Daily Debrief April 29th

Professor Patrick Minford
In my debrief yesterday I wrote about the ‘Economists for Brexit’ and their argument Britain would be better off out of the EU.
Today’s Daily Mail carries more on this story. The Mail reports that every worker in the UK would be £40 a week better off a decade after Brexit and the economy would be four per cent bigger than if the UK stayed in the EU. – those findings are a direct challenge to George Osborne’s claims the economy would be 6.2 per cent smaller by 2030 if Britain votes to leave in the referendum on June 23.
One of the reports authors is Professor Patrick Minford who branded the Treasury’s analysis of the impact of Brexit as “a totally misleading piece of propaganda.”
Exactly, Sir Patrick – I couldn’t agree with you more.
Boris again
The Independent’s Mary Dejevsky asks whether Boris Johnson has blown his chances of becoming Prime Minister by backing Brexit in a report today. 
Boris believes in the Leave campaign and I applauded him at the time for joining the campaign to leave the EU – let’s see what happens in the Tory party – and indeed all the main parties – once the referendum dust has settled.
Quickie divorce
EU chiefs want a quickie divorce if the UK votes to leave on June 23 – The Daily Express reports.

This is somewhat of a blow to the Remainians who were banking on a long drawn-out divorce! Meanwhile, if you needed any more evidence of some of the barmy EU rulings over the years, take a a look at the Express’s guide on the same page. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.
John Major – remember him?
Former Prime Minister John Major has waded into the Brexit debate – Reuters is reporting.
He is warning our relationship with the United States would wither if we opt to the leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum, “Our relationship with America would wither,” Major told BBC radio. “America needs an ally inside the EU and it could no longer be us.”
This of course follows the cranking up of Operation Fear by President Barack Obama last week. He warned Britain would be “in the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the United States if it left the EU.
I have dealt with the Obama comments at length – as for Mr Major – read my open letter to him from a few weeks ago.
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26 Responses to Daily Debrief April 29th

  1. Dung says:

    What do the following politicians have in common:
    Edward Heath
    John Major
    David Cameron
    Not one of them is a Conservative and they are/were all liars.
    The Leave campaign may well sour our relationship with Donald Trump and Obarmy but my money is still on Ted Cruz for president and he would be more than happy if we left the EU ^.^

  2. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re “Quickie Divorce”, if this is what the EU wants then it is really good news. What can’t be agreed in two years isn’t worth hanging around for.

    In fact, I would set a two-year deadline for the new arrangements to come into force, which means the deal will have to be finalised before then.

    And, as soon as we have voted to leave, the UK should start talking to other countries around the World as to the advantages they can expect from a revived, independent UK, in particular talking to the USA and with all 52 other countries of the Commonwealth.

    The more we show the EU how well we can do without them the more they will want to retain favourable relationships.

  3. Shieldsman says:

    So who is holding the pistol to David Cameron’s head – you will stay in the EU or else.

    He must be desperate doing deals with some of the TUC bosses. Does the fact that they want to do a deal not demonstrate the corruption that surrounds the European Union. He can do deals with the TUC but cannot sort out the doctors contract, but he will have to in the end and at what cost. I do not know what it is all about, probably all about money, why do rich people want to stay in the EU for example.

    Good management concludes contracts that are satisfactory to the workforce, the big stick does not work.A Government that can borrow £12 billion to give away in foreign aid has to be more realistic about sorting out problems at home.

    The RMT and other Unions want to leave the EU. It is a free vote for the British Public and the TUC cannot bind card carrying members in how they vote. The fact is the TUC supposedly gains whilst being unable to guarantee their side of the bargain.
    Another question arises would the Bill get through the Lords and eventually the Commons? It’s all a bit like Corbyn’s bonfire of workers rights, in this day and age with Cameron’s slim majority – I ask you.

    Cameron is an odd man, acts like a Social Democrat in charge of the Conservative Party. He has every one confused including the DT editorial.
    Mr Cameron’s willingness to misuse Government resources and transduce his own colleagues in pursuit of a referendum victory is increasingly apparent, but this is worse still (pandering to Unions). He risks looking like a man so hell-bent on referendum victory he is forgetting the party he leads and what it stands for.
    With Major twittering on will it be Cameron that destroys the Conservative Party?

    When Boris Johnson said Cameron got “two thirds of diddly squat” in his pre-referendum negotiations with Brussels, he was being over generous. What was it the PM said those three years ago – the EU is not working and we will change it.

    • Dung says:

      Nobody is holding a pistol to Cameron’s head; they are holding a carrot in front of him: he will be head of the council of ministers in 2017 if he keeps us in, oo er ^.^

  4. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re Patrick Mitford, on the Daily Politics today Andrew Neil quoted a passage from Mitford to the effect that “leave” would herald the decline of UK manufacture as our growing economy would be services based. I rather think Nigel was not expecting this! I hope he and Mitford have a quiet chat.

    Nigel expressed a more favourable opinion of the post-leave prospects for UK manufacturing, and I agree with him. But, clearly, government has to believe in manufacturing and create the conditions for the UK to be competitive, which should be a lot easier outside the EU.

    This is another area where exploiting the “Commonwealth Trade Advantage” could come into play to the benefit for all involved, with UK finance, technology and international management coupled with developing country labour and natural resources.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      Midford! He’s no Nancy Boy!

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      The growth will come from new technologies/services. Manufacturing output has remained about the same in absolute terms since Maggie gave it the thumbs down.

    • Bernard Hough says:

      I don`t think Cameron and the other `stay ins` care a monkeys about the ordinary working man.
      The job losses will be UK Mep`s , EU supporters from the past who have lucrative positions ` I nearly said jobs!` within the EU, Mr Blair etc.
      Also prospective positions for senior UK government supporters when their term is over.
      Spare a thought for the EU! They will lose millions of £s per day if we leave, this could cause some redundancies.
      By the way does anyone know how much per day Scotland would have to pay to the EU if they `went it alone`?

  5. Sally Culling says:

    John Major – the man who loved the EU so much we went bankrupt because of it.

    Although he did get us out of the social chapter for a bit at least

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  6. Anyoldiron says:

    We are all supposed to love “Europe”

    We are all supposed to love ‘Europe’,
    Though I doubt there are many that do,
    Do we want to be Governed forever?
    By those in the blesséd EU?
    “Our fishing grounds were the first to go,
    Totally decimated by ‘Europe’s hand’,
    It had to be that way of course,
    Though not one of us could understand.”

    “For never again to be ‘self sufficient’,
    On our continental friends we must rely,
    Grow ‘wind farms’ in fields and on hill- tops
    At last you’ll know the reason why”
    “When this Country was last ‘self-sufficient’,
    It survived and won the last war,
    But our Country is to be taken over,
    Never able to win wars any more”.

    To this Country we pledge our solemn Oath
    To our Queen, quite loud and clear,
    Our loyalty will never be to ‘Europe’
    For our British way of life we hold dear.
    We are definitely coming out of “Europe”
    For all “Brits” must forever be FREE
    So many gave their lives for us
    And THEY did that, for YOU and ME!

  7. Bernard Hough says:

    This is the scenario that I imagine for europe.
    The local population outnumbered over the years in european countries, including the UK
    if we remain in the EU.
    If the dominant religeon is Islam then could Europe not become mainly Muslim?
    Maybe if Islam is as peaceful as is said then who knows?
    No wonder Obama as a Muslim is in favour of the UK staying in the EU, after all
    he could be in favour of supporting a peaceful Jihad!
    But if various ideologies like Shieite or Sunni dominate in various European countries
    then maybe an internal war could break out?
    However with extremists like I.S. using the `big fist`strategy as Sadaam or Gadaaf did
    then the whole of Europe could perhaps become the caliphate they desire?
    Maybe then with the extremist views of I.S and the fact that they would have access to
    nuclear weapons this could lead to the Armageddon that has been prophesised?
    Just a thought!

    • ian wragg says:

      BH, congratulations for pointing out that Barry is a Muslim.
      I have been saying this for years and been generally laughed at by my colleagues.
      As soon as he leaves office he will start attending the mosque and I think his marriage will collapse.
      France is well on the way to being an Islamic state and as soon as they get in power they will instigate their own rules.
      We, with the aid and connivance of our rulers are being displaced in favour of an alien culture.

      • Dung says:

        Not sure if Roger will appreciate a disciussion about Muslims in here. I was asked to be a paper candidate for UKIP at one point but I revealed that I had said something against Muslims on a blog and was instantly informed that I was not suitable ^.^

      • Bernard Hough says:

        Hi Ian,
        Show this to your` friends.

  8. ian wragg says:

    Dung. Don’t you think that’s the problem. We are not to discuss it at it sweeps all before it.
    The cats out of the bag now.

  9. Jane Davies says:

    So EU chiefs want a quickie divorce do they, will that mean the UK will still be on hook for paying alimony until the divorce is final and papers are signed off?

  10. Frances Fox says:

    John Major organised the Merchant Shipping Act to safeguard our Fishermen from Spanish Fishermen but the EU Court of Justice fined Britain £100m which had to be given to the Spanish Fishermen as Compensation. Yet John Major did not allow our people to know this and then went on to the Exchange Rate Mechanism which failed leaving the pound to float. This cost our Country suffering the worst recession in 60 years since the second world war. 100,000 businesses went bankrupt. Unemployment doubled from 1.5. to 3 million. Britain lost Gold and dollar reserves of £68 billion. Then he had the cheek to demand his party to vote for the Maastricht Treaty.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      When we leave, what will happen to all that Gold that GB sold the EU at rock-bottom prices to meet the Maastricht criteria?

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Not a lot..its not a buyers market…so we can buy Mercs and similar stuff instead with Browns Euros.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Then he gets a knighthood for losing billions of taxpayers hard earned. When are these people going to be held accountable?

  11. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Michael Portillo’s 1995 Conservative Party Conference speech

    Surrender to European Federalism? Major is here and clapping…what exactly?

    • Jane Davies says:

      Well that all went down the pan and wash flushed away by the clowns who run the EU and the conservatives allowed, and indeed, made sure it happened.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Well that all went down the pan and was flushed away by the clowns who run the EU!
      The conservatives allowed, and indeed, made sure it happened.

  12. Jane Davies says:

    It’s easy to talk the talk but clearly when it came to walking the walk the conservatives walked the other way and fell into the EU toilet and flushed us all down with them.

  13. Jane Davies says:

    I haven’t lost my marbles….for some reason my posts were not appearing and I reposted and now they have all turned up three days later!

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