Daily Debrief May 19th

35 days to independence
Now Bloomberg gets involved
Operation Fear is cranked up again today with former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg claiming a Brexit vote on 23 June could hit UK-EU trade and leave British-based “employees worse off”. He then goes on to  warn financial jobs could leave London for Paris or Frankfurt.
He is quoted as saying: “I also worry Brexit will leave our UK employees worse off.
“No one knows for certain how the UK would fare in trade negotiations with the EU, but we know Brussels would hold substantial leverage, given that the UK is far more dependent on the EU for exports than the EU is dependent on the UK.
“What price EU leaders would exact is impossible to predict, but deterring other countries from breaking away – not to mention the opportunity to punish an old rival – will likely discourage them from looking sympathetically upon Britain. Even if fair terms are secured, achieving them may take years, and families may feel a pinch well into the next decade.”
Funny that because we know leaving the EU would lead to us being able to set up our trade deals, free from EU interference – as for the UK being more dependent on the EU than it is on us – come off it Mr Bloomberg!
Rents and property values would drop after Brexit
Meanwhile The Guardian reports that rent bills are likely to fall if Britain exits the EU and property will become more affordable to first-time buyers, according to the bodies that represent the UK’s estate agents and landlords.
The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) said that Brexit would cut levels of immigration and depress future price rises, leaving the average UK house worth £2,300 less in 2018, and £7,500 less in London.
The Daily Mail reports the story too. It goes on to report Brexit also could make it harder for UK housebuilders to buy building materials from EU countries and would lead to a skills shortage in the housebuilding industry.
As UKIP MEP Douglas Carswell pointed out, “Do we really need to be in a political union to know how to build a house?
Trade Unions saying EU does not help British workers
An interesting piece in The Daily Express today – the report says trade unions have slammed the “myth” that Britain’s membership of the European Union boosts workers’ rights.
It goes on to report  David Cameron’s deal to reform Britain’s role in the EU secured “only very minor changes” and that the 28-member bloc “acts overwhelmingly in the interests of big business” instead of ordinary Britons.
This what we in UKIP and those on the Leave side have been saying all along – the EU won’t do reform and the Prime Minister asked for very little and got even less.
As for business? The unions are dead right – SMEs are being strangled by EU red tape. It is an organisation only interested in big business, not the ordinary resident on the street.
 Downing Street and that leaked letter
The Daily Telegraph reports the intriguing story of the of how Downing Street reportedly considered involving the police over the leaking of a letter from Rupert Soames, chief executive officer of outsourcing company Serco, to the Prime Minister.
The PM is now facing pressure from his own ranks over claims he misled Parliament following a ‘stitch-up’ with big business over EU referendum campaigning.
All very intriguing and all deserving of some answers Mr Cameron?
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30 Responses to Daily Debrief May 19th

  1. foxbarn says:

    Dear Roger

    We would MASSIVELY appreciate your help in promoting/broadcasting this petition.

    The great British Public surely cannot resist a DAY OFF…so they should VOTE LEAVE!

    Regards, Russell Hicks

    * * *https://you.38degrees.org.uk/a-new-public-holiday-to-celebrate-uk-independence-day *

  2. Nigel Greaves says:

    Now Bloomberg sticks his oar in – you couldn’t make this stuff up!
    Next week they’ll probably say that the argument has been won and cancel the referendum.
    The tone of the BBC interviews with anyone pro-Brexit is already implying that its a done deal – not sure what happened to their impartiality

    • Jane Davies says:

      Died on the alter of EU subs!

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Dear Roger. Very many Thanks for all these regular up-dates. It’s good to have you on our side, and batting so well !
        Cancellation of the referendum is now impossible, even by Cameron. He would be seen to be just what he is, a total waste of space world wide, and I think here in GB/UK he would be in considerable personal danger !
        The impartiality of the BBC has gone for the time being. You only have to understand what this Government is doing, and has done to it, to realise that their hands are tied. It is very rare that I agree with Old Mr. Skinner on Labour benches, but his comment as Black Rod passed him by, is totally correct. I think it was an American President who made the comment. – ” When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Mike.. I think most took that the other way round. Guido Fawkes did I think? And so did I.

        As in leave them alone to carry on in the crap way they have been…and worse.

      • Nigel Greaves says:

        Last Friday’s Any Questions featured several anti Brexit rants by Paddy Ashdon. He even hijacked a question about Donald Trump at one point. Dimbleby just let him ramble on for several minutes about remaining in the EU and, when he did attempt to stop him, he just kept talking over everybody.
        Its happening too often to be coincidence.
        It’s the complete opposite when a Brexiteer is making a good point!

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Nigel. Question Time is one of my must see programmes, but I had not noticed much in the way of bias to the remain people. What I did notice with some anger, was a female member of the audience, ( at the back of the hall ), who made the alarming comment that it would not make any difference IN or OUT. Where does the BBC get such people ?

  3. Anyoldiron says:

    My Generation was in a full scale WAR to prevent FOREIGNERS Governing us. How times have changed for those we know. SOME freely elect-NO NOT ME -Pay those foreigners to govern us by and through those EEC/EC/EU Treaties that between themselves have ratified -without ever putting one of them before the people, and before they were indeed ratified. Without doubt, if the outcome of the proposed REFERENDUM is to remain in the EU-there is absolutely no point in having ANYONE in those two Houses of Parliament, for this Country will remain in the EU-FOREVER. As you are aware Sir, our very own Common Law Constitution FORBIDS US OBEYING FOREIGNERS-that was why we went to war in 1939.

  4. Shieldsman says:

    I am going to repeat my entry of two days ago. It goes to the heart of what remaining in the EU means for the UK. Cameron and future Governments will have NO say or control over decisions made by the European Union.

    Now did Cameron reform did NOT reform the EU, and we have futher evidence here: –
    27 April 2016 A critical view of the EU deal, from Germany to Britain, By German professors group
    The EU is facing two unprecedented crises: a never-ending currency and economic crisis, and an unprecedented migration crisis which threatens the foundations of the welfare state and the long-term social stability of its member states. And, as so often, when the EU is facing problems created by premature integration, and no one knows what is to be done, Brussels, Paris and Berlin are responding not with plans for less, but for more EU integration. This is the message of the so-called Five Presidents’ Report which sets out the agenda for full-scale eurozone integration with important implications for the EU as a whole.

    In the 1990s Britain, wisely decided not to join the common currency and she never became part of the Schengen ‘open borders’ regime. David Cameron has long called for fundamental reform of the EU. In February, with considerable political skill, he negotiated an EU-UK Agreement which confirms Britain’s opt-outs under the existing Treaties. In the circumstances this is probably the best deal that could be secured. But can the EU-UK agreement be the nucleus of much needed wider reform within the EU? Here we have doubts.

    There are four principal areas to the UK-EU Agreement.
    First, the provisions on economic governance and competitiveness. They generally do not go beyond vague commitments and otherwise merely confirm the UK’s non-participation in the eurozone banking union and future eurozone bail-outs. The Agreement also provides some assurance to the United Kingdom that further eurozone integration will take account of the special position of non-eurozone EU members, although, in turn, the United Kingdom agrees to sincere cooperation in facilitating further integration within the eurozone. As for the promises to improve economic competitiveness and reduce regulatory burdens, one only has to look back at the launch of the EU’s Lisbon Agenda in 2000 which was aimed to transform the EU into “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion by 2010.” As the year 2010 approached, references to the Agenda were progressively expunged from EU documents and websites, and it now primarily survives on Wikipedia and in fading memories. First, the provisions on economic governance and competitiveness. They generally do not go beyond vague commitments and otherwise merely confirm the UK’s non-participation in the eurozone banking union and future eurozone bail-outs. The Agreement also provides some assurance to the United Kingdom that further eurozone integration will take account of the special position of non-eurozone EU members, although, in turn, the United Kingdom agrees to sincere cooperation in facilitating further integration within the eurozone.

    Second, there is the symbolically important declaration that the UK is not committed to ‘ever closer union’. However, there is not a single important judgment where the European Court of Justice has relied on this formula as the exclusive legal basis for driving EU integration, and it is difficult to see how, in practice, the UK could in future escape the uniform application of future judicial activism in the EU except in areas where the UK already enjoys pre-existing opt-outs.

    Third, the Agreement envisages a legislative ‘red card’ for national parliaments. This is an innovation of potentially wider significance. However, it would only work if there were a mass revolt of national parliaments against their own majority governments.

    Finally, the new ‘emergency brake’ would limit access to welfare benefits by EU migrants for up to four years for individuals and seven years in total. The ‘emergency brake’ could potentially save the UK Treasury a few hundred million pounds in total, but there will be administration costs and the net benefits are difficult to quantify at this stage. Further, there is an open question whether time-limited differential access to in-work benefits would, in the long term, significantly reduce EU immigration into Britain. Most EU migrants come to work and not, primarily, to claim benefits in Britain. Moreover, once non-EU immigrants are naturalised in Germany and elsewhere, there is nothing to prevent them from exercising their right to free movement and cross the Channel legally, not illegally. Thus, even if the United Kingdom is not part of the EU’s common asylum policy, no country will be able to escape its consequences.

    We believe that the EU needs the United Kingdom and her voice of reason, all the more at present when almost everyone appears to have quit reason. Whether Britain needs the EU just as much, is a choice for the British people. 27 April The Agreement cannot do so because it does little to reform the EU and does not exempt Britain from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the uniform application of its pro-Union approach to judicial decision-making.

    Authors and signatories:
    Gunnar Beck, Barrister (EU law), Temple, London
    Charles Blankart, professor (economics), Berlin
    Gerd Habermann, professor (economics), University of Potsdam
    Hans-Olaf Henkel, MEP and former president of the German Federation of Industry
    Dietrich Murswiek, professor (public and EU law), Freiburg
    Alfred Schüller, professor (economics), Marburg
    Joachim Starbatty, MEP and professor (economics), University of Tübingen
    Roland Vaubel, professor (economics), University of Mannheim
    This article is an exclusive for CapX, and is available for syndication. Please contact editors@capx.co to discuss details.

    Look at the date 27 April, has it been hiding somewhere?
    The significance of this paper is that is signed by a Barrister (EU Law) and a professor (public and EU law), which says:
    But it is not a choice between change and no change. Rather, it is a choice between leaving or remaining in an EU that would remain committed to further political integration, and there is nothing in the EU-UK Agreement that can offer the UK any permanent legal safeguards against being dragged along the path of further integration albeit with provisos and reluctantly. The Agreement cannot do so because it does little to reform the EU and does not exempt Britain from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the uniform application of its pro-Union approach to judicial decision-making.

    Furthermore the ‘emergency brake’ is unlikely to be enacted.

    Let’s get back to basics, Cameron said the EU is not working, I will fix. He lied, he has not fixed anything, even Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU is not working, repeating all the reason which Cameron were wrong and the Public did not want.

    • David Kendrick says:

      HI Sheildsman, the UK only put off EMU under the EURO until 2020, at every renegotiation of membership terms putting the date of full integration further back, the essence of the Cameron class was delay full compliance until there is no resistance.

      • John S Churchill Jnr says:

        Not doubting you about Euro opt out, but can you give the proof? We can use that as another lie!

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Gail Combs (via the blogs of Tallbloke and E. M. Smith) has intriguing insight into possible unexpected consequences of staying in the pot.


  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    TBH…some of the german built houses I’ve lived in (in germany) would lead me to believe that UK needs some lessons in building. And as it was with cars funnily enough. We need europe for some things but not the freaking mess on offer now!

    The Guardian? What have they been popping today or last night I wonder,

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WE ARE AT WAR ! No bombs are dropping on us. No army is poised to invade us, and no use of bullets this time. We are however at war in the time honoured sense, of our British values, our democracy and freedom from domination by a foreign power is happening, except this power is a conglomerate of Nations, held together by a bunch of unelected old men.
    The weapons being used are new to the battle field. Ignorance. – Made into a weapon by our poor teaching of children in this country for many generations, after all, what youngster wants to learn History, when it is taught in such a lack-luster way ? The main armament however has been known before, but not with such massive might as today. A Fifth Column. – This is very different to anything seen before, as it encompasses our elected leaders. Since the word Traitor, and the act of Treason, has passed away, our leaders see no problem in following the line of personal wealth, at an expense to their own Nation. In that mind-set the door is open for anything, from a drink£, to virtual Emperor of Europe.
    Dear old Boris, with his E.U. being like Nazi Germany, is right, but also wrong. There is no S.S. or Gestapo this time, it is way more subtle than that, but I guess we can line that up with the Cameron threat of WW3. Our weapon is a good one, and has served democratic argument for many years. JUST VOTE OUT OF THE E.U., AND NOW IS THE TIME !

  8. Ex-expat Colin says:

    An Observation
    Handelsblatt Global ‏@HandelsblattGE
    Spain and Portugal got away with it: @EU_Commission upholds its tradition of letting fiscal offenders off the hook

    How nice of them. When do we start footing the bills….again?

  9. Jane Davies says:

    Treason is still an offence…….we will need to build more jails once the UK is out and certain politicians are made to account for their actions.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Main articles: High Treason and Treason

    William Joyce (“Lord Haw-Haw”) was the last person to be tried for treason in the UK.
    Under the law of the United Kingdom, high treason is the crime of disloyalty to the Crown. Offences constituting high treason include plotting the murder of the sovereign; committing adultery with the sovereign’s consort, with the sovereign’s eldest unmarried daughter, or with the wife of the heir to the throne; levying war against the sovereign and adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid or comfort; and attempting to undermine the lawfully established line of succession. Several other crimes have historically been categorised as high treason, including counterfeiting money and being a Catholic priest.[1]

    High treason was formerly distinguished from petty treason, a treason committed against a subject of the sovereign, the scope of which was limited by statute to the murder of a legal superior. Petty treason comprised the murder of a master by his servant, of a husband by his wife, or of a bishop. Petty treason ceased to be a distinct offence from murder in 1828, and consequently high treason is today often referred to simply as treason.

    Considered to be the most serious of offences, high treason was often met with extraordinary punishment, because it threatened the security of the state. Hanging, drawing and quartering was often employed. The last treason trial was that of William Joyce, “Lord Haw-Haw”, who was executed in 1946.

    Since the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 became law, the maximum sentence for treason in the UK has been life imprisonment.

  10. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Jane. So I take it that we can’t just hang these Politicians. – Much better !

  11. borderside says:

    Well said , Jane , and the first in the queue for treason against the state should be one Anthony Blair . He should then be on bread and water for the rest of his natural .

  12. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    You’r all in the right ball park, but I stand by my comment. – Just hang the bastards !

  13. Frances Fox says:

    Jane, I understood that when Tony Blair was in power he deleted the Treason Act. Probably,in my opinion, to save himself and others like him.

    Frances Fox

    • Jane Davies says:

      He abolished the death penalty for treason, no doubt to save his own neck.
      It would take more than one politician to repeal an ancient act of parliament, it would be on par with abolishing the Magna Carta.

  14. Gillian Roberts says:

    David Cameron is a traitor to his country. He was complicit in the removal of the dictator Gaddafi from Libya. I believe he hailed the “Arab Spring” in Egypt. Yet, David Cameron is well on the way to becoming a dictator himself with his policy of instilling fear into the populace over the ” consequences” of leaving the EU (all of which are spurious!). Thanks to UKIP and the GO team the public are being given the chance to hear the true facts in the case. I hope they have the good sense to listen. Otherwise “Dictator Dave” is upon us all!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      We have had as many lies from this monkey as we will take. – As for being a Dictator, well you know what happens to them, and it’s not nice ! I have suggested that he keeps the murder of P.Ms to just Mr. Percival, ( About 1814 ish ); one is enough in this country, but that is very much in his hands.

  15. Anyoldiron says:

    The Destruction of the United Kingdom.

    T’was the death of the first Queen Elizabeth
    When the son of Queen Mary of Scots became King,
    James was ready to be King of Scotland,
    And a Protestant Religion did bring.
    Those that want to break away,
    Destroy all that held fast and free,
    When the Crowns of Scotland and England
    Were United on the 11th of July, 1603.

    Two World Wars could not destroy us
    Our United Kingdom of Great Britain,
    Yet will the destruction of our ‘Kingdom’
    Come from the enemy, OR WITHIN?
    A once united United Kingdom
    Stood together to fight the foreign foe,
    That wanted to conquer this Kingdom
    Yet the people would NOT let it go.

    Little is known now of the bombing of Scotland,
    For the Scottish do not sing that song,
    Yet in 1941 Clydebank took a pounding,
    When 200 German ‘planes dropped their bombs.
    We knew of the bombing of Scapa Flow of Orkney
    To drive our Navy out to sea,
    An attack on H.M.S Mohawk,
    Sixteen sailors lost forever, was to be.

    The “old uns” knew about the heavy bombing,
    Friends here today, and gone the next,
    The intense bombing of our Scotland
    So many lives lost in Scotland,
    Our Countrymen brave and true,
    For all in this United Kingdom
    Want FREEDOM, not ruled by the EU.

    Why does our PM want Scotland
    To continue to be part of the UK?
    When away to foreigners would give us all?
    And many £billions to strangers would pay?
    Such treachery over these many years,
    “That there would be no loss of essential Sovereignty”,
    The people told by those then did trust,
    Just believe in us all-for ‘tis reality!

    It was all of us working together
    That made the United Kingdom “GREAT”
    To have to fight for our freedom once more,
    Is some-thing we ALL would hate.
    So eager to join a European Union
    That divides nations, so shall it be?
    The EU to dominate once FREE Countries
    Never again to ever be set FREE?

    This is what weak UK Leaders have now done,
    Chosen freely the path of destruction,
    To separate and divide nations forever,
    Still believing those cheap words of seduction.
    It will be left to the people of Scotland,
    To remain in the UK or be forever alone
    Though hundreds of years stood “together”
    Pray they never come to be always on their own.

    To destroy, destroy our Kingdom completely
    Is what the EU must succeed to do,
    For four Countries together are far too strong,
    Yet our own have PAID £billions to the EU.

  16. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I don’t think Jean-Claude Junker has much experience with people and Nations who take their own view, and act on it. He is his own worst enemy with the comment that the E.U. has failed, but now he states that there would be repercussions if we left the E.U. Why ? Who would stay willingly in any group, that the leader says, has failed ? As for any unfriendly actions pending, upon our leaving; bring it on you silly old tart ! We have faced far worse than anything you are able to do, and you are governed by WTO rules.
    What gives Mr. Juncker the biggest problem, is that he knows that GB/UK would do very well outside the E.U., and the contagion could spread to other member states. Also the loss of a Net contributor’s money, leaves more and more needy Nations in the Union, which will hit the other Net contributors even harder. So the Commission will still be housed in its swank new buildings in Brussels, but with less and less money to keep them in the style that they have become used to. Think again Mr, Juncker; is it smart to throw out veiled threats to the British who will only VOTE OUT OF THE E.U.? We don’t take kindly to that and never have !

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