UKIP – The Steel Crisis

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2 Responses to UKIP – The Steel Crisis

  1. Edward M says:

    I am appalled that our successive government’s over the years have acted to make our heavy industries artificially uncompetitive with the consequences we now see for our steel industry – an efficient and quality business of strategic importance to us.
    Pushing up energy costs does not mean we use less materials – it simply means that production is transferred abroad and we import the materials. The government knows what it is doing – the warnings have been made over a long period – it is following a deliberate policy of de-industrialisation in conjunction with the EU to reduce our economic resilience.

    To me, Blair Brown Miliband Cameron and Osborne are all united in this anti-Britishness and they are no more than dirty words. We will be hamstrung by their bad decisions

    The Leave side need to articulate a clear program for saving the industry – as stated in the video.
    Government to use british steel in its defence industries and construction programs.
    Effective anti dumping tariffs on Chinese steel – if that means the Chinese don’t finance Hinkley – then that is a bonus.
    Energy to be supplied at typical world prices.

    A new energy policy – removal of the carbon floor price – repeal of the climate change act – construction of economic power stations – cancellation of Hinkley and go back to British based designs for nuclear power stations at reasonable cost.

  2. Bernard Hough says:

    I was recently in a new car showroom, as I looked at the items I could never afford I realised that quite a high pecentage of the vehicle bodies were made of plastic!
    I asked the salesman how long ago was the steel replaced by plastic, he had no idea, I also asked if the price of these vehicles had been reduced at any time, after all, production costs must be less?
    The steel moulds used to wear, and need replacing, after a certain number of pressings I believe.
    Also the cost of steel compared to plastic must be quite less, how would a change like this affect our steel industry?
    Also the economy would improve with the lower weight of the vehicle, not just the `computer control`of the engine, no mention of this!
    So if there was a drop in production costs for these plastic cars why did our European car manufacturer friends not pass any saving on to us?
    I remember the British Reliant cars which had bodies made from fiber glass, and were called `death traps` if involved in crashes.
    Am I wrong in thinking this way?

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