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Daily Debrief March 23rd

A Black Day in Brussels March 22nd was a black day in Brussels, a black day in Belgium, a black day for Europe.  The carnage and loss of life in Zaventum airport, and at Maalbeek Metro station near the parliament, … Continue reading

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RE: Daily Debrief March 22nd

Another day when few EU issues make the front pages, which are dominated amongst the serious papers by the fall-out from George Osborne’s Budget, and in the popular papers by the genuinely tragic death of PC David Phillips.  We read … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief March 21st

Tory Civil War There’s only one real story today, and it’s the Tory Civil War.  First it was splits over the Referendum, but now they’re fighting like ferrets in a sack over The Budget, and George Osborne, and the IDS … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Sir John

He stands with the Union Jack.  But is he campaigning for Brussels? Dear Sir John, I am sure you will remember the memorable night in Huntingdon — in 1978 I think — when I had the privilege of voting for … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief March 20th

Turkey: the deal stumbles forward Despite recent media suggestions that the lollipops offered to Turkey to sweeten the migrant deal had got stuck in the European Council, they seem to have squeaked through.  So Turkey is set to get €6 … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief March 19th

Cameron sends a gunboat Finally, Cameron has decided to send the Navy to Libyan in-shore waters, stop the migrant boats, return them to the Libyan side and destroy them. He thinks it will ‘send a message‘. It’s what we have … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief March 18th

A migrant deal with Turkey? This morning’s news is that the March 17th/18th European Council has reached agreement on the Turkey migrant deal. Agreement, that is, between 28 member states – but not so far, Turkey. As Turkey was expecting … Continue reading

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