

  2. Nigel Greaves says:

    According to Panorama, Europol know of a terrorist who visited the UK a few weeks ago to take photos of a football ground near Birmingham.
    I wonder if they’ve shared this with the UK intelligence services yet?

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Remain pops up and gives us plenty of doom stuff about leaving. What they and the EU don’t do is fix the massive problems that cause us to…er…want to leave. OUT is quite large I suspect..so why don’t any of IN listen? Big messages exist. Of course none of them are threatened (livelihood etc) either way.

    John Redwood today: “Reporting our budget to the EU”


    Truly appalling stuff!

    • Jane Davies says:

      Excuse my ignorance being out of the UK so not getting all the facts, but according to John Redwood the despicable cuts to the disabled were cooked up by Osborne because the EU wants yet more taxpayers hard earned? If so was there ever a more valid reason for leaving, this alone shows how much the unelected in Brussels couldn’t care less about the vulnerable in society, shame on them.
      I noticed a new slogan for the leave campaign in the comments section of the link Colin has posted above, it’s a goodie and one that should be taken up.

      “Prosperity, not austerity – let’s leave the EU.”
      Austerity is an excuse cooked up by the government to control the masses, funny that it only affects a certain group of the population but the millions, indeed billions, are there for handing over to the EU or for vanity projects like the not needed high speed train from London to Birmingham, (by the way, is this blatant waste of money still going ahead?)
      So folks…….
      Prosperity, not austerity – let’s leave the EU…….. ASAP!

  4. Shieldsman says:

    Some one else picked this up today
    Quick shout out to all who have overlooked this article in Telegraph Business today : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/bus
    Really interesting and it highlights one very important point – those advocating Remain do so because it is in the EU’s interests, not in the UK’s. Look at the hits on the GDPs of various EU countries, and remember to size that up as a financial figure. It is no wonder the EU is hating us on one hand and cannot bear to see us leave on the other.
    BREXIT is economically worse for the EU than it is for the UK, definitely in the short term and no one can predict much further than 2017 with any degree of certainty.

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Roger, have you seen this yet?


    Yet another reason to get out of the EU as soon as possible.

  6. Anyoldiron says:

    It is time to get out of the EU NOW and to start putting OUR money in building up ALL of our Forces etc. We cannot afford ever again to be found WANTING when so many realise what may well come.

  7. Pat Clarke says:

    You will notice this Government will not see the Steel Industry closed down over the next few weeks, not before the Elections and Referendum anyway because it might affect the results. Talk about too faced liars.

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