Can the EU be reformed?

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15 Responses to Can the EU be reformed?

  1. George Morley says:

    You could possibly expand the number of languages with Welsh & Gaelic and other odd ones within Europe ! excellent argument for Brexit in my view.

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  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Don’t think anybody can reform that structure unless invited to. Then you’d have to spend a lifetime and half arguing with all the other muppet countries. Those that receive won’t want change…naturally. Can only mean a break off.

    What they could’ve done of course is to have opened the thing up so at least I can get a bunch of lunches as well? It is all for personal it not?

  4. vera says:

    All this getting every EU country’s agreement to every action is only for now. As soon we vote to remain and the EU has taken overall charge, and each EU country reduced to being a region of the EU, they will just steam roller everything through without asking anyone. We will just be the little people who work to pay for the elite, while they despise and ignore us.

    • Jane Davies says:

      “We will just be the little people who work to pay for the elite, while they despise and ignore us.”
      Vera…I agree with your comment but regarding the above sentence this is happening now and has been the case for years but at least the little people had the right to vote for which elitist politicians should be allowed to form a government. That right will be removed as the unelected in Brussels render the UK parliament impotent.

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  6. Toni Walker says:

    Not for the better in any sense we would recognise ,there are none in the EU with the wit or wisdom to reform that does not rely on self interest or are in the interest of the common good!!

  7. Andy Wilson says:

    Trying to reform the EU from within would do about as much good as required arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic . It’s a sinking ship.

  8. Anyoldiron says:

    No, it cannot be reformed because all is in the TREATIES ratified by those people-no not me- some people have elected. I am concerned regarding “VOTE LEAVE” for does that mean “vote to leave the EU” as some seem to think it is? Or is it a “vote to leave the UK”? Why not simply, “Vote to leave the EU?- I am voting UKIP-and NO, I am not in any Political Party- I never have been and never will be. But I was in a WAR and bombed out too

    • Zoilus says:

      Mr. Junkers said we should go and look at the war memorials, I suppose he thinks that I will think the EU would stop future wars. I have visited the German war cemetery in Luxembourg. Originally it was a field with (what looked like) house bricks and they had
      “ein soldat – ein soldat ” and the cemetery really showed the stupidity of war. Now the remains have been transfered to a pleasant area and the tombstones are in the shape of the Iron Cross. Luxembourg has been occupied many times but the signs of the Luxembourgers resistance have all been removed. I still remember my father hoisting me on his shoulder so that I could see the East End of London in flames. We were twenty miles away. Mr Junker, you are a traitor to your brave country!

  9. catweazle666 says:


  10. Anyoldiron says:

    Our Prime Minister has been visiting various EU Countries to “reform” certain parts of the EEC/EC/EU Treaties. We are told that we will be OK in a REFORMED EU. BUT WHERE are the changes that have been made in the various EEC/EC now EU Treaties? Any changes to the Treaties would have to be put before ALL the Member States in the EU, so WHERE are those changes? The people need to know, for without doubt the people will never have another REFERENDUM on and “in” or “out” of the present European Union. ALSO, exactly what is meant by “VOTE LEAVE”? Is it a vote to leave the United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and Northern Ireland, or a Vote to leave the EU? If it is indeed the latter-make it quite plain-in written black and white for ALL to read. Or is it a “Con”?

  11. Anyoldiron says:

    I would like to hear from Mr Cameron if indeed “VOTE LEAVE” to leave the present European Union or is “VOTE LEAVE” to leave the United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and Northern Ireland? To make sure I am voting for UKIP- not “Vote Leave”. We can’t take ANY CHANCES for i doubt we will ever get another REFERENDUM and if the people vote to remain in the EU-it may well indeed be forever.

  12. jimjam says:

    whenever we hear politicians mention the EU they all agree that it needs reform (which it does) but the only people who can reform it are those very politicians, so why is there no concerted effort from the pro EU politicians to do just that? the answers simple; they talk the talk but won’t walk the walk because they’re not remotely serious about reform.
    These same pro EU politicians treat the British public as thick half sharp morons’ who dont have the intelligence to think for themselves: and if the people of this country vote to stay in the EU they will have been proved right !

  13. Anyoldiron says:

    As I see it. Two World WARS have come and gone to try and take over and dominate so very many once FREE Countries. The proposed EEC all those years ago is-may be-the last time of taking over all of those once free Countries-which may well be FOREVER. The UK has to remain however- FREE from foreign Rule. Sadly Churchill who was indeed the GREATEST Prime Minister this Country has ever had. thought and perhaps hoped that a United States of Europe could work- sadly he was wrong in that thinking because he certainly got it right in 1939.

    The United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland has to be FREE-FREE FROM FOREIGN RULE, and yes-even if we have to fight to keep it ever thus-again. Sadly, we do not have a “Winston Churchill” governing us. We have those that are willing to pay foreigners FOREVER apparently, to govern us. If that is to be- those two Houses of Parliament should be emptied completely and forever or as long as we remain in the EU. That is not just my idea-people on the continent of Europe will also get sick of paying for TWO Governments when the one also has to obey foreigners-forever, or as long as they remain in the present EU..

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