Daily Debrief June 3rd

Only twenty days to Independence Day!

Dave feels the heat

Yesterday we had the first major “media event” for David Cameron on TV – although it was not quite a debate.  Questions from the audience.  And it didn’t go all his way.  The Telegraph headlines “Angry Sky News audience rounds on Cameron as he is accused of scaremongering over Brexit”.   Faisal Islam, the interviewer, got the laugh of the evening when he asked the Prime Minister “Which comes first? The Third World War, or the global Brexit recession?”.

But I was struck by the carefully crafted, lovingly pre-scripted sound-bite in his closing remarks: “Don’t roll the dice on Europe”.  He’s trying to say “Brexit is a leap into the unknown. Don’t take the risk.  Stay safe.  Stick to the devil you know”.  But staying in the EU is a leap into the unknown.  The EU faces existential crises.  The €uro, which has created depression across Southern Europe, with youth unemployment close to 50%.  The massive immigration crisis, as Juncker has to go cap-in-hand to Ankara to plead for help.  “Accelerated Turkish accession” (and a potential 79 million more immigrants) in the pipeline.  And the plans for an EU Army, designed to side-line NATO, which is a huge threat to our security.  The EU is a runaway train, and the biggest gamble is to stay on it.  Let’s get off it on June 23rd.

The BBC, always pro-Brussels and anti-Brexit, chooses to headline the same story “We can control immigration, says Cameron”.  I don’t know how Dave has the brass neck to repeat a proposition that is self-evidently false if we vote to Remain.  But then his scaremongering is also self-evidently false, yet he manages to repeat it without a blush.

Merkel’s intervention

In a moderately worded but thinly-veiled threat, Angela Merkel steps into the Brexit debate, warning that you don’t get the best results from a negotiation if you’re not at the table.  But if course in the post-Brexit negotiation that matters – over future UK/EU trade terms – we will be at the table.  And we’ll have a very strong negotiating position, as the EU’s largest external customer, bar none.

We must expect more threats of punitive action, and death and destruction, from Brussels and Berlin in the next few weeks.  But after Brexit, they’ll have to talk turkey.  They need us.

“EU killers and rapists we’ve failed to deport”

The Mail leads with this story on the front page, saying that thousands of foreign criminals are “walking our streets and clogging up our jails”.  It reports that despite Cameron’s promise to end this scandal, there are over 4000 of them, including 1000 Poles and 600 Romanians.  And it argues that this fact undermines the case for Remain.  Indeed it does.  The Telegraph also carries the story, citing a Home Affairs Committee report.

Farage: “We’ll stand half an inch taller”

Nigel Farage has issued a clarion call to Britons to be proud of their country, and confident about its prospects as an independent nation, saying “We’ll stand half an inch taller” as a free nation. He’s right.  Of course the economics matter – and we have a good case.  But it’s a hearts-and-minds issue too.

Is the US tired of protecting Europe?

In a thoughtful article, Fraser Nelson worries that the USA is tiring of the burden of protecting the West – including Europe.  Donald Trump has said so explicitly, and while he may not be elected, the mood is widely felt in Washington.  It’s the worst time for the EU to be toying with the idea of an EU Army, which it wants to have but doesn’t want to pay for.  Many in Brussels see a key objective of the EU Army being to side-line NATO.  Another reason why the EU is a massive threat to our security.

“Brussels tries to help UK hedge funds”

The FT reports a Brussels initiative seeking to help London’s hedge funds, making it easier to reach investors in the continent and to complete the EU’s single capital market.  This seems to be the work of British Commissioner Jonathan Hill (who looks set to be the 74th British job loss following Brexit – after 73 MEPs).   Now I wonder why he’s announced that just three weeks before the UK Referendum?

EU policies “entice migrants”

The Times reports complaints by Libyan authorities that EU rescue policies in the Mediterranean are “enticing migrants”, since they hugely increase the chances of migrants making it to the European mainland.  But we seem to be repeating the same mistakes in the English Channel.

Britain divided

The Express has a map of the UK indicating attitudes to Brexit by region.  It is a very striking pattern.

A sense of otherness

The International New York Times carries the front page headline “In Britain, a sense of otherness over Europe” (different headline in the on-line version – same text).  The piece compares British attitudes to EU membership with the Monty Python sketch “What did the Romans ever do for us?”.  It’s a lightweight piece that doesn’t get anywhere near the real issues.  And apparently the NYT (like so many others) doesn’t understand the difference between Europe and the EU.

EU Referendum: the view from Cornwall

The BBC’s Justin Webb offers us a pæan of praise for EU investment in Cornwall, which he says is making a huge difference to the Cornish economy. I daresay it is.  But given that each pound we get from the EU costs Britain around £3, we’d do better to keep the money at home and do it ourselves.

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12 Responses to Daily Debrief June 3rd

  1. foxbarn says:

    Great post Roger, thank goodness there’s some decent output from one corner of UKIP. With the REMAINIANS cheating like crazy (now sending polling cards to anyone who’ll vote ‘stay’, can’t we cry foul and demand a postponement? Since the £9 million spend of taxpayers money and the government websites all shouting ‘stay’ there is a long list of cheating. Call the referendum off NOW. Make them doing again in six months time, properly…by which time the EU will be in ruins.

  2. The Cameron/Osborne axis have demonstrated their opposition to democracy as well as theirs to fair play.
    A disgrace, for which they will never be forgiven, as will “Dumbo” Blair, likewise, for his dire dishonesty.

  3. Alan Wheatley says:

    The repost to “Stick to the devil you know” is what do we know about the Devil EU to like!

    • Anyoldiron says:

      Ah! The Devil eh.
      The Devil’s Work.

      Soon the Devil’s work be done,
      When Ireland will become as one,
      Devolution has set Scotland free,
      Government for Wales in its Assembly.
      England into nine Regions make,
      Its indomitable spirit must surely break?
      Was “England” such a dirty word
      It had to be divided, as though by sword?

      It was through ‘our own’ by stealth betrayed,
      Yet in our Parliament the MP’s stayed,
      Rubber stamping all EU laws,
      Made in Brussels for one and all.
      A cut in pay? a likely tale.
      A sign to read, “Parliament For Sale”?
      For doing nought, paid long enough,
      The Union now directly would govern us.

      A race once so proud, unique, now gone?
      No Union Jack to proudly look upon?
      For the ring of twelve stars shining on blue,
      Is the flag that will become well known to you?
      Not one MP with the guts to say,
      We’re marching towards the federal way,
      In the name of democracy this deed is done,
      Destroying Nation States, to become just one.

      To divide each country is now the Rule,
      Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland too.
      For foolish people elected those MP’s
      To try to bring England to its knees,
      Gaze, yet shed no tears for the past,
      For the Union has not been made to last,
      Britain once more will rule the seas,
      Though men have done their heinous deeds.

      England’s flag once more shall fly,
      From the tallest buildings, flown on high,
      The people seek out the fork-tongued ones,
      Though many have sold up and are gone.
      For the emotions of every “Brit” shall soar,
      Their National Anthem loudly sing once more,
      Peace, real truth and liberty shall come to be
      For Britain at long last will be truly FREE.

  4. Anyoldiron says:


    A new fight is on for our Country,
    Once more unto the breach dear friends,
    ‘Fight to the death’ once more is the call,
    For no knee of the English will bend.
    The people will not simply stand by
    While foreigners destroy our way of life,
    By carving up our Nation of England
    Into REGIONS, as though with a knife.

    The patience of each English Patriot,
    Tried and tested to fight once more,
    To gather the people around them,
    To fight as they did once before.
    Into nine EU Regions England is divided
    By foreigners, yet those we elect agreed,
    Ah yes, THEY made changes willingly
    Delighted they would indeed succeed.

    But such is the way of strangers,
    When from overseas sights are set
    On ruling over the whole wide world,
    Until they, the English ‘giant’ is met,
    For no fierce a foe than the English
    Once their patience is put to the test,
    Soon the foreigners will realise again,
    Find THEY have met up with the best.

    The English, easy going and placid,
    Thought they could “Trust” their own,
    They voted and even paid them,
    But realised they had been let down.
    But soon the day will come now,
    When Magna Carta will come into it’s own,
    For England SHALL once more be free,
    Regions gone, England ONCE MORE WHOLE.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Independent on it: (not that I read it)

    ” More than 13,000 foreign criminals awaiting deportation from UK
    The figure, which includes thousands of European citizens, reveals ‘clear inefficiencies’ in the process of sending foreign offenders back to EU member states”


    So there you were born one day (ah… peace) and because of some t*sser groups wunder dream one of these sh8ts attack you. And you can’t get rid of them….simply give me the job + tools and they’ll be gone and probably forever.

  6. Anyoldiron says:

    Shot at Dawn.

    Sixteen year old Herbert Burden
    Lied about his age,
    To fight for King and Country
    Yet with his life he paid.
    He saw his friends each massacred,
    At the Battlefield of Bellwarde Ridge,
    He bravely faced the firing squad,
    Yet “officially” still under age.
    Now tied firmly to the solid stake,
    A white cloth pinned on his shirt,
    A solitary Priest prayed for him
    Loud came the order then to shoot.
    God forgive those that metered out such “Justice”,
    For those that fell asleep at their post,
    Forgive those that refused to fight,
    Or so terrified they just couldn’t cope.
    Many so young paid the ultimate price,
    Forgiveness will not bring them back.
    They did their best for their Country
    Of courage not one of them lacked.
    Some refused to be blindfolded,
    They stared down the barrels of those guns,
    Guns that they knew would kill them,
    Not cowards when all’s said and done.
    Yet those standing today at the Cenotaph,
    To pay respects to those now dead
    In this year of Twenty-Ten,
    There is much that needs to be said.
    In 1914 they at least tried their best
    For their Country and fellow man,
    But “Today’s” Politicians with forked tongues speak
    With no courage to say what they’ve done.
    Others were shot for their fear of dying,
    But their Country remained safe and free,
    Now foreigners strut around and new laws make,
    That have to be obeyed by you and me.
    They deliberately gave away their Country
    Bit by bit over air, land and sea,
    Broken promises, shared ships, new Treaties,
    Put in jeopardy-our Security.
    But ‘ere the sun sets on this Country,
    MP’s will come to know deep shame,
    For those “Shot at Dawn” were far braver
    For Crown and Country they never betrayed.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    BBC’s the worst employer of all time, blasts Gambaccini….LOLS and la, la, la


    Dear punter…we got yer money so just shut up because we are always right! Like the EU you simply cant get rid of them. Your elected reps simply won’t do it because of that art cack!

  8. john timbrell says:

    Why do you not discuss the Kilmuir letter? Who is controlling you. Read it here.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Signed and shared on facebook……I am left wondering why treason charges have not been laid at the feet of some members the UK government, past and present. Clearly this should now be the case. Once the UK has returned to independence this MUST happen. If the UK remains a member this MUST happen.

  9. Shieldsman says:

    What is the Government under Mr Cameron offering the Europhiles and the undecided voter?
    Something which does not exist – A REFORMED EUROPEAN UNION.
    The Brussels Agreement was a tidying process with three promises that have yet to be fulfilled.
    There was no TREATY Change, acknowledged in the Government document Number 7524, 8 March 2016. “The Decision is not a binding EU treaty or EU law in itself.”
    Two parts of the Settlement state that they will be incorporated into the EU Treaties at the next opportunity for Treaty revision. Some elements of the Decision (e.g. limiting child benefits, the emergency brake on in-work benefits, stricter rules on marriages of convenience) will have to be passed by separate secondary EU legislation before they can take legal effect. This would be done using the Ordinary Legislative Procedure, involving QMV in the Council and a simple majority of the EP for approval. The Court of Justice could be asked to rule on whether the threshold condition for the emergency brake had been met.

    Graf Lambsdorff: EU ‘clearly went too far’ in Brexit concessions. For the emergency brake to come into force, the EU directive on free movement has to be modified, which can only be done with the consent of the European Parliament. Should the Parliament use this opportunity to amend the Council’s proposal?
    I’m sure that I will certainly not agree to a change of the directive, as it would restrict one of our basic fundamental freedoms. I assume that many in my group, as well as my colleagues in the EPP and S&D group will feel the same.

    Interesting reading on the agreement can be found at: Lawyers for Britain – “Ever Closer Union” will remain in the Treaty and the summit deal makes no difference to the UK’s legal obligations.
    Conclusions: It can be seen that the provisions of the summit “deal” on “ever closer union” and “sovereignty” are almost totally devoid of substance. For the most part, they make no alteration of any kind to the existing legal rights and obligations of the UK but are simply reiterating the existing legal situation for purposes of political effect and not substance.
    Conclusions: It can be seen that the provisions of the summit “deal” on “ever closer union” and “sovereignty” are almost totally devoid of substance. For the most part, they make no alteration of any kind to the existing legal rights and obligations of the UK but are simply reiterating the existing legal situation for purposes of political effect and not substance. Where they attempt to make a nuanced (and non-binding) interpretation of the concept of “ever closer union”.

    EurActiv.com 3 Mar 2016: Cameron’s renegotiation is nothing more than a rebranding exercise. There is nothing of substance to the United Kingdom’s renegotiation agreement, but it has been sold as a full revision of the country’s EU membership, write James Bartholomeusz and Daniel Schade.

    CAP -X 27th April 2016: A critical view of the EU deal, from Germany to Britain By German professors group
    Whether Britain needs the EU just as much, is a choice for the British people. But it is not a choice between change and no change. Rather, it is a choice between leaving or remaining in an EU that would remain committed to further political integration, and there is nothing in the EU-UK Agreement that can offer the UK any permanent legal safeguards against being dragged along the path of further integration albeit with provisos and reluctantly. The Agreement cannot do so
    because it does little to reform the EU and does not exempt Britain from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the uniform application of its pro-Union approach to judicial decision-making.

    A special status in a reformed European Union is a complete misnomer, the same status conditions preexisted prior to the Brussels CHARADE.
    Without a Treaty change the UK’s terms of membership of the EU are defined in the LISBON Treaty and opt-outs signed by Gordon Brown.

    In my e-mail on 26th May, Government responded: The Prime Minister has secured a new settlement for the UK, which delivers on the Government’s commitment to fix the problems that have frustrated people in Britain.
    The Government believes Britain is stronger, safer and better off within a reformed European Union. The Prime Minister has secured a new settlement for the UK, which delivers on the Government’s commitment to fix the problems that have frustrated people in Britain.
    However, if the British people vote to leave on 23 June, they would rightly expect the process to exit the EU to start straight away. The rules for exit are set out in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This is the only lawful route available to withdraw from the EU.

    The House of Lords took legal advice on Article 50. REFORM means to CHANGE, for REFORM/Change to apply to all 28 Member States surely it requires amendment to and change to the Lisbon Treaty, so do we need an additional legal ruling? If so then Vote.Leave better get cracking and obtain it. Actually you do not need to be a Lawyer, it is plain commonsense.

    What were the problems the PM said he would fix, and has he been successful.
    2015 Conservative manifesto: Controlled immigration that benefits Britain Pages 29 & 30
    Our commitment to you: Our plan to control immigration will put you, your family and the British people first. We will reduce the number of people coming to our country with tough new welfare conditions and robust enforcement.
    We will: keep our ambition of delivering annual net migration in the tens of thousands cal areas and public services, reform the workings of the EU, which is too big, too bossy and too bureaucratic
    When immigration is out of control, it puts pressure on schools, hospitals and transport; and it can cause social pressures if communities find it hard to integrate,
    No to a constant flow of power to Brussels. No to unnecessary interference. And no, of course, to the Euro, to participation in Eurozone bail-outs or notions like a European Army.

    Freedom of movement, that is the right of any EU citizen to live and work in the United Kingdom means we can never control migration from Europe, whilst remaining in the EU.

    The EU is on a wild ride to political union. An insight to the future in the EU can be read in DRAFT REPORT on improving the functioning of the European Union building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty (2014/2249(INI)). Several of the report’s proposals call for the ‘passerelle clause’ to be activated, so that national veto rights can be circumvented and qualified majority votes counted instead.

    How many U turns is David Cameron going to make. We have a Prime Minister that can’t remember what he said in a speech to the CBI 6 months ago. I am being selective but it comes from the transcript: So today I also want to debunk an argument that is sometimes put around by those who say ‘stay in Europe come what may’. Some people seem to say that really Britain couldn’t survive, couldn’t do okay outside the European Union. I don’t think that is true. Let’s be frank, Britain is an amazing country. We have got the fifth biggest economy in the world. We are a top ten manufacturer, growing steadily strong financial services. The world wants to come and do business here, look at the record of inward investment. Look at the leaders beating a path to our door to come to see what’s happening with this great country’s economy.

    The Brussels charade is a confidence trick being perpetrated by Cameron’s Government on the British Public

    In his interview with Andrew Marr, at one stage Cameron was on the hook, but the BBC would not allow that.
    AM: Isn’t the big truth about this that the old EU with its treaties, the Lisbon treaty and the Nice treaty and all the rest of them, overhanging our laws, and its over – centralised massive, blundering machine, imperial in its ambitions, carries on, and because we are still under those treaties we carry on under it?
    DC: Well the difference is that of course now we’re not only out of the euro, out of the no borders agreement, but we’re also out of ever -closer union, so we won’t be part – yes.
    AM: Well, are we? Because this depends upon a treaty of undefined scope, at an undefined time, with new leaders we don’t even know about, so it’s taken on trust.

  10. mike5262015 says:

    CHRISTIAN FAITH : My Church does not major on Bible Prophesy, but it is up to speed with it. For those with no faith, this will just give a chuckle, and I say, go on and enjoy yourselves. Believers however, might like to recheck their Holy Bibles. – The prophesies of Daniel, and of course the book of Revelation. Church, my friends and I, are of the opinion that Almighty God has not finished with our Nation, even though we have done much to give Him grief. It is also interesting how Obama’s U.S.A. has cooled towards Israel, and that Nation may start to find itself very much alone and surrounded by threat. – No interest ? – It should be, as the Holy Bible very much centres history upon The Chosen People. The conclusion of all this, is that our Referendum may well see us OUT OF THE E.U., God willing, and for a purpose yet to be clear, but it is wise to be looking at the very big world picture. There ! – I said you could have a chuckle, and on 23rd of this month, our actions will be noted..

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