Daily Debrief June 1st

22 days to Independence Day!

The polls are turning – we can win this one!

The i headlines “Leave Campaign jubilant after polling turn-around”, with a picture of a beaming Nigel Farage, uncharacteristically holding what appears to be a cup of tea.  The Indy headlines “Third poll in a week shows Britain headed for Brexit”, although the on-line edition highlights an easing of the Pound against the Dollar.  (It appears to be firming against the €uro, though). Freedom beckons.  With three weeks to go, we can win this great battle for British independence – especially as we expect a bonus from differential turnout.

Immigration is the key

We know that Cameron feared a surge in summer immigration which he rightly believed would favour the Leave Campaign.  Now his nightmare is happening in the last few weeks of the campaign.  And today it’s happening in the English Channel as well as the Med.  The Sun Headlines “Haul Aboard! Migrant crooks on CCTV”, adding that traffickers are making £140,000 per trip.   It adds that there seems to be a cottage industry in fake documents, many of which have been recovered in the UK.


The Express claims that migrants are being ferried into Britain for as little as £100 each (though that’s difficult to reconcile with “£140k per trip”).

Boris and Gove promise to cut EU immigration with an Aussie-style points system

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery, so UKIP can be pleased that Johnson and Gove, and the Leave Campaign, have picked up the policy we’ve been promoting for years.  We want a broad consensus between government and industry on a sustainable level of immigration, and within that limit we want to ensure that British industry gets the skills it needs.  Better an Indian dentist than an unskilled Eastern European.  And of course we want temporary employment and study visas, properly enforced, for students, seasonal agricultural workers and so on.  The Mail headlines the story which is also carried by the Times.

The Telegraph picks out a detail of the story to headline: Boris rightly says that migrants wishing to settle in the UK should speak English.

Government criticised for lack of preparation: May scraps surveillance programme

I reported yesterday that the government had ignored a series of warnings about the vulnerability of Britain’s coasts to illegal immigration.  Today the Telegraph carries a story that in January, Home Secretary Theresa May scrapped an aerial surveillance programme which could have monitored people-smugglers in the Channel.  She did this against the advice of Baroness Neville-Jones, a former Security Minister and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Grayling: houses will be unaffordable if we remain

Chris Grayling, Leader of the House of Commons, has warned that house prices will continue to rise if we remain in the EU.  Young people seeking to get onto the housing ladder should vote for Brexit to help moderate house prices.This of course is the flip side of the Remain scare story that “house prices will drop if we leave the EU”.  Not everyone regards high house prices as an unalloyed benefit.

TUC: “Workers’ wages will fall by £38 a week”

In an extraordinarily misleading intervention, the TUC claims that workers’ wages will fall by £38 a week if we leave the EU.

In fact there is a general consensus that mass immigration leads to wage compression – even the leader of the Remain Campaign, Lord Rose, is on record as saying that Brexit will result in higher wages.

So the idea that wages would fall at all is highly contentious.  The purported precision of the prediction – “by £38 a week” – is simply absurd.  If the TUC were really concerned about the interests of workers, it would be backing Brexit.

Donald Tusk: EU’s Utopian élites responsible for Brexit

The EU’s first Eastern European Council President Donald Tusk has blamed the EU’s “Utopian élites” for the Brexit referendum. He adds that they are “living in a fool’s paradise”, and are guilty of “tearing Europe apart”.  Strong words – good sense.

Botham Backs Brexit

Sir Ian Botham has come out for Brexit. Well done Sir.

Mass sexual assault at Darmstadt Music Festival

In a distressing reminder of the outrage at Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Independent reports another “mass sexual assault” at a music festival at Darmstadt in Germany. The paper adds that three young men from Pakistan have been arrested, while other suspects are sought.

Masked protesters abort Nigel’s speech in Northampton

I was travelling in the UKIP Brexit Battle Bus with Nigel yesterday on the way to Northampton when we were advised by the police that forty or so aggressive masked protesters had assembled in the Market Square, and there were concerns for security.  The protesters were described as “pro-Brussels” in the Express report, but “Anti-UKIP, anti-free-speech” would seem more appropriate.  They were carrying protest banners, some of which were obscene.  In the interests of public safety, we went elsewhere.

These protesters appear to be from an organisation called “Hope not Hate”, which is largely funded by major trade unions.  So two questions remain.  Why does Hope not Hate adopt fascist tactics to prevent free speech and open debate?  And why has it had not a word to say about the virulent anti-Semitism in the Labour party?


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37 Responses to Daily Debrief June 1st

  1. foxbarn says:

    On the Hope not Hate protesters, the way to deal with these people isn’t to run away and avoid them but shine a light on them, their middle class backgrounds, their daft old commie idealist child like student politics, their abuse of the system in not working, not paying tax, just take, take, take whilst trying to point out other people’s faults. Attack them with banners, posters, leaflets, rip the masks of their stupid white guilty faces, laugh at them, humiliate them. Expose them for the twats they are and send them runnig back to mummy and daddy. BUT NEVER run away from them.

    • Ken Dickenson says:

      “Hope not hate”
      I think that was the priveliged group with which ex Telegraph’s Dan Hodges was associated. Yes indeed, he always wrote about how he hated UKIP and loved Dodgy Dave Cameron.
      I think his mummy is an Islington luvvie/ex-luvvie.

    • mike5262015 says:

      I am in total agreement Foxbarn. History of 1930s Germany shows that UKIP does not want to have the muscle following the speaker, to rough up hecklers. Nigel Farage has the ability to deal with hecklers on his own. If however the ‘ Hecklers ‘ turn out to be ready for assault, would it not be sensible to have our own people deal with them as the Police seem to be unwilling to get involved ?

      • foxbarn says:

        Everso tempting to have your own ‘marshals’ but however you disguise them, the left will spot them. Any security must be an independent company, then if things go wrong, you can distance yourself but if you’re really smart you won’t need them. Fight HNH with their own daft, simplistic quotes, pictures of their stupid, aggressive, brainless faces and pictures of their parents big houses. It’s pen versus sword and the pen, with great sarcasm…always wins. Mocking them is the BEST thing on earth and it’s easy, because they’re so fabulously STUPID!

  2. terry sullivan says:


  3. David, 14 years a kipper) says:

    I always refer to them as, Hate, no hope.
    Losers, who don’t see the contradiction in their group name.

  4. I’ve always felt that BSE was basically pretty incompetent (not that Vote Leave is great), and that most of the campaigning was beginning done by Dave, George, Soubry and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Now purdah has started, they’re out of the picture and BSE is on its own, and the only thing it can talk about is economics, which is all people have been hearing about for the last three months. Everything that can be said about economics has already been said. Now people want to talk about immigration, and on that, BSE has nothing to say beyond idiotic jibes about racism. Didn’t work for Gordon Brown, and people aren’t going to take it any more seriously now.

  5. “forty or so aggressive masked protesters had assembled in the Market Square, and there were concerns for security … They were carrying protest banners, some of which were obscene. In the interests of public safety, we went elsewhere.”

    So you surrendered to fascism. Not very impressive.

    • foxbarn says:

      we should be working to find out who the individuals are, get a load of info on their backgrounds, then make banners and posters about them…

      ‘Tarquin Tosspot, 24, hides his face with a mask, never worked, never paid tax, posh parents, wants to lecture YOU about morals’.

      ‘Toby Twatface, 23, hides his face with a mask, only has white friends on his facebook page, wants to lecture YOU about racism’.

      etc etc

      • vera says:

        Great idea foxbarn. Isn’t there also some shrieking old witch with blue hair called ‘Bunny’ or some such fluffy moniker, who often turns up, or is that some other perpetually outraged loser group?.

    • vera says:

      Going elsewhere left Hate not Hope without a target looking ridiculous and foolish and presumably removed their chance of media attention. No point in getting involved in a ruckus and play into the hands of the anti-Brexit media.

      • foxbarn says:

        I’d have milked the photo opportunity to say ‘THIS is all that’s left of Labour’s pathetic support. These NUTJOBS hiding behind their masks are the loony left from a bygone past, still having wet dreams about the glories of socialism which they’ve unfortunately never experienced’. Never, ever run away from extremists, it emboldens them. Attack them, verbally, loud and clear and demolish their daft claims…and watch their supporters on the sidelines turn tail not wishing to be associated with them.

    • We took police advice in the interests of public order. I had to go on to Brussels and I didn’t want to do so with raw egg running down my suit. We’re about rational argument, not fisticuffs.

      • mike5262015 says:

        You know Roger, I don’t think you have looked in depth at those that follow UKIP. We cover all ages and backgrounds, and if the Police back off from their duty, then the Party does have enough muscle within its membership to give good order in any of your meetings. No punch-ups or riots, just the use of science with determination. Northampton is my home town, and I am very angry !

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    They can protest peacefully but not obstruct or act offensively. Stinks of Edinburgh and wee eck’s gang.

    Police? If the police can’t control this stuff then get rid of them. Or better, fine them when they fail to act and reduce council tax with the new found funds. Madness….but thats seemingly where we are.

    John Redwood today on about the Leftie failure to condemn the damage to europe:


    Most of them likely need to remain near a benefits office?

  7. Warren Latham says:

    Thank you Roger. Excellent words: please keep ’em coming.
    We are with you all the way.
    Best Regards,

  8. vera says:

    With our Government’s lack of response to worries about our weak coastal borders, May’s cancelling of air patrols, the reducing of funds for border controls, the reduction in our military capacity, pathetic policing of illegal immigrants, it sickens me to realise we have an enemy within, our own Government. They do nothing except reduce our capacity to defend ourselves because it suits their agenda – for us to become weak docile regions of a new super power the European Federal State, run by Brussels, ie Germany. Cameron should be sent to the tower for treason – first responsibility of a Government is to protect and defend its country and people, which he is not even pretending to do.

    • mike5262015 says:

      I voted Tory a year ago, simply to get this referendum. I can now state, without any doubt, that was the last time they get my support. How a lying slimy turd can pass through Tory Party checks, and become Prime Minister, says all I need to know about the Conservative Party. The Tower ! – No, the nearest lamp-post and quickly !

  9. davidbuckingham says:

    In a day of exciting news, the best is Donald Tusk’s warning. UK Independence as a catalyst for the reconfiguring of Europe. Fascinating to see EU now speculating on the repercussions of Brexit.

  10. Shieldsman says:

    Seems to have disappeared

  11. Shieldsman says:

    The Monnet dream of a United States of Europe headed by the French State is falling apart.
    Who better qualified to sound its death knell than the President of the European Council – Donald Tusk

  12. mike5262015 says:

    NORTHAMPTON, is my home town, and I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Farage. So there were 40 odd knuckle draggers who wanted to mess things up. Why did our Police cancel this, rather than attend at our Market Square, and if things turned nasty, just fill our Gen.Hospital with cretins with broken heads ? A lack of intelligent action will now be recorded by the blank brain groups as, Northampton is easy to disrupt ! Of course, a real Home Secretary would want to have details of this Police action, or lack of it, but no chance of that. Mrs. May is bought and paid for by the stay ins !

    • I’ve been in and around Northampton for a long time — I was working in Goldington Road at one time. I think the police were doing their best. No one (except the protesters) wanted a riot.

    • foxbarn says:

      We must not appease yobs and oiks, we must not give into to a few soap dodging bullies…but we just have! Fight them with placards with blunt messages for the press. It’s so simple, when will UKIP learn how to fight?

  13. Jane Davies says:

    “We were advised by the police that forty or so aggressive masked protesters had assembled in the Market Square”. So what happened to them? Were their obscene placards confiscated and were they threatened with arrest if they did not ‘move along’?
    I got caught up in the poll tax riots in London on my way to a west end theatre, it was like a war zone, the police had split open the heads of protesters and those with arms and legs still attached were roughly frog marched into police vans, what has happened to the police are they now a bunch of woosies?

  14. foxbarn says:

    This is good, in City AM, the ‘free’ London commuter newspaper, usually bluntly pro-EU. Kippers, please re-broadcast! http://www.cityam.com/242292/cameron-and-osborne-have-backed-themselves-into-a-corner-with-their-shrill-defence-of-a-broken-eu

  15. mike5262015 says:

    JANE. I can tell you that the Policemen have not changed, but their bosses and the Courts have changed. That is why I would advocate the use of our own UKIP muscle within the crowd in order to keep disagreement to heckling. Once heckling becomes assult, we should use a little science with determination, as the Police are ordered to do nothing. Northampton is my home town, and I am very angry ! I apologise to Nigel and company for this action.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Well it must be very frustrating for them, after the next election when the UK has a new government and politicians with backbone then the top brass must be cleaned out and bosses put in place who want to see law and order restored and the laws must be tightened up. Enough of this PC and not wanting to offend anyone business.

  16. Richard111 says:

    Does anyone believe this is going to be an honest vote ? ? ?

    • foxbarn says:

      They’ve already cheated every way they can, the referendum should already have been called off/postponed – and such a postponement would be in our favour as all sorts will come out of the woodwork in the coming months, including the about-to-crumble Italian banking system.

  17. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin says:

    The lefties are absolutely entitled to their views. What they are not entitled to do is to prevent others from voicing theirs. It is called freedom of speech, something that lefties use selectively.

    I recall watching Nick Griffin on Question Time and Dimbleby was appalling in the chair. No mater how odious Griffin’s views, at the time he had several Councillors and I think an MEP or two, so represented a small slice of the electorate. If the BBc is going to allow extreme left wingers onto Question Time and let them have their say, the same neutrality should apply across the board.

    So it was with this marked mob. If they wish to welcome immigrants into their midst, fair enough. That they prevent, by threat of violence, a different view to be aired is a scandal and the PCC and Chief Constable should be put under a very hot spotlight.

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