Daily Debrief May 2nd

Brexit damages friendships

The Prime Minister has come and out and said the Brexit campaign has damaged his friendship with Boris Johnson!

According to reports in The Guardian David Cameron said their bond had been dented. He said it was “frustrating” that Johnson – and another close ally, justice secretary Michael Gove – had chosen to campaign for Brexit.

All very heartfelt until the interview tackles Brexit and border controls. According to Mr Cameron, it is a myth Brexit would improve border controls! I beg to differ Prime Minister – it’s a myth that border controls are working at present.

The Liz Truss and Ed Miliband Show

Meanwhile in The Daily TelegraphLiz Truss has been branded a hypocrite
after she joined forces with Ed Miliband to warn that a Brexit would threaten the world’s plants and animals. The Environment Secretary said a Brexit would leave “our global habitat… starved of investment, bereft of protections and denied the leadership it needs”.

What nonsense – last year the Tory the Cabinet was saying Mr Miliband himself was a threat – to national security nonetheless! It’s time for the Remainians to make their minds up.

Meddling Malcolm Turnbull

Now The Prime Minister of Australia is at. it! Malcom Turnbull says he would welcome the UK staying in the EU in The Daily Express. Although his rhetoric is not as strong and threatening as that of President Obama a couple of weeks ago, it is still unwelcome.
We don’t need your advice Mr Turnbull, the British people can make their own minds up. They made that clear enough to President Obama.

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21 Responses to Daily Debrief May 2nd

  1. Francesca Macfarlane says:

    Roger. Why does the normally excellent Christopher Booker keep going on and on about none of the “Leave” groups having a viable exit strategy??

    eg In yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph – ” Brexiteers! We need an exit strategy and we need it now! ……an even more astonishing ignorance of the nature and rules of the EU, however, is that being displayed by the main players in our referendum battle, not least, alas, by those running the official “Leave” campaign. This begins with their amazing inability to recognise that the only possible legal way for any country to leave the EU is by invoking Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

    Do his comments apply to UKIP’s position?

    • pirate3012 says:

      You need a plan so you cannot be attacked for not having one, like Vote Leave opt to do. It’s a road map, so one person is not saying you’ll adopt the Canadian option, someone else the WTO option without knowing the implications; stops you looking stupid. The important thing is to win the referendum and some people are not prepared to compromise to win that important first battle. If you want to see the Leave group with a plan visit leavehq dot com, they have a long standing plan. All Leave groups should have had a plan that stands up to scrutiny; they’ve had long enough to get their act together. Without a well thought out plan you’ll look like an amateur when it is impossible to deliver what you propose at all or within the 2 years article 50 allows.
      Not UKIP’s position, I’d wager but I’m a member and I want to win the referendum and can see the value of a plan and being able to compromise. We don’t have to reach our destination is one bound; lose the battle an EUtopia beckons.

    • Anyoldiron says:

      WE get out of the EU right away. Only once have the people had a “SAY” and that was a couple of years after those that we had elected decided it would be a good idea to allow FOREIGNERS to govern us-ignoring completely the fact that my Generation went through a World WAR TO PREVENT FOREGNERS GOVERNING US. The people have never agreed to pay foreigners-the people have never had a “SAY” only once in 1975-which was a very different kettle of fish then. So very many gave their LIVES in that last War, fighting to keep our Country FREE FROM FOREIGN RULE-and I mean many ordinary people not just our fighting Soldiers, Airmen and Navy-the ordinary people that were bombed to Hell.

      • pirate3012 says:

        Talk like this will just have you dismissed as a mad kipper to be ignored. We need to win the referendum. You can’t get out right away, we have signed a treaty and there is a legal way out of it that we should follow, otherwise it will do nothing for our reputation. The referendum is not about Johnny Foreigner, it is about who controls our country. If we do not win the referendum, it will be EUtopia. Don’t frighten the horses; have a little patience; win the battle or lose the war for another generation.

      • terry sullivan says:

        europia–definitely not eutopia

        if we do not leave–what will happen? are the remainians able to say? i predict massive onslaught of “refugees” )£250000 per refusal)and masses of further regulations–ftt is one example, and vat extensions. our contributions will sky-rocket to cover cost of further poor lawless countries joining. euro will be forced on us and schengen will be applied to UK. how can anyone vote to stay in–we need to control our country

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Don’t think an executable plan can exist for the Leavers…can it? Some preliminaries perhaps. Its largely do nothing other than send letters declining further services or notification of departure. Order some lunches and go from there? Contracts exist.

      The Tory Govt will have to do the formal negotiations initially and most of them are “stayers”, so don’t bode well in terms of speed and sensibility. Cameron buzzed about the place recently to stitch us up I suspect…thats all the stuff at lunch times that we know nothing about.

      Hope it does go to leave…just imagine Merc/BMW/VW facing price hikes when it gets a bit tetchy at those longer lunches. And Verhofstadt exploding about the place.

      Anyway, two sparklies this week…local elections and Trump.

      • pirate3012 says:

        You can have a plan. You may need to change it on feedback, but a solid plan allows you to answer your critics with evidence based argument; it shows that you have given thought to how to proceed and are not simply putting a finger out to gauge the wind direction. See the brief plan at leavehq dot com. A 400 page version of the full plan can be found at eureferdum dot com. The Daily Telegraph has reported that this plan is being considered in Whitehall, who’ll be responsible for negotiating our exit, not the fools who lead the main leave campaign. Are they a Trojan horse? Are they the other side of the establishment coin to Remain? If they are on our side, they have a funny way of showing it.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        400 pages (whatever) is well above my pay grade and I’d say far too long. Unless it was annexed into task lists perhaps. And if Cameron is going to perform the single handed runabout thing again I don’t think we’ll ever untangle.

        I certainly relish chopping that structure down though and in quick time.

        UKIP local flyer just landed on doormat. Finger pointing at whole bunch of local stealer’s.

      • Anyoldiron says:

        To pirate3012 above. Cast me as a “Mad Kipper, for i am truly ANGRY to think people my age went through a full Scale WAR and bombed out-living at that time on the outskirts of Manchester and by the much used Manchester Ship Canal in those days- to continue to pay and be governend by foreigners. Those SOME PEOPLE have elected-not me- for sadly Winston Churchill is no longer here and there has been NO ONE LIKE HIM since- only those that want to continue PAYING those same foreigners for which ALL THOSE WE ELECT CAN ONLY OBEY THE TREATIES SOME HAVE ELECTED WHICH OF COURSE ARE ABSOLUTELY CONTRARY TO OUR VERY OWN COMMON LAW CONSTITUTION.. The Act of Supremacy 1559 went even further. It included the words: “…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.” Whay is the point in having ANYONE in those two Houses of parliament when all tHEY can do is obey foreigners?

  2. Shieldsman says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the referendum the nincompoops and the beneficiaries of EU largesse (gravy train and grants) are revealing themselves

    As the days go by I am amazed at the number of idiots in the Westminster Parliament and in politics who produce their inane arguments for remaining in the EU.

    Gisela Stuart, the Labour MP who chairs Vote Leave said: “Pro-EU campaigners are descending into absurdity. It seems there is no good in the world that they cannot somehow attribute to the EU and no imagined disaster they cannot predict if we Vote Leave.

    Liz Truss is the odd one out, the other three are Global warming fanatics (nutters) with not a shred of scientific knowledge between them.
    As Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Liz Truss, why should she need the EU to hand down her orders. Or is she so stupid she needs outside help to run her department.

    We have had all the environmental charities screaming their heads off that they will lose EU funding with our money. Perhaps they should raise their own charitable funds and they could always apply to Liz Truss for a handout.

  3. Roger Turner says:

    Certainly the MSM are not, but I don`t think the GO campaign are…………….
    ……..Making enough of a meal of Mr.Obama`s crass behaviour.
    For instance, there is little or no exposure of the his true reasons – his over riding almost maniac pressure of USA “sole” interests……………..nor the consequences for the UK interests.
    Briefly, the UK appears, to him to be wanting to jump out of its box (EU) and regain its position on the world stage, by linking up with other members of the Commonwealth (that`s the organisation previously called the Empire that the US has so religiously worked at destroying for at least the previous century).
    As Obama sees it “There isn`t room on this planet for the both of us” – (to borrow a phrase)
    “So you think you can summon up the “Special Relationship” and conclude an immediate trade deal, in your dreams – GET to the END of the QUEUE and while you are doing it –
    GET back into your BOX ( The Care Home for Elderly Failed European Nations ).”- –
    The consequence, apart from it`s being you are stuffed FOREVER. – You will also cede your seat on the Security Council to the EU, the amount of “say” you will have in world affairs will be initially 1/28th, but soon to reduce to even less when other new entrants arrive – oh! and I forgot influence will also be reduced when you sink to the 2nd rank status when full Federation takes place.
    As for a Trade Deal, you`ll have TTIP that my bosom “Friend” who I spent half an hour slobbering over in that ghastly embarrassing news conference, where he sat there simpering and virtually nodding his head, as he mentally ticked off each insult he and Camoron had scripted together.(LINE/Q –game away!!!). . Cameron`s avid for TTIP (Transatlantic Slavery Partnership forever in the hands of international big business and “that bank”).
    Ohh!!! and did I mention Corpus Juris – that`s your Habeas Corpus and Trial by Jury and the presumption of innocence and other “Rights derived from Magna Carta – gone for a burton.
    I was furious, I still am furious and the people who I canvas on the street are furious (one lady said livid).
    Thank you Mr.Obama – you have not only Energised patriotic Britains, but you have WEAPONISED us too – for God`s sake pull the trigger Grass Roots (Shameless Vote LEAVE won`t)
    It`s not just me saying this.!!!!!!
    Hear the words of Tory “Big Beast” Michael Ancram, who has just “come out” and said he will vote LEAVE.(MSM seem to be ignoring this)
    Daily Telegraph Page 17 Tuesday 26th April 2016.
    “After 40 years of EU lies, I`ve had enough”
    “Mendacious” “Disingenuousness” “Lies have flown thicker and thicker”
    “Remain campaign overtaken by panic”
    “Counterproductive of Mr.Obama to present it (American interest – BOX) as being out of concern for the interests of British people – It was not and is not”
    Please read it and MAJOR our Campaign on it .Need I write any more??

  4. mike5262015 says:

    GOT A JOB FOR THESE PEOPLE: Liz Truss, Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn ARE NEEDED BY THE WORLDS PLANTS AND ANIMALS. The global investment will be starved, and the Plants and Animals will be denied the Leadership it needs. I think Corbyn is well suited to this job. – He already leads the Plants and Animals, called the Labour Party !
    Thank you Roger Helmer and The Daily Telegraph.

  5. terry sullivan says:

    turnbull is ex-goldman sachs?

  6. Jane Davies says:

    New Brexit facebook page here…….

    My heart weeps for David Cameron, for him to say publicly that his friendship with BJ is damaged and their bond is dented just fills me with sadness……
    I’m sure once he has gathered up his toys and stomped off in a snit he will find solace with other friends who agree with him wanting to remain on the EU gravy train, who will give him a hug and help him to move on.

    If you are sensing a hint of sarcasm here you would be right!

  7. catalanbrian says:

    Could you please explain how Brexit will improve border controls.

    • pirate3012 says:

      If in EFTA/EEA you can apply the existing emergency brake. You are in a position to consider withdrawal from the ECHR; you can push for changes to antiquated UN treaties on refugees and migrants; you can address the push/pull factors – linking trade with aid to help local economies to recover rather than the EU approach which damages them. The EU is very protectionist.
      Also you need to check people in/out and detect and deport those that overstay illegally.
      Being out of the EU does not fix immigration but allows you start addressing the issue.

  8. Alan says:

    Ditto Francesca below

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    New Europe ‏@New_Europe
    “88,300 unaccompanied minors sought asylum in the EU in 2015”

    Or put another way:
    “88,300 bearded gentlemen(?) with no papers told gullible EU officials they were 15 years old …..shocker?

  10. Shieldsman says:

    The Liz Truss debacle requires further study as to the incompetence of the UK government and her department in handing over its sovereignty to the EU.

  11. pirate3012 says:

    Terry S. I think EUtopia is what the EU plan as a result of the next treaty change. Being one of 2 countries to have an opt out from the Euro, we’ll be in a really strong position to influence the EZ, us and Denmark! I’d expect that our government would then come under pressure to join the Euro to regain some influence, a Trojan horse. It is amazing that people believe we’ll be remaining in a ‘reformed’ EU while also believing the status quo is on offer. I think EUtopia awaits and I don’t want to be a part of that, which is why I think we need to make whatever compromises we need to to win the referendum. If the day before and the day after look the same, I don’t care. Knowing that our path has diverged from that of the EU, that we are on our way out and can start to take back control of our country is fine as a first step of the process. We need to sell a safe option to the undecided.

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