Daily debrief April 28th

‘Economists for Brexit’ back campaign to leave EU

The group, Economists for Brexit,argue that leaving the EU would boost the UK economy by four per cent in 10 years. 
And a divorce from the EU would put the UK outside the EU’s customs union, which puts tariffs on imported goods – and by being free of those constraints, prices in the UK would fall by eight per cent.
The group also proposes a World Trade Organisation agreement with the EU, similar to that enjoyed by the US and China.

The BBC says the report’s authors include Professor Patrick Minford, a former adviser to Baroness Margaret Thatcher, and Gerard Lyons, a former chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank and now an adviser to the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who is campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

The economic arguments have so far been tilted towards the Remain camp with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warning against leaving, as I mentioned in my piece yesterday – so today’s news is a welcome poke in the eye for the Project Fear!

Project Fear

And speaking of Project Fear – he has been a bit quiet in the past few days but now he’s back…

Our old friend Peter Mandelson – is back, warning of the ‘threat’ to Northern Ireland after Brexit. 

As a Europhile and former Commissioner…’he would say that wouldn’t he?’ (Apologies for the slight misquote to the late Mandy Rice Davies.)

Meanwhile in the FT – Project Fear is running wild with Philip Stephens setting out a grim but totally erroneous vision of Britain post-Brexit. He warns of

In a piece in which he divides the electorate into Remain (young) and Leave (old) he misses the point that the campaign to get out of the EU is backed by people of all ages. My experiences in the past few weeks clearly shows that. According to him the young will be most affected – it’s their future at stake! Nonsense! Once again I point you to my myth-busting blog of a few months ago, which dispels someone of the ‘Remainians’ fear tactics  

Desperate Dave sells out

The Daily Express carries the story of our Prime Minister ‘flogging off’ policies to bolster support for the EU. In today’s edition of ‘You (almost) couldn’t make it up, Mr Cameron is reported to  be scrapping parts of his Trade Union Bill and according to The Express it is because union bosses pledged to drum up support for the EU among memberships. There has been no comment from Downing Street but this clearly shows the fear the Remain camp has as momentum starts to gather behind Brexit.

Indeed, The Guardian – carries the story of the PM’s joining former TUC secretary Brendan Barber to issue a warning to Britain’s workers that breaking away from the European Union would pose a “triple threat,” to jobs, wages and prices. Let’s turn this round and suggest to British workers STAYING IN the EU would pose a “triple threat,” to jobs, wages and prices.”

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10 Responses to Daily debrief April 28th

  1. Shieldsman says:

    Yesterday I said Cameron is hoping the New Labour PC MP’s will support him, but will the Labour voter, who has the opportunity to force Cameron to resign by voting to leave. After all Corbyn and Alan Johnson (ex – Postman trade unionist), are also scaremongering with a “bonfire” of workers’ rights.
    The Tolpuddle Martyrs are ancient history and workers right are fully enshrined in English Law.

    Now we come to the deal Cameron has made with the TUC, support my efforts and I will drop the plans for amending the Trade Union acts. Express – Tonight it was claimed that 12 powerful union bosses are “buying policy” by agreeing to vocally back the EU – but only in exchange for “significant” concessions to the Trade Union bill.

    Is it a deal the TUC can enforce on the Workers – unionised or not – NO. The RMT and Trade Unionists Against the EU, are not following the TUC.
    The trade unionist can have the last laugh on Cameron, vote to leave, the TUC have their pact even if they cannot fullfil it. In fact it is doubtful that the bill will get through the Lords.

    • Christopher Browne says:

      How about one of those stencils with a pressure washer in working class areas “Ditch Cameron, vote leave” sprayed onto dirty pavements.

  2. Jane Davies says:

    So many lies in this video……the right to a fair trial goes back to the Magna Carta, torture was outlawed in the UK centuries ago and slavery was abolished in 1833 thanks to William Wilberforce, Can anyone spot any more?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Clingons will finish him off..or the clangers

    • Flyinthesky says:

      What a lot of people don’t realise is that we wrote most of it and we could write our own to replace it, without the ludicrous interpretations that fly in the face of common sense and enrich the legal profession.. My idea of fair human rights is if I violate someone elses human rights I then become entitled to a more basic set. I take no issue with a terrorist or criminal being deported to his country of origin that is deemed unsafe for him whether he has a wife and a cat or not.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Anyway…the foreign NGO activists in China… and that surprises me. I’d say that was a dangerous activity there on any subject. So they get what they asked for even if they don’t remember asking?


  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    So now Denmark is heading toward self induced economic disaster. And we get the bacon market..useful innit? Dunno..but Scandinavia is seriously deranged anyway. Difficult to pick a successful model (of anything) in Europe. Germany…don’t think so!

    “Danish Government Thinktank Proposes “Red Meat” Eco-Tax”


  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Just wondering how long the Labour Jew problem has been festering within?

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  7. Frances Fox says:

    Dear Mr Helmer, thank you very much for your daily debriefs and admire the work you do. I have been a UKIPper since 2004 and work hard and even talk to strangers about leaving the EU and they all agree we should leave the EU. My concern is that the votes may get cheated.

    Frances FoxPeterborough

    Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 13:55:50 +0000 To: fran_fox_1@hotmail.co.uk

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