Daily Debrief May 3rd

Operation Fear cranked up

Operation Fear is alive and well in today’s Daily Telegraph Chief Secretary to the Treasury Greg Hands said the Single Market is the ‘most complete commitment to free that exists’. Alternatives are ‘fantasy’ according to Mr Hands. This type of negative campaigning from the Remainians is typical. Let us look at the positives – here is my myth-busting blog after the first wave of negative campaigning hit us in January.

(Meanwhile, while we are on the topic of myth-busting, make sure you read John Longworth in The Telegraph business section)

As Penny Mourdant, defence secretary,said: “Pro EU campaigners just don’t get it. The public aren’t rejecting their doom-mongering rhetoric because it isn’t fantastical enough, they reject it because they know we are a great nation and can thrive if we take back control and leave the EU.”


A poll of polls – all to fight for

Meanwhile in The Daily Mirror, the latest poll trackers on Brexit are published and show that the average of six polls show a 50/50 split – so all to fight for.

And on a lighter note, The Daily Telegraph shows an overwhelming majority of people want OUT of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Brexit could boost Eurozone GDP

Brexit could boost Eurozone GDP so says Mathilde Lemoine, a prominent member of the French government’s budgetary watchdog and chief economist of the Edmond de Rothschild private bank in  the Financial Times.

She also said the Eurozone would benefit from a UK Brexit – boosting Eurozone GDP by 1.3 per cent after two years. But she expects the UK to be able to agree access to the EU single market, which would ultimately limit the damage to the UK economy from Brexit.

German plot?

Today’s Daily Express carries a fascinating story about Germany once more pushing for an EU army encompassing all 28 member states with a joint HQ and shared military planning.
This is a boost to the Brexit campaign – especially as the plans were supposed to be a kept a secret until at the referendum on June 23. But no we know and let us make it clear – we NOT want to “gradually co-ordinate Europe’s patchwork of national militaries and launch permanent cooperation under common structures among the member states”.

None of this is new of course – the idea resurfaced last year when European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for an international force – but it does reinforce just why we need to vote OUT on June 23.

History made in the East Midlands

Although I have remarked on numerous occasions that I’m not necessarily the world’s biggest fan of football, I wanted to offer my heartfelt congratulations and admiration at the successes of Leicester City Football Club. Leicester City – the footballing champions of England.

Being an MEP of a Region that includes Leicester, and as a resident of Leicestershire for a number of years I couldn’t be happier that our local team have accomplished one of the greatest sporting achievements in living memory (and in my case that stretches quite a long way back).

A huge well done to them and their fans, let’s all hope they can replicate it again next season.

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13 Responses to Daily Debrief May 3rd

  1. Shieldsman says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the referendum the nincompoops and the beneficaries of EU largesse (bought) are revealing themselves

    As the days go by I am amazed at the number of idiots in the Westminster Parliament and in politics who produce their inane arguments for remaining in the EU:

    Environment Secretary Liz Truss, Ed Miliband, former Liberal Democrat energy secretary
    Ed Davey and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas

    EU membership supported domestic action to improve air quality, protect nature and wildlife and invest in renewable energy, they say, and Brussels is “a leader in the battle to secure binding agreements” internationally.
    “Those campaigning for Britain to leave Europe cannot be trusted on the environment,” they say.
    “If Britain leaves Europe, our environment, our wildlife and our global habitat will be starved of investment, bereft of protections and denied the leadership it needs”

    The first fact to be gleaned from their statements is that the UK Government in giving away its sovereignty has abrogated its responsibility for the environment to Brussels.
    Out of the EU we will still be bound by International agreements many of which emanate in the UN and other agencies.

    ‘Cannot be trusted on the environment’. Now that sounds like an accusation that Liz Truss and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are incompetent in protecting the environment. Liz Truss joining in, is that an admission of her incompetence? Even if we leave we will still have a Conservative Government accused of starving our environment of investment. Oh, Liz Truss what have you admitted to, have you shot yourself in the foot?

    But environment minister George Eustice – who supports Vote Leave – said the EU had “systematically undermined the UK’s place on international wildlife conventions”.

    I doubt whether Ed Milliband gives a ‘tinkers cuss’ about the environment. Having made a big thing about controlling immigration, having listened and learnt, his memory has failed him.

  2. Jane Davies says:

    This time last year the tax office claimed we owed them 1,000 pounds, we didn’t and we knew we didn’t but they tried to intimidate us and demanded we pay up. Letters back and forth etc…..they again demanded we pay up then we could appeal….well that wasn’t going to happen. Eventually after six months of bullying they agreed we didn’t owe this money. Instead of trying to intimidate seniors maybe their attention should be focused on this lot…..but then I guess they are all in this together, as Cameron likes to kid us we are.


  3. pirate3012 says:

    EU Militarisation: A Dangerous Future

    Click to access europeanunionanddefence.pdf

  4. auralay says:

    Don`t forget the second Leicester triumph – Mark Selby won snooker world championship.

  5. Anthony T. says:

    Roger – Do you know about the German government has drawn up legislation to prevent any EU citizen entering Germany from claiming benefits for at least five years? It was reported in the German newspapers and tv two days ago,



    But it has been ignored in the UK media.

    Cameron got nowhere at the European Council (partly because of Merkel’s constant finger-wagging about ‘freedom of movement’, and Schulz is still threatening to hinder Cameron’s enfeebled agreement on migrant benefits on the grounds of ‘equal rights’ – but Merkel just goes ahead with domestic laws that grab far more than Cameron even dared to ask for, and without even asking the EU.

  6. Anthony T. says:

    Apols for typo – I meant to write: ‘Do you know *that* the German government…’ etc
    And there should be a close-bracket after ‘freedom of movement’.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    So our UK military has big enough problems as governed by the UK Defence Ministry (Govt) currently. I’ve worked in both. Am I to believe a puddle brained bunch in Brussels is going to manage a group of near on 28 military’s? Nope!

    Answer is…they won’t be able to do that…like most everything else they’ve clapped their hands on. Tories need to nip this before someone else does.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      I did note some mention of two loonies about to counter Brexit (amongst many others). The liar Clinton and the fool Blair. Hopefuly that’ll knock off some Remains.

      • Jane Davies says:

        You are too kind to Blair….not so sure about being a fool, this implies naivety, but he is definitely a liar. He knew full well there were no WMD but took the country into a war to keep in with the Americans and his pal Bush. He has blood on his hands and yet has not been jailed for war crimes, utterly disgraceful.

  8. Shieldsman says:

    The deal Mr Cameron has negotiated gives us a permanent opt-out from any commitment to ever-closer union. It ensures we retain control of our Armed Forces with a veto on all defence matters. We will never join an EU army.
    Sir Nicholas Soames MP (Con)

    I do not think he is very well informed on what goes on within the EU, like so many eurofiles he shows a great ignorance. Believing the PM is not a good idea he is very good at lying.

    DRAFT REPORT on improving the functioning of the European Union building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty (2014/2249(INI))
    Towards a common defence policy
    83. Calls for progressive steps to be taken towards a common defence policy (Article 42(2) TEU) and, eventually, a common defence, which can be set up by unanimous decision of the European Council;
    84. Suggests, as a first step in this direction, that the provisions of Article 46 TEU regarding the establishment of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) through a QMV vote in the Council be implemented, as this instrument would allow more ambitious Member States to cooperate more closely in the area of defence, and empower them to use the EU’s institutions, instruments and budget;
    85. Insists on complementing the provisions for PESCO with an EU white book on security and defence on the basis of the EU global strategy for foreign and security policy currently under preparation by the VP/HR, as such a document would further define the EU’s strategic objectives in the field of security and defence, and identify the existing and required capabilities;
    86. Underlines the need to define common European capabilities and armaments policy (Article 42(3) TEU), which would encompass the joint planning, development and procurement of military capabilities and which should also include proposals to react to cyber, hybrid and asymmetrical threats; encourages the Commission to work on an ambitious European Defence Action Plan, as announced in the 2016 Work Programme;
    87. Considers it necessary to strengthen the European Defence Agency (EDA) by providing it with needed resources and political backing, thereby allowing it to play a leading and coordinating role in capability development, research and procurement;
    88. Recalls the existence of Article 44 TEU, which provides additional flexibility provisions and introduces the possibility of entrusting the implementation of crisis management tasks to a group of Member States, which would carry out such tasks in the name of the EU and under the political control and strategic guidance of the Political and Security Committee (PSC) and the EEAS;
    89. Suggests that Article 41 (3) TEU be used to establish a start-up fund comprised of Member States’ contributions to finance preparatory activities pertaining to Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) activities not charged to the Union budget;
    90. Stresses the importance of extending common financing in the area of military CSDP, including through the Athena mechanism, as this would reduce financial disincentives on the part of Member States for contributing to military CSDP missions and operations and, thereby, improve the EU’s ability to react to crises;
    **91. Calls for the creation of a permanent military operational headquarters that would cooperate closely with the existing Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC); calls for the institutionalisation of the various European military structures (among others the different ‘Battle Groups’, Euroforces, France-United Kingdom defence cooperation, Benelux air defence cooperation) into the EU framework, and for an increase in the usability of EU battlegroups, inter alia by extending common financing and by considering, by default, their deployment as an initial entry force in future crisis management scenarios; **
    **92. Notes that this permanent headquarters could engage in permanent contingency planning and play a major coordinating role in future applications of Article 42(7) TEU; is of the view that the ‘mutual defence clause’, as laid down in this Article and requested by France during the Foreign Affairs Council on 17 November 2015, will constitute a catalyst for further development of the EU’s security and defence policy, leading to stronger commitment by all Member States;**
    93. Considers that there is a need to enhance EU-NATO cooperation at all levels in areas such as capability development and contingency planning for hybrid threats, and to intensify efforts at removing remaining political obstacles;

    Could this be a step towards a European Army, the Dutch and the Germans appear to have joined forces.

  9. Anyoldiron says:

    Our British Forces swear allegiance to the British Crown. Why on earth would they want to join a foreign ARMY? etc? Foreigners would not want to join a British Army.

  10. Anyoldiron says:

    Me thinks perhaps it is time to enlarge ALL our Forces. I pray I am wrong.

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