Daily Debrief May 20th

34 days to Independence

Migrants spark housing shortage

The Daily Mail reports today how the migrant crisis has sparked a housing shortage.

We have been ordered by Brussels to build more houses – to cope with all the EU immigrants, after the European Commission warned the UK is heading for an ‘acute’ housing crisis caused by massive population growth.

It admitted that first-time buyers were being hit particularly hard and the situation could worsen, with official projections saying the UK needs at least 220,000 new houses a year. But,rather than acknowledging the clamour in the UK for stricter border controls to ease demand, the Commission ordered Britain to ‘take further steps to boost housing supply’.

Typical EU logic – a sticking plaster solution for another problem. I couldn’t have put it better than Leave campaigner  and ex-Cabinet Minister Liam Fox. He rightly pointed out that ordinary people were aware of EU migration ‘in their daily lives by the lack of school places, the difficulty seeing a GP and competition for housing’.

He went on to say, ‘Of course those who fund the Remain campaign – Goldman Sachs, the big banks, the big corporates, the oil companies – don’t really care because they don’t use those services.’

A dying Eurozone

An interesting read in The Guardian today I quote: “The eurozone crisis is about more than Greece. It is about Italy, where the economy is barely any bigger now than it was when the single currency was introduced. And France, where unemployment is double the level of the UK or the US. And Finland, one of the most tech-savvy countries in Europe, where the economy is seven per cent smaller than it was before the start of the financial crisis. And even Germany, where an export boom and high corporate profits have been paid for by workers in the form of below-inflation pay increases. “

The EU simply isn’t working and what may have appeared a good idea 40 or 50 years ago has morphed into something out of control and totally unworkable.

Today’s Project Fear latest

Yes, Project Fear is alive and kicking as this FT story  illustrates. According to Old Mutual,  Brexit will put UK revenues at ‘significant’ risk with British businesses collectively generating £350bn from the EU last year.

The truth is we would be stronger out, we make our own trade deals and boost business, freeing up our entrepreneuers from EU red tape.

More than  one million UK jobs have been lost since we joined the EU including whole industries wiped out such as ship and train building, chemicals, textiles, mining, steel production and chocolate making while others like fishing and farming to name but a few have suffered badly under EU regulations.

Far from putting revenues at risk, Brexit would offer better returns out of the control of EU bureaucrats.

Lord Owen – ignore the voices of doom

You can read the BBC’s full report Lord Owen’s speech here –  where he states the quicker Brexit begins the less likely the UK was to be “dragged down” should the Eurozone collapse.

As Lord Owen says the voices of doom we here now are the same voices imploring us to join the Euro 17 years ago  – thank heavens we didn’t!
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14 Responses to Daily Debrief May 20th

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Wanna Job…a really useless one! Or perhaps non existent?
    European ParliamentVerified account
    #Vacancy: EU institutions looking for auditors! Apply by 14 June http://bit.ly/254NWOx #Jobs

  2. Richard111 says:

    There is a comment in today’s Daily Mail that the EU will be responsible for counting the Referendum votes! Anything in Mr Cameron’s many statements that might give rise to this idea?

  3. Shieldsman says:

    The BBC and the Media are in the main quite happy to present the myth and fantasy conjured up by one David Cameron in his foreword to the Brussels agreement – the task of reforming the European Union does not end with this agreement.

    They have all missed the fact that it never started. We have eight eminent German professors saying: ‘Whether Britain needs the EU just as much, is a choice for the British people. But it is not a choice between change and no change. Rather, it is a choice between leaving or remaining in an EU that would remain committed to further political integration, and there is nothing in the EU-UK Agreement that can offer the UK any permanent legal safeguards against being dragged along the path of further integration albeit with provisos and reluctantly. The Agreement cannot do so because it does little to reform the EU and does not exempt Britain from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the uniform application of its pro-Union approach to judicial decision-making’.

    I thought Gove might have picked up on the legality of Cameron’s claim, but he is just a newspaper man turned politician. Old Norman Tebbit is the only one worth his salt.

    Do vote.leave want to win this referendum, if they do then they need to sack Elliott and Cummings and get their act together. A large majority of the Public know Cameron is a con-man, he lied that he had reformed the EU and that everything in the garden is lovely, but now says we will be in a wasteland if we leave.

    The media are turning it into a farce. Enter left, the stage managed luvvies, say their little piece – it benefits us to stay in the EU for handouts – exeunt right. Do they know anything about the EU, about as much as June Sarpong and that BES lot. Paxman join the comic act with his curved cucumber and bendy bananas.

  4. The BBC talks about money all of the time. I happen to think we will be vastly better off out of the eu.

    However, that is only one aspect.

    What of democracy?

    If we vote to remain, how long before Parliament is little more than a council chamber?

    At some time in the future, if the eu introduces the Euro to the UK by majority voting and direction from politicised courts and then appropriates our taxes, by what mechanism would a UK citizen make their views known about this? Would we need to ask our armed forces whose side they are on?

  5. Jane Davies says:

    Now our PM Justin Trudeau has jumped on the remain bandwagon saying trade deals with Canada could take up to ten years and the UK should not leave. Can he not see that the present trade deal with the EU took about nine years BECAUSE Canada was negotiating WITH the EU?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Do the Canadian negotiators (whatever) have difficulty identifying whats worth buying form Europe? Never mind cars.

      Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything here with made in Canada on it. Have a bog seat with made in the USA on it, but don’t believe it.

      Anyway…its likely Canada has to pay up for trade and with 28 of the idiots I doubt agreement can be reached….plus anything else they want?

      • Jane Davies says:

        I don’t think the agreement has been ratified yet. So you won’t be seeing anything made in Canada for a while.

    • Richard111 says:

      How come ‘Made in China’ is the most common ident on goods in my home? Not only for electronics goods.

  6. davidbuckingham says:

    A vote to Remain should be depicted as one decision to end all decisions – like entering a monastery – or like Germany voting Hitler into power…. a vote to Remain spells the beginning of the end of democracy in the UK, who knows how long for?.

    Remainders are flat-earthers. They see Leavers as isolationist and turning their backs on the world because the Remainders’ world ends at the outer edges of Europe. We’ll simply drop off into oblivion if we go beyond that.

  7. davidbuckingham says:

    btw in response to the many accusations that Leavers want to condemn Remainders to be “alone and afraid in a world they never made”, there are about 170 countries out there in the real world who survive perfectly well as independent nation states – only 27, so far, think it’s necessary to be part of a protective and obsessively regulated authoritarian customs union to survive.

  8. John S Churchill Jnr says:

    So the EU want us to build more houses. We can barely afford to fill in the potholes in our roads let alone embark on such a huge capital spending programme. The only way (other than adopting Positive Money) to afford to build more houses is for the public and/or private sectors to borrow the money. If done by the public sector, this would put us outside the Maastricht criteria, resulting in a fine. If done by the private sector this would risk banking stability (Carney are you listening?) We’re stuffed either way! Until 23rd June that is!

    • Nigel Greaves says:

      Someone pointed out to Osborne yesterday that maybe lower house prices would not be such a bad thing as it would mean young people would be able to afford to buy a house.
      He glibly replied that the way to get house prices down was to build more rather than ‘risk the whole economy ‘.

      The point here is that the UK Construction industry has been consistently building less houses than is needed to match the demographics for years and years. Now that we have such a large influx of Europeans there is no way that we can ever build enough stock to keep up with demand, so prices will continue to rise. If you looked at the true number of people who entered this country last year to work (or even the government figure), it would become apparent that we didn’t build enough in the year to cover it, let alone the housing demand for British people.

      Like the NHS, the construction industry just can’t keep pace with this influx of humanity. so we need to get control of our borders by leaving the EU.

  9. Frances Fox says:

    What makes me angry is that America getting agreement from the EU to have TTIP without any thought of what the British People want. How come that America can do this knowing that the EU rule over us. I think this is insulting.

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