Gordon Brown: Ignorant and prejudiced


On May 25th, we had Gordon Brown in the European parliament making “the positive case for Britain to stay in the EU”.  Most of the audience consisted of EU/Labour supporters who wanted us to Remain.  But in the second row were a dozen UKIP MEPs.

Brown gave a competent summary of the Remain position – indeed he was quite engaging – and of course he got a standing ovation from the In-Crowd.  Son on the Manse that he is, he was preaching to the choir.

When it came to questions, Paul Nuttall was brilliant.  He made a point of congratulating Brown on keeping the UK out of the €uro – which went down with that audience like a pork pie at a bah mitzvah.

But it was Brown’s comments on UKIP that caused offence.  He decided to make capital by attacking us.  He spoke of our position on immigration, saying that immigration had contributed mightily to the UK’s economic performance.  He may have a point – but it would have contributed more if we had been able to select the skills we need, and reject the less qualified.

He pointed out that the NHS would collapse without foreign labour – but no one is proposing to send doctors and nurses home.

But he became most offensive – I would say scandalous – when he asserted that Sadiq Khan’s election as Mayor of London was ” a rebuke to UKIP”.  That can only be an accusation of racism.

Neville Watson

As a famous British comedian once said “Let me tell you a story”.  Yesterday I went to a meeting of the All-Party Climate Change Group in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons.  Sitting opposite me on the Victoria line from Saint Pancras was a guy who recognised me and introduced himself.  He was Neville Watson, a UKIP member, and a former UKIP candidate, on his way to a “Christians for Britain” event with Lord Pearson in the House of Lords.  And he’s black.

During the course of my seventeen years in the European parliament, I have had a number of ethnic minority staffers in my office.  We in UKIP have had many ethnic minority candidates.  I remember canvassing with a UKIP councillor of distinctively Middle Eastern appearance, who knocked on a door to have the householder shout “Go away – I don’t talk to UKIP – you’re racist”.  Our Councillor’s name, by the way, was “Jihad”.  We spent a long time laughing at the incongruity.

Unlike our current government’s immigration policy, which favours (generally white) Europeans over (often ethnic minority) non-Europeans, our UKIP immigration policy is utterly colour-blind.  I’d rather we had an Indian dentist that an unskilled Eastern European.

Gordon Brown’s implication that UKIP is racist shows ignorance, and prejudice – or perhaps just dishonest malice and political opportunism.

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18 Responses to Gordon Brown: Ignorant and prejudiced

  1. catalanbrian says:

    “I’m not racist but……” You could not have made your position clearer.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    First of all, we are now in the silly time of the referendum run up. Gordon Brown ! – Who the hell is interested in this yesterday’s man. – An ex P.M. who was pleased to loose the election, so that he was not required to clear up the mess he made, and don’t mention gold ! ! ! Then we have Cameron’s mate, who confides that Cameron is at heart, wishing to LEAVE THE E.U. Then we have the view of middle classes, vacillating on should I stay or should I go ? If this is a true picture of this Nation today, then maybe staying in is what we deserve ! A fantastic history of a great Nation ends at this point, and we continue as half a dozen administrative areas of the E.U. I made my mind up to leave the E.U. back in the 1980s, and in irritable patience for this referendum, now have what I have wanted, but the choice to some British is proving too much to handle. Simply, do you want to give up your British Birthright ? Are you shaw that the E.U. is the right recipient for such a precious item ? Will you do as your told ? ? ?

    • vera says:

      As you say who is interested in that barely has-been Brown? I think he only kept us the £ to stymie Bliar’s chance of getting the presidency of the EU, he wasn’t doing us any favours, he was as usual acting in malice.
      In the picture he looks like a Soviet commissariat on a Red Square balcony from the Brezhnev era – in every sense a yesterday’s man.

    • David, 14 years a kipper) says:

      The cajonies have left the scene eh!

  3. Anyoldiron says:

    My Generation went through a full scale WAR to prevent foreigners Governing us then, yes and we were indeed bombed out living near the much used Manchester Ship Canal in those days.

    What is the point in having ANYONE in those two Houses of Parliament when all THEY can do is obey the orders of FOREIGNERS?
    If none in those two Houses of Parliament want foreigners to Govern us, then empty completely both of those two Houses of Parliament and let us fill it with those that want to govern this Country by and through its very own Common Law Constitution that so very many gave THEIR LIVES FOR.

  4. Anyoldiron says:

    We will NEVER forget.

    So many gave their lives for us
    Fighting in two World Wars,
    Yet when “Peace” came at last
    We ask, “What was that war for”?
    Where is that peace we fought for?
    Did we pay to give it away
    To foreigners once more to govern us?
    Did the people ever have a say?

    We were asked once in 1975
    To remain in the then EEC,
    But what is it now in 2016
    It is nothing like we thought it would be.
    Our Common Law Constitution
    Ignored and deliberately cast aside,
    A new Flag and EU Anthem
    That no Brits can truly abide.

    Yet according to our Constitution,
    We must be free to govern our selves?
    To betray those that gave their lives for us
    Would be like living in a permanent Hell!
    We are forbidden to obey foreigners
    Our Constitution makes that quite clear,
    It is time for us to set ourselves FREE.
    By the REFERENDUM Governments fear.

  5. Jane Davies says:

    The year was 2006, it was on the cards that the vile Gordon Brown was to take over from another vile person and become PM. We decided to come to Canada to live, no coincidence there!
    I wouldn’t trust this man to sit with my granny for a couple of hours, he makes my flesh crawl, always has done, his smile is that of a snake before it bites, he is full of poison.

    • David, 14 years a kipper) says:

      Not so sure I can better that description Jane, truly an angry man, and a b to.

    • David, 14 years a kipper) says:

      In addition we hear that JU87 is now proposing that they ban “Populist parties”, truly democracy eu style.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Banning Populist Parties eh ! Well sure as hell the E.U. won’t be banned. Juncker is on record as saying that the E.U. meddles too much in member states. He is leader of the Commission, and no one takes a bit of notice of him. Maybe when we VOTE OUT AND LEAVE THE E.U., the whole poxy Commission will take notice of us !

  6. Ian Terry says:

    A failed failed man not worthy of being associated with the titles Prime Minister let alone Chancellor. What a failure. He should not be allowed within 25miles of any parliament anywhere.

  7. Andy Dan says:

    I was thinking of him yesterday when they were saying on the news how the half billion pound deficit in the steel workers pension fund was putting off potential buyers. He removed the tax credit on pension share dividends in 2007, signalling the end of the final salary pension schemes (Apparently only a dozen or so left in the country). It’s raised 100s of billions for government since then, but it’s effect is only now starting to be noticed. Having said that, Osborne could have done something about it since 2010, but hasn’t. There was a time when pension funds were so flush, they’d suspend taking contributions for a while. Funny to think that now. We really are going to hell in a handcart.

    • Andy Dan says:

      Sorry, 1997, not 2007.

    • vera says:

      Yes b—–ds the lot of them I’ve come to the conclusion our Government is actually the enemy within, they don’t defend or protect Britain or its people, but do what they can to shove us down the gullet of the greedy, never satisfied EU monster. We should open up The Tower again for business.

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  10. Peter Adams says:

    “Gordon Brown’s implication that UKIP is racist shows ignorance, and prejudice – or perhaps just dishonest malice and political opportunism.” No near for the “or perhaps” Roger, you should have had “as well as”. That’s his style

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