Interview with Roger Helmer, Member of the European Parliament

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7 Responses to Interview with Roger Helmer, Member of the European Parliament

  1. Rosita Rusman says:


  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    My sincere thanks to Roger Helmer for his answers and explanations about the E.U. How do we get E.U. LOVERS to tune into this ? David Cameron has too much manipulation of truth to hold any ones attention now, but Roger is able to explain things in the easy way of a friend. Cameron could do with a few lessons from Helmer, on how to project true facts. So thank you Roger. I have not voted UKIP yet, but the future has yet to be written !

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Good Stuff Roger..calmly put.

    I have never detected a wish to flatten Europe again having lived in four of the countries. Not Belgium though. They were clean, tidy and prosperous places as far as I could tell and some of that was when UK was a war of strikes etc. Don’t think Europe is quite like I saw it any more.

    What we see now is constant protests on the streets of Europe, so following my wife’s logic a war could arise…or constant strife. I know there are extremists, but some of this is wider and of course the media won’t report it adequately.

    When Hitler went for Russia, would it be the vast agricultural plains he (they?) was after…plus a bit? What do we have now, a central group attracting its satellites except one. That exception is geared up and is practising for some strife. I might be mistaken, but one hell of a stand off exists. And the special interests of the rich dogs in the USA for our region is a great worry.

  4. Tyro says:

    Good interview Roger. But why isn’t UKIP making more of the threat from TTIP? TTIP will be a massive blow to all Europeans in terms of ceding democracy.

  5. Frances Fox says:

    Mr Helmer, Such an excellent answer for why Britain should leave the EU. The BBC SHOULD BROADCAST this report in favour of leaving the EU which would make those who do not want Britain to leave the EU in fairness to those who want to do so. Afterall they get money from TV Licences many years long before the EU gave them money.

    Regarding Tata Steel Industry being lost reminds me of the time of the beginning EU destroying our Steel Industry:-

    “In 1974 the British Steel Corporation was working at 100% capacity, making a profit without government subsidy and selling all its steels at lower prices then the steel producers in other EEC countries. It was forced to raise its prices twice. British steel production had been cut down to 20 million tonnes, only half the 1973 level, and the half lost had been distributed to the other EEC producers, with Germany gaining most, so that German production had risen to 40 miillon tonnes, France and Italy to 20 million tonnes each.” (The history content is much larger than what I have mentioned)


    • MIKE Maunder says:

      I agree totally that this Roger Helmer interview needs to be broadcast by the BBC, at peek time and advertised well. What’s that ? – You can’t as it would be unfair to the stay-ins ! ……… Cameron has his fingers in the tax till, and takes our money to deliver his lies to every house in the land. Tell you what, we won’t mention that again, after Roger’s broadcast has gone out to every house in the land. Seems fair to me, but then Cameron’s idea of fairness has quite a distance to travel before it is fit for purpose !

  6. Oliver Manuel says:

    Thanks, Roger, for helping society through the end of a seventy year campaign to hide the source of energy that sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system:

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