Daily debrief April 27th

First Obama, now former Mexican politician wades in

If being patronised and threatened – – by the President of the United States wasn’t enough – now we have a former Mexican politician entering the Brexit debate.

Angel Gurria is the general secretary of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, (OCED), — an economic think-tank which has said economic growth would be lower outside the EU as the UK could not negotiate a ‘sweeter’ deal on trade and investment. Mr Gurria told the BBC he had no doubt that the UK leaving the EU leaving would be a “bad decision” and expressed surprise we are even contemplating such a move.

Surprise Mr Gurria? At what exactly? That we would like to control our own borders, that we like to set up our own trade deals and fashion our own future? Surprised we would like to make our laws? Our leader Nigel Farage said “markets, not failed politicians,” decided trade. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

The OCED has joined Operation Fear I am afraid – saying Brexit is like a tax on the British people and would hit them hard in the pocket. Nonsense. Don’t be fooled by Operation Fear – let’s believe in Britain, we will have a more prosperous future outside the EU.

New poll puts Brexit backers in the lead

Meanwhile, despite Mr Obama’s best attempts a new poll has put Brexit backers into the lead, as The Daily Express reports hereAccording to The Express,  Mr Obama’s unwanted intervention may have even helped the Leave campaign – Jennifer Bottomley, of pollsters ICM, said Mr Obama’s remarks may even have strengthened the resolve of Brexit supporters to vote in the referendum on June 23. The result certainly suggests his call for the UK to stay in the EU failed to shift support towards the Remain camp, with 46 per cent of those quizzed want the UK to leave while 44 per cent want to stay. .

She is quoted as saying: “Interestingly, we do see a hardening of resolve among Leave supporters when it comes to turnout, with 80 per cent saying they are absolutely certain to vote, compared with 75 per cent who said the same in our first April poll, perhaps reflecting a sense of displeasure about Mr Obama’s comments.” 

Ted Cruz

An interesting piece in The Telegraph – Britain would be at the front of the queue for a trade deal with the US if we leave the EU. So says Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz – he said Obama’s intervention last week as a slap in  the face for British self-determination. Yes, Mt Cruz, it’s still stinging now!

Migrant figures

If we needed any more evidence leaving the EU – and regaining control of our borders – was essential, it is from this report in The Daily Mail.

The report states that the number of EU migrants living in the UK has been under-counted by 250,000 over the past five years, with net migration from inside the EU about 50,000 a year higher than official statistics admit. The Mail rightly says that crucially, migration from inside the EU – over which the Government has no control – is now higher than that from the rest of the world combined.

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14 Responses to Daily debrief April 27th

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    What the hell has our referendum to do with Mexico ? Is it just open season for other countries to tell us what to think, following Obama ?

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I might believe these foreign twerps that jump in…if and only if they paid our debt, mortgage, rent and so on. But they don’t and so many of them (even home grown) have got it dead wrong in the past.

    I read somewhere yesterday that the EU centre has it in mind (delayed) to challenge the UK over charging foreign trucks for damaging our roads etc. So we just pay their tolls for roads they cannot afford to build/maintain…yeah right. But that little challenge is on hold till after our referendum.

  3. Anyoldiron says:


    What if they had refused to fight?
    Stayed at home, not gone to war?
    Let the Germans trample England,
    What was the fighting for?

    The countries that were ‘occupied’,
    Are now as thick as thieves,
    They want us all to join them,
    Throw away, in what we believe.

    What if plans were already made?
    What was to happen to them then?
    The Jews to concentration camps?
    Hard labour for all men?

    It was Hitler’s dream to rule the world,
    Now others take his place,
    They’re not content with their fair land,
    It’s to control the human race.

    What if we are just the pawns?
    In one big game of chess?
    While our masters’ live like Kings,
    And we live in much, much less?

    What if all the underlings
    Rise up and make a stand?
    Fight for the freedom we once knew?
    Wouldn’t that be grand?

    But what if no one cares a jot?
    And nothing touches them?
    What if there’s only you and me
    Who cares at all? —–What then?

  4. davidbuckingham says:

    Great news that Sir Patrick Minford, Roger Bootle, Dr Gerrard Lyons and Ryan Bourne (IEA) are with others getting together to form “Economists for Brexit”. It was deeply unfortunate that Kate Hoey failed to think of even one economic forecast that favoured UK Independence – that’s so deeply damaging to the argument. These guys who thoroughly understand the economic arguments, along with the likes of Richard Dearlove ex-M16 on security, need to be pushed to the front for what media exposure they can get in a hostile environment and asked to do a series of U Tube presentations where they aren’t censored. It’s no good just preaching to the converted and to each other, big Remainder claims need to be powerfully dismissed as they come up. Numerous specialists like those economists have inexplicably been left out of the Leave campaign considerations. We’ll lose it if that continues.

    • John S Churchill Jnr. says:

      The answer to Pantsdown is that all the leaders who support Remain were selected to those posts because of their stance on the issue. People with anti-EU views do not get preferment in Establishment posts. Either that or they have a vested interest.

  5. Dung says:

    Aside from total economic collapse, I would accept any economic cost as well worth paying, freedom and democracy do not have a price.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      Absolutely – but you don’t need persuading Dung – it’s the undecideds who need encouragement.

  6. Shieldsman says:

    Obama has brought TTIP back into the headlines, so where does that leave the TUC and the labour movement on the EU vote.
    Last year there was a group #noTTIP jumping up and down, though they do seem to gone quiet. Listed were GMB, Unison, Unite, Friends of the Earth, Green Party amongst many others.
    There now appears to be more protests within Europe, Greenpeace had a large banner on the DGB Union Building in Hannover – YES WE CAN STOP TTIP.

    Cameron is hoping the New Labour PC Labour MP’s will support him, but will the Labour voter, who has the opportunity to force Cameron to resign by voting to leave. After all Corbyn and Alan Johnson (ex – Postman trade unionist), are also scaremongering with a “bonfire” of workers’ rights.
    The Tolpuddle Martyrs are ancient history and workers right are fully enshrined in English Law.
    The Port Talbot steel workers are more concerned for their jobs and need to be appraised of the harmful effects on competitiveness caused by EU membership.

    Roger, what is the mood on TTIP in the Parliament?

  7. Shieldsman says:

    What is the Government, Andrew Tyrie and the Finance Committee up to in questioning the two major leave EU groups and the inners for about an hour?

  8. Jane Davies says:

    With yet another foreigner poking his nose in where it’s not wanted, surely this will piss off even more people and encourage them to vote out? Yet another idiot of the “do as I say, not as I do” crowd.
    As for Cameron and his clutching at every available straw to boost his lies, ooops sorry I mean, case, could soon find himself being accused of the “methinks he doth protest too much” cliché.

  9. foxbarn says:

    Roger, more spelling mistakes, spoils it!

    OECD not OCED!

  10. Anyoldiron says:


    Before I die, I need to know WHY
    You each gave our country away?
    Why you signed that treacherous Treaty
    Without giving the people a say?
    Before I die, I need to know HOW
    You managed to deceive us so?
    All those who placed in YOU their trust
    How was it even THEY didn’t know?

    Before I die I need to know WHERE
    We will be able to trust again
    Our fellow man-all on the same side,
    Oh, how I need to know when?
    Before I die I need to know WHO
    Can look me straight in the eye?
    Yet betray once more with that manicured hand
    And for their own ends tell lie after lie?

    Before I die I need to know IF
    Our Country will once more be free?
    So many millions died for that end
    How could you ignore their plea?
    Before I die I would like to KNOW
    How you can sleep at night?
    For heavy the weight will lie on you
    That you didn’t learn wrong from right.

    Before YOU die I want YOU to know
    I’d rather have fought and lost.
    For to do what YOU between you have done
    You WILL come to know the true dreadful cost.
    Before you die I want you to know THAT
    Britannia will once again rule the waves,
    Never again will foreigners rule
    For the English and St George was saved.

  11. Dung says:

    Pretty damn good one Anyoldiron ^.^

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