Daily Debrief April 26th

Theresa May – Confused on facts, wrong on membership

One cabinet member that had been anticipated to join the campaign for Brexit was the Home Secretary, Theresa May. With that in mind it came as some surprise when she came out in favour of remaining in the EU, early on in the campaign. You might have thought that her Ministerial responsibilities at the Home office would have left her better informed on the numerous benefits and advantages that Brexit might bring in the protection of our citizens but sadly that hasn’t proven to be the case.

The news is now reporting on her first referendum speech, in which she has defended her position in support of the Remainians, whilst at the same time admitting that the EU doesn’t work. Another day, another bout of hypocrisy from Team Remain. The thrust of her speech though was focused on a call to quit the European Court of Human Rights, something which we can all pretty much agree on. The problem though is that she seems bizarrely oblivious to the fact that you can’t quite the ECHR as long as you’re a member of the EU. This confusion on her part has been reported by several papers, but I love the coverage in the Express, which writes on the mauling provided by Tory MP and Brexit Campaigner Jacob Rees-Mogg.

For the future protection of not only ourselves, but of our children and Grandchildren it’s vital that we take back control over who is and is not allowed to remain in this country. The only way of doing that is by quitting the EU and the ECHR, which protects the rights of foreign criminals against those of hard working, British tax payers. For an excellent reaction to the May speech, you can read the statement put out in response by our UKIP Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman, Diane James, which sums up UKIP’s and my position perfectly.

 Obama intervention “counterproductive”

I’ve written a number of times over the last week on how I believed the comments made by Barack Obama during his fleeting visit to Britain would be met with distain and contempt by British voters. The idea that we would let a US President lecture us on the future of our nation when his own political shelf life has only a few months left to run was frankly absurd. Well the great news is that polling figures are starting to come which suggest that rather than boost support from Cameron and the Remainians, Obama may have actually given a helping hand to those of us fighting for Brexit.

A snap poll by Sky News reports the main reason for this may be the approach Obama took in offering his ‘advice’. Pre-visit polling suggests that most voters were open to hearing what he had to say, and most were seemingly happy to have their opinions swayed by the leader of our key ally. Sadly for the Prime Minister however, rather than give his opinion, President Obama decided to threaten and bully British voters into feeling that without the EU, we would be incapable of doing anything meaningful for ourselves; big mistake Mr President.

The response to Obama’s comments by the peoples of Britain only confirm what we already know to be true. We can do anything whilst stood on our own two feet and the more people might tell us we can’t, the more inclined the people of our country will be to prove them wrong.

Gove echoes UKIP migration warning

To my mind, of the many achievements that UKIP can claim over recent years, two really stand out.

Firstly, we managed to force the political establishment into giving us a referendum on our EU membership. We know, as do the majority of British voters that we wouldn’t even be having this referendum if it weren’t for Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Secondly, we’ve put the debate about immigration at the front and centre of British politics. For too long the establishment were overly reluctant to discuss an issue which will have massive, long term ramifications for people living in our country.

Clearly, the two issues are interconnected and immigration is now regularly polled as being the number one concern of British voters when considering Brexit. UKIP’s record on highlighting the long term risks associated with open door immigration is clear but what’s great to see is our pro-Brexit colleagues joining the choir. The BBC reports on a letter by Michael Gove in the Times warning of a migration “free for all” unless we vote to leave the EU. He isn’t wrong. Gove rightly points out that with five countries, including Turkey and Albania potentially looking to become new EU members in the not too distant future, we could be leaving ourselves open to millions of potential migrants in the coming years.

Downing Street are reported to have said that “the accession of more countries was years away”. Even if that were true, should we vote to remain on 23rd June then we’re locked in which means we won’t be able to do anything once those years have passed. The only way to avoid that, and to protect the security and available of our NHS and public services is to Vote Leave on 23rd June and make it our Independence Day.

Voters in Witney are split on Brexit

Nick Hallett of Breitbart has been to speak to voters in the Prime Minsters constituency of Witney on whether they support the efforts of their MP to keep Britain in the EU. What the report shows is a large chunk of undecided voters who are still waiting for more information to help them make up their mind.

It’s worrying but not surprising that despite the government spending £9 million pounds on a piece of one sided propaganda, purportedly to educate the British electorate on the “facts” of EU membership, voters in the Prime Minister’s own constituency still seem so unsure. Perhaps it’s because they’re far more savvy than Cameron gives them credit for and saw right through the tax payer funded leaflet he sent in recent weeks.

What is a fact is that this referendum is still there to be won or lost. There are countless voters who are still making their mind up and UKIP have the facts to convince them. I’ll be doing everything I can from now until 23rd June to help show those undecided voters why Britain would be so much better off out. I invite you to join me.

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16 Responses to Daily Debrief April 26th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Anyone heard of how much glossy paper the Roy Mail dumped on Tory head office or regional offices recently. Gone quiet again?

    Quite a few of us have undertaken trade with China and the US as small company’s. Don’t recall requiring any fat ar*e in a Brussels or London office doing anything for me for instance. I did the dealing so why is the trade thing seemingly so threatening? Don’t really need an answer to that.

  2. davidbuckingham says:

    I had a dream – following Independence. The UK would be the natural leader and driving force of European defences within NATO. Having an equal voice to the whole of the EU internationally rather than a 1/28th, in dominant pole position, with freedom to bring together USA and Europe. Its additional clout, acknowledged security expertise second only to the USA, growing financial health and close connections to Europe as an independent nation in control of its own affairs sounds pretty convincing. The voice of an independent UK would be so much stronger, freed from the shackles of EU group-think.

    Newsnight’s Propoganda & Bias Department was in full swing last night on security – a relentlessly pro-EU film taking up a lot of its time. In spite of some good and convincing argument against EU membership by the three specialists, the majority of selected ‘jury’ – eight members of the public nonetheless voted that they were more inclined to stay IN after the programme. Even Evan Davies seemed surprised. The Europol representative particularly had been put in his place by the Interpol argument. Perhaps they misunderstood the question or is the selection – same people every discussion – nuanced by any chance?

    • John S Churchill Jnr. says:

      Where did you get the expression Dominant Pole from? It refers to control theory analysis – making a system stable.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Our BBC?


    “Yesterday the BBC press office denied Guido’s story that they had accidentally revealed the Hillsborough verdict in breach of the judge’s orders”

    Response = Liars!

  4. Alan Piper says:

    I can’t help thinking that Brexit supporters will breathe a lot easier when the Exit campaign(s) start to focus on what Remain does, and doesn’t, mean and leave the personalisations to the other side.

    I’ve spoken to plenty of undecideds who recognise Cameron for the lying snake he is but still don’t feel sufficiently informed to make a decision.

    When they understand that Remain (in the sense of staying with the status quo) is not an option, they start to query what the future holds.

    And Nigel’s excellent “not worth the paper” booklet lays the facts out. That the pro-German, USSR equivalent which is the EU will take over all major matters of policy that are currently run (albeit imperfectly) in this country. That’s foreign policy, economy, taxation, immigration, healthcare (TTIP), the Armed Forces, the Law,,,, everything they fancy from climate change response to female circumcision.

    The Remainers have not and will not be honest. But the facts speak louder than anything else. And I find far too many undecideds who have not yet been made aware of what “Remain” actually means. And who’s opinions harden when it starts to dawn on them.

    • And why have the Spinelli Constitution, the Five Presidents Report, The State of the Union Speeches of Mr Juncker and M. Barroso not been reported please?
      Why has no grandee appeared on TV to explain exactly what the planned Associate Membership of the EU means when it will be announced the day after the referendum?
      But – hey – have you seen who is sleeping with whom in the D list slebs?

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In the beginning I was resolved and determined to get out of this E.U. circus. Now I find myself getting explosively angry with people who want to stay in, and having to back off from those who say they can’t make up their minds. I have tried to be relaxed and friendly, but when the facts seem to be such a burden for these people to grasp, either I blow up, or have to walk away. I would have made a very bad teacher ! As an O.A.P., perhaps I am now just a grumpy old man but when someone quotes Cameron or Osborne to me, I ask them how long they have been taking notice of the opinions of cretins and lying pigs ?
    I have decided to keep quiet rather than probably doing damage to VOTE OUT. Back in the 1600s, we had a civil war. Some families were divided between King and Parliament, and on the death of Cromwell, the Parliament invited the Kings Son back. After this referendum we will have to unify this Nation for the future, and I don’t intend to be a stumbling block to that. so, my like minded friends, I’m bowing out and wish you all good fortune for our common goal. Roll on 23rd. June, – OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY !

  6. Jane Davies says:

    Turkey….future member of the EU? Free speech will not be allowed in all member states then, no satire, no jokes, no taking politicians to task about ANYTHING and no questioning policies. Welcome to the future EU…….

  7. Jane Davies says:

    I realise I am eight hours behind the UK but just read this…….no doubt you already have but just in case…….

  8. Don Anderson says:

    You report “Gove rightly points out that with five countries, including Turkey and Albania potentially looking to become new EU members in the not too distant future, we could be leaving ourselves open to millions of potential migrants in the coming years”.
    There is another consideration. At present the UK has less than 10% representation in the EU Parliament and just one Commissioner. When these countries join, we will have even that paltry representation diluted further. We are constantly out-voted in committees under QMV, and will be more so when there are more MEPs.

  9. Shieldsman says:

    The biggest stumbling block to informing the public how the EU works, and what it costs to be ruled from Brussels is the failing of the Media and the journalists they employ. The BBC are the biggest culprits on massaging the facts, they pushed Obama’s visit, but ignored Juncker’s speech to the EU Parliament saying the EU is not working to the liking or the benefit of its citizens.
    The ‘I’m IN’ crowd are really clueless at what the EU is all about and direction of travel. Their pamphlet, like the Government’s tried to find pseudo arguments of the disaster that would befall us if we left was not informative. They could not even get it right about the roaming telephone charges, that couple of quid you might save on holiday, Booker’s research put it down to the WTO and other organisations, not the EU.

    One of the best reasons for leaving is that Cameron is trying to prevent it as he is under orders. Everything he says or writes has to be a lie or propaganda and is contrary to the reasons he expounded as being the faults of membership.

  10. Anyoldiron says:

    In MY book, they are all wrong. “Theresa May – Confused on facts, wrong on membership” for MY Generation fought a World WAR so that all in this Country could be FREE FROM FOREIGN RULE. Today’s Politiciaqns PAY foreigners to Govern us-WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?

    • Jane Davies says:

      It’s all part of the plan…..Agenda 21.
      We need to get out, be independent and have no part of the plan, New World Order, Agenda 21 or whatever name you want to call it dictatorship, communism it’s all the same. A central control of the people by dictators not elected by the people.

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