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Post-Referendum Debrief June 30th

The World beats a path to our door Leave.EU reports that many countries have already expressed an interest in setting up new trade deals with a newly-liberated UK.  It lists the USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, … Continue reading

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Reply to a whinger

I have received a number of rather long and identical letters from disgruntled Remain supporters setting out their concerns over the campaign.  Here is a reply I sent to one of them: Dear Constituent, Thank you for sending me your … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief June 29th

That second referendum: a logical absurdity Two questions for Jeremy Hunt. Hunt has written a piece arguing that the UK should now negotiate new trade terms with the EU, and then submit the new deal to the British people in … Continue reading

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Post Referendum Debrief June 28th

I promised that the Referendum Day debrief would be the last – but I’ve now been asked to keep it going on an occasional basis during this turbulent post-referendum period. What kind of relationship with the EU? Now that we’ve … Continue reading

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The oldest trick in the Brussels play-book

It’s called “Biased finality”.  Vote in favour of Brussels, and that’s the issue settled, in effect, forever.  Vote against, and you’ll have a second referendum straight away.  Keep voting till you get it right.  The anti-Brussels answer simply can’t be … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief June 23rd

Daily Debrief REFERENDUM DAY! One chance in a lifetime for freedom!  Vote Leave. Today’s the day! This pretty much sums up what most of the papers have to say.  The “i”: “On your marks; get set; VOTE”. Telegraph “The time has … Continue reading

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