Daily Debrief April 25th

As Obama leaves, should Le Pen be allowed to visit?

As we move on from one unhelpful intervention from a foreign political leader, the debate over whether we should welcome another now turns attention on Marie Le Pen, leader of the Front National in France.  The Mirror reportson the proposed visit to Britain by Le Pen, to campaign in favour of Britain leaving the EU. Chairman of Vote Leave Gisela Stuart MP, has reportedly lobbied the Home Secretary to ban Le Pen from entering the country. Nigel Farage has commented that whilst Le Pen joining the debate will do the Brexit campaign no favours, banning her from coming is not something we should be looking to do. 

The only thing that matters in this referendum are the views of the British people. I wrote earlier in the week about the various agenda’s that those from abroad are seeking to promote by campaigning on one side of this debate or the other. I have every faith, as should we all, that the people of our country will focus on their own interests, their own futures and as such will determine that the only choice in June is to Vote Leave.

Sturgeon speaks of Scotland’s desire to Leave (the UK, but not the EU)

It’s one of the more curious side stories of this referendum, that the SNP are using the possibility of Brexit to threaten a second vote north of the border on whether Scotland should separate itself from the rest of the UK. Having lost once, albeit narrowly, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has made it very clear that she will leap at any opportunity to bring about another vote on the break-up of Britain.  Curiously, in an article in the Scotsman Sturgeon comments on her “lifelong passionate support for independence”; it’s hypocrisy that President Obama would be proud of. She wants to turn her back on a 309 year, tried and tested, mutually beneficial union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and yet believes that the EU offers a future of gold and honey.

The article raises the interesting point that whilst the majority of Scots would appear to be in favour of remaining in the EU, the possibility of Brexit only makes a very marginal difference in their voting intentions should they be faced with a second referendum on our own union. To the majority of voters north of the border it would seem that the importance of remaining part of Britain matters far more to them than membership of the European Union; common sense that Nicola Sturgeon should avail herself of.

The United Kingdom has proven that it works, whereas the European Union makes us poorer and less democratic and less free. Let us hope that we can move into the future as a unified nation, mutually independent from Brussels and its bureaucrats.

Owen Paterson warns of Britain becoming an EU colony

In a speech today, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Paterson MP will warn that should Britain remain in the EU it will become no more than an EU colony, bossed around by Brussels. In his speech, which has been previewed by the Sun, Owen uses some powerful language to warn against exposing ourselves to the risks of remaining stuck to the EU.

The Remainians are so fond of calling Brexit a leap into the unknown, but Paterson argues that which we’ve been saying all along, the unknown would be missing this golden opportunity for freedom and independence and voting to stay in. Should that happen, the article makes it clear that we could “expect no mercy” from Brussels as it would move to swallow up Britain into a European superstate.

We should never allow Britain to become an offshore province of a country called Europe, and that’s a real risk were we to remain on June 23rd. Let’s follow Owen Paterson’s lead and make it clear to anybody and everybody that this is our one chance to avoid that future for our children and grandchildren. We must take it.

Cameron insiders confident he’ll remain, even if Britain votes to leave

I had never imagined that I might see a Conservative Prime Minister fighting “heart and soul” to remain a part of the European Union. I had never imagined that I might see a Conservative Prime Minster relying on a US President to help persuade the British people to give up on their own sovereignty and democracy; to become no more than a star on somebody else’s flag. Yet that’s what we seem to have in David Cameron. The Brexit debate carries with it the question of Cameron’s future; would a vote to leave signal the end for the Prime Minister?

Matthew d’Ancona of the Guardian writes an interesting piece, which suggests Cameron aides think he’s safe regardless of the outcome. So far, both Boris and Chris Grayling have publicly committed to supporting Cameron as Prime Minister post referendum whether Brexit happens or not but there is a growing consensus that his position may be untenable should we get our independence back on June 23rd. In that scenario, you can expect supporters like Johnson to rapidly manoeuvre themselves into a position of leadership contender.

Whilst I’m unconvinced about the future of David Cameron, the one thing of which I’m certain is that the future of UKIP is going to be incredibly strong after Brexit. Being a member of the party which is  responsible for Britain having this referendum in the first place makes me incredibly proud.

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19 Responses to Daily Debrief April 25th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Le Pen has a passport with EU on it I expect? German female MEP came here to wind up the anti fracking gang and all in the best possible taste?. In free speech you are wrong or right but if you don’t like what you hear/read don’t listen/read and above all don’t act or become violent. Its words..just that. If the majority like it…good!

    Like Wilders…this lot here don’t like it/him and act. Of course we are going ultimately for long term unrest what with the invaders and the Turkey problem. Oh…its gone quiet on Putin?


  2. Anyoldiron says:

    Any one born here in the United Kingdom has the protection of the British Crown-whether they like it or not. We-our Forces- fought in that last WAR to make sure it remained ever thus-rather than have such as HITLER ruling over us at that time. We had, thank goodness in 1939-1945 that truly GREAT Prime Minister, WINSTON CHURCHILL that took us through that World WAR. and many here “TODAY” might never have been born had we not have had such as THAT TRULY “GREAT” PRIME MINISTER then.
    I remember very well indeed all of that WAR and the terrible Bombing of this Country, for we were indeed bombed out. It was not some thing I would like to see happen ever again. I also saw BERLIN after that War when “The WALL” was still up. So tragic, yet all brought on because of wanting seemingly, to dominate all.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Not good here…climate again: (Matt Ridley at GWPF)

    A letter by peers about The Times’ coverage of global warming is part of a systematic campaign to shut down debate.


    So the old BBC Broadcasting House was supposed to have been the new Tower of London at one time. Think that was a question on Brain of Britain last week.? Ironic stuff!

  4. charles wardrop says:

    Given the SNP’s a dvantages at the 2014 ref. in Scotland, oil price, disenfranchisement of Scots born Scots living in UK but outwith Scotland, Salmond’s dictation of the vote’s practicalities, the separatists were soundly beaten.The margin for the Union was very convincing.
    Sturgeon has to keep on in the same terms, but is feart of a new ref., knowing she’d lose finally.
    There is no case for Scots separation from UK, but a great one from EU, as there is down South!

  5. Owen Paterson’s warning is spot on.

    But, rather than speculate, let’s look at what we know: the eu has reduced our Parliament to little more than a rubber-stamping council chamber. The eu is planning for an ‘ever closer union’. Another fact is that Britain has for 100’s years existed as a successful independent state until very recently.

    I would hope that the British People can concentrate on these known facts and will not be swayed by the propaganda, much of it from abroad.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    BBC Mail Slap Alert
    A little complaint from some and including our host:

    Major New Complaint Submitted To BBC Over Climate Bias:


    Pleased to see this…very pleased indeed.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Having read this I can add that that letter could also be directed to the CBC over here. I have taken them to task over their biased reporting, but of course heard nothing back from them but silence.
      I may well send this link on to them and point out that Canadians have a right to an unbiased publicly funded TV corporation too.
      I’m pleased to see the BBC is at last being held to account.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Lord Monckton is amongst the signatories on the complaint and he has been to Canada on this topic a lot. And Australia. Don’t think the state broadcasters like that and likely lunch with the BBC. That would be those very spendy lunches?

      • Jane Davies says:

        Lord Monckton’s visits to Canada must have been under a veil of secrecy because we never saw or heard anything!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      There are a few of them Jane on Youtube…London, Ontario:

  7. Peter Hornby says:

    Our prime minister has illustrated clearly that his best attempts at negotiation are simply not good enough.
    If the country votes to leave the EU, we will need a leader who is zealous in his/her approach to the new scenario and will move heaven and earth to get the country on track with new trade deals and proper border controls.
    I believe that Mr. Cameron is not the person we need.
    Following the chicanery in his dealings with Mr Obama, I have doubts that he should remain leader regardless of the referendum result.

  8. Geoff Brooks says:

    Banning Marine Le Penn would be wrong, as would our encouraging her to speak on behalf of the leave campaign/s. It would do no harm, though, for many remainers who do not get deeply involved in debate to hear that people in many other EU countries are also opposed to the EU and want out.

  9. Shieldsman says:

    A complaint against the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, they will follow their usual tactics, say they have studied the matter and can see no reason for the complaint.

    A few years ago I shouted rubbish, rubbish at the television, there was a young woman with died red hair saying that temperature recordings since 1880 showed that global warming was due to mankind and CO2. I turned it off.

  10. Richard111 says:

    It should be obvious what will happen to the UK if the remain vote wins; more of what is happening right now. EU criminals are encouraged to enter the UK. They are allowed in without any checks and promptly commit their preferred crimes such as murder, rape, assault and so on. When the law catches them they cannot be deported by EU law because they will be mistreated in their home countries ! ! ! ! !
    If the remain vote wins I will buy a T-shirt with the message WELCOME to the GULAG printed front and back and wear it any time I go shopping, assuming there will be shopping available on the high streets.

  11. I ,have Just came back from Holland .And I can honestly say ,Its gone down Hill in my estimation.
    The cost of living has skyrocketed since the euro currency . I reckon , once we are fully integrated
    our cost of living will be the same. And you haven’t got a chance in hell to change anything. My sister and brother-in-law’s water bill is nearly three times higher than mine per month. And this is a country built on water . Holland that is.

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