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Daily Debrief April 29th

Professor Patrick Minford In my debrief yesterday I wrote about the ‘Economists for Brexit’ and their argument Britain would be better off out of the EU. Today’s Daily Mail carries more on this story. The Mail reports that every worker … Continue reading

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Daily debrief April 28th

‘Economists for Brexit’ back campaign to leave EU The group, Economists for Brexit,argue that leaving the EU would boost the UK economy by four per cent in 10 years.  And a divorce from the EU would put the UK outside … Continue reading

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Daily debrief April 27th

First Obama, now former Mexican politician wades in If being patronised and threatened – – by the President of the United States wasn’t enough – now we have a former Mexican politician entering the Brexit debate. Angel Gurria is the … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief April 26th

Theresa May – Confused on facts, wrong on membership One cabinet member that had been anticipated to join the campaign for Brexit was the Home Secretary, Theresa May. With that in mind it came as some surprise when she came … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief April 25th

As Obama leaves, should Le Pen be allowed to visit? As we move on from one unhelpful intervention from a foreign political leader, the debate over whether we should welcome another now turns attention on Marie Le Pen, leader of … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief April 24th

My final comments on Obama visit. President Obama’s recent intervention in the British Referendum debate, threatening that the UK would be “at the back of the queue” for a US/UK trade deal, should be treated with the contempt it deserves.  It … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief April 23rd

The Backlash from Barack – The only referendum news of the day Much of the news this week has focused on the visit of President Obama, and the views he was inevitably going to make on Brexit (which were initially … Continue reading

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