Daily Debrief May 15th

39 days to Independence Day

Farage “I’ll back Boris for PM”

The Mail on Sunday reports that Nigel Farage has declared he’ll back Boris Johnson for Prime Minister if Britain leaves the EU.  He would be a much better leader that the “Pro Brussels fanatic” Prime Minister.  Attacking the “devious” David Cameron, he also compared Boris to Ronald Reagan. This comes ahead of the ITV Farage/Cameron debate – which should make great television.

Cameron fears Boris as next leader

The Times reports that Cameron “fears Boris as next Conservative Leader”, and believes that George Osborne has “a lot of ground to make up” in the leadership race.  Cameron has admitted privately (says the Times) that eurosceptics will have the whip hand in the Conservative Party after the referendum, whichever side wins.

Boris more trusted on than Cameron over Europe

A new poll shows that 45% of voters trust Boris ahead of Cameron over the EU, while only 21% trust Cameron more.  This is a huge disparity, and must surely have a big influence on the referendum outcome.

Boris compares EU project to Hitler

The BBC reports that Boris has compared the EU’s aims to those of Hitler, saying that both (and indeed Napoleon) had the objective of unifying Europe under a single system of government – the only difference was that  the EU’s methods were different.

Massive voter registration campaign launched

The government has launched “a massive voter registration campaign”.  Of course we all agree that people should vote, and that therefore they should be registered to vote.  Nevertheless it seems likely that the government has calculated that unregistered voters, and especially young voters, are more likely to support Remain, so there is a partisan objective here. Launching the campaign, Cameron said “We have 40 days to stave off economic disaster”.

It’s time Cameron explained how a year ago he was insisting that Brexit was an option, and that Britain could prosper as an independent nation, yet now he speaks of Brexit in cataclysmic terms.  He also needs to explain why he chose to risk offering the British people a vote on Brexit if he regards it as a disaster in the making.

Cameron to press ahead with Bill of Rights

The Telegraph reports that David Cameron is determined to press ahead in the Queens Speech with his “Bill of Rights”, seeking to convince the British Public that we in the UK can control our legal system.  This is clearly a spurious tactic, so long as we remain signed up to Treaties which make foreign laws superior to our own. Like the European parliament itself, and like the talk of “subsidiarity”, this is meant to give a false impression of democratic accountability.  The voters will not be taken in.

Cameron’s own Tory PCC backs Brexit

David Cameron’s own local Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, a Conservative, has backed Brexit, saying that open borders are a gift to organised crime, and that we cannot ensure our security as long as we remain in the EU. He sets out his position on a robust and well-reasoned article in the Telegraph.

Cameron to create 25 Peers to reward Remain cronies

The Sun reports that David Cameron plans to create twenty-five new peers “to reward his Remain cronies” after the referendum. That should help to bring peace and harmony back to the Conservative Party.

Charles Moore “Carney against the people”

Charles Moore of the Telegraph has written a telling article in response to the awful warning on Brexit from Bank of England Chief Mark Carney. Entitled “This is Carney – and Obama, Cameron, Merkel and Lagarde – against the people”.  Well worth a read.

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12 Responses to Daily Debrief May 15th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Boris with back benchers and UKIP is about all thats left to end this whole string of garbage. Certainly would make it easy for a PM (Govt) to operate if they did strike down all the crap we face currently.

    And the unknown Trump Train?

    O/T – the EU and our Govt are going forward with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) which is about stopping/limiting vaping in UK and Europe. Its doing little about smoking other than raising its price and fiddling with packaging. Neither will stop smoking…vaping has considerably. Vaping is a viable Gateway Off smoking. There is a vaping campaign that needs names and has been campaigning. The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and is a charity


    If anything it keeps us up to date with those willing to kill us badly for huge profit. Sorry if I offend by mentioning this. It ios very important though and money is begged for….like £3 a month for tigers etc?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Error Message:

      Delete – It ios very important though and money is begged for….like £3 a month for tigers etc

      Insert – It IS very important though and money is NOT begged for….like £3 a month for tigers etc

  2. apparently says:

    I thought that we had a “Bill of Rights” Roger…? Magna Carta in its specifics is rather old fashioned, but in its legal weight is undiminished… The people have rights (not privileges) and amongst those rights, is the right to do whatever one wants that is not legislated against… And that if an elected government should legislate against those rights, we have the right to kick that government out. and undo any such legislation.

    The “Bill of Rights” that Mr. Camoron is proposing is something entirely different: Firstly it is a parliamentary act, and as such a future government has the right to repeal, modify or otherwise undermine those rights, secondly it consists of a list of rights that we have been granted by government, presumably with the assumption that any right that we have NOT been granted is not legal, we have to wait for government to allow something. These two things alone, stand our true rights on their head.

    As you say Roger, who is he trying to take in?

  3. By backing Boris for Prime Minister Nigel Farage proves that he has been totally honest from the start; his mission in life really is just to get us out of the EU and not to make a career out of politics. I hope Vote Leave pick up this golden olive branch and start to work with UKIP. Boris and Nigel would be the dream ticket ^.^

  4. Dung says:

    The above post is by Dung 🙂

  5. Shieldsman says:

    Global Traders Association are running a poll and say I would like to hear why you think public polls have turned mixed but bookmaker odds still highly favor Remain.

    Now I am not a gambler, but I have known people whose fathers were bookies, so my answer is: Bookmakers base their odds on the bets that have been placed, not on the polls. Bookmakers are in the business of making money, so the odds they offer have to show a profit if either horse wins. With the betting as it stands it must be assumed more money is on remaining in the EU, but the gamblers are not proportional to the Electorate and it is only their guess.

    It is a rather sad indictment of the Political establishment that many people believe the result is being skewed and open to fixing.

    The reason for the Referendum is that David Cameron said he did not believe the the EU (Lisbon Treaty) was working for the United Kingdom. Without a change to the Lisbon Treaty which has not taken place, the EU is still not working for the UK (e.g. CAP and CFF). The Government has moved the goalposts from why we should leave the EU, to why we can’t leave the EU. Why did Cameron not think of that before? He was too busy conning the Voter.

    If Cameron and the BBC concentrated on what is happening and being said in the European Parliament and Commission, the Public could have unbiased information on which to make their decision.

    In a statement to the European Parliament on 19th April European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker admitted that citizens had lost faith in the EU, during a speech in Strasbourg. He admitted to the faults Cameron said he would rectify and that the EU is still not working for its citizens: “One of the reasons why EU citizens are stepping away from the European project is due to the fact that we are interfering in too many domains of their private lives and in too many domains where member states are better placed to take action. We were wrong to overregulate and interfere too much in the lives of our citizens,”
    The former Luxembourg premier said, “Today we are facing very tough times. We have the global refugee crisis, we have attacks on our free societies, all of our institutions are under immense pressure today and sometimes are really pushed to their limits.”

    Record 60% of Europeans ‘tend not to trust’ EU. The number of Europeans who distrust the European Union has doubled over the past six years to a record high, with bailed-out Greeks and Cypriots having the least faith in the bloc, according to a new Eurobarometer poll.

    Martin Schulz President of the European Parliament said in an interview “Your description is absolutely right, the European Union is in a dismal state. Forces on the extremes are winning elections and referendums. If we throw into question the essence of the European project, we’re playing with the fate of the next generation, because the 21st century is one of global cooperation and competition between entire regions”.

    Isabelle Kumar: So you’d agree to even more concessions for Britain?
    Martin Schulz: “No, we’ve negotiated a package on which the British people will now be voting, so when you hear some people say ‘let’s vote No to get a better deal,’ that’s just not going to happen. We already have a deal, it’s now up to the British people to say yes or no.”

    Now what deal would that be?
    The emergency benefits brake and the red card, which he said he could not guarantee and which Graf Lambsdorff, a Vice-President of the European Parliament and an MEP with the liberal ALDE group said he would vote against it and was sure many in his group, as well as his colleagues in the EPP and S&D group would do the same.

  6. Jane Davies says:

    So why the about face from Cameron? Who has put the arm on him to vote remain? We all know this man follows the money…..any money from anywhere so who is pulling his strings, why has he changed his mind about the EU? It’s ironic that the first three letters of the Tory party are con.

    • charles wardrop says:

      John Redwood believes Cameron is moved by the “Establishment” and his appointed special advisers; someone suggested here that he is in line for a plum post and money if he keeps UK in the EU.
      He certainly is not following Tory majority opinion, unlike D.Tel., but then, he’s not really a Conservative at all, fairly fraudulent, politically!

  7. Shieldsman says:

    It is interesting to go back to Cameron’s speech to the CBI on 9th November 2015. Compare what he said to what he has got to date – which is nothing. No treaty change, still the same old Lisbon Treaty with the previously agreed opt outs. The emergency benefits brake and the red card, most unlikely even if we do vote to stay in. Cameron does not really have any friends in the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker calls him a part time European.

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