Daily Debrief June 4th

Nineteen days to Independence Day!

Farage: “We’ll have bodies on the beach”

Nigel Farage expresses his concerns about the migration risks in the English Channel.   “Unless we take action, we’ll find we have bodies on the beach”.  If we offer asylum to the Albanians who have claimed it, Nigel fears we’ll have large numbers of migrants attempting the hazardous Channel crossing, with consequent fatalities. This story became the front page lead in the Express.  In a TV interview in the Express TV debate, Nigel engaged in a furious row with Chukka Umunna over the immigration issue.

In an interesting sidelight on the immigration issue, the Express reminds us that the 2005 Conservative manifesto included a pledge to introduce an Australian-style points system for immigration, precisely the idea currently proposed by UKIP and the Leave Campaign.  So it was also Cameron’s policy previously.  Now he says it would “trash the economy”.  And let’s not forget that only months ago Cameron was insisting that the UK could thrive outside the EU.  Today he says Brexit will lead to a global recession.

Tory row rolls on

Prominent Conservatives including IDS and Jacob Rees-Mogg have continued to attack the Prime Minister over his Brexit scaremongering.  This continues the theme from the audience attacks on Cameron on the Sky TV debate. There are clear indications that even Remain supporters are starting to be embarrassed by the preposterous claims made by leading Remain figures.  Several leading figures insisted that Cameron would have to resign after the EU vote.

“Cameron will work with Trump”?

The Indy reports David Cameron’s statement that he would be prepared to work with President Trump.  But I wouldn’t give Cameron very good odds of still being Prime Minister if and when Trump is elected to the US Presidency.

Gove: “EU destroys jobs”

In an interview last night, Michael Gove described the EU as “a job-destroying machine”.  This is a point which I, and UKIP, have been making for years, particularly with reference to energy policy and the impact on energy-intensive industries.  It’s not just Port Talbot and steel – it’s the whole gamut of energy-intensive industries, in the UK and across the EU.  Gove also makes the point (again, as UKIP has been saying for a long time) that Brexit would allow us to adopt a “non-racist” immigration policy (in contrast to what we have now, which discriminates in favour of unskilled Europeans and against highly skilled non-Europeans).  Gove claimed that the Prime Minister thinks the British people are “too small, too poor and too stupid to contemplate life outside the EU”.   Fighting talk, Michael.

Gove was subjected to robust questioning by Faisal Islam, and rightly so.  But he came through more or less unscathed – in stark contrast to Cameron’s drubbing the previous evening.  Commenting on Cameron’s performance, Nigel Farage said “He’s made my job a lot easier”.

Meantime the Guardian’s comment piece by Deborah Orr on Gove’s interview was wonderfully snide and sarcastic – without throwing any new light on the debate. Exactly the kind of élitist conceit disdain that Gove was rightly criticising.

Stock Market “won’t even notice Brexit”

Not everyone shares the conventional view that Brexit will lead to economic Armageddon.  The Telegraph’s James Bartholomew argues that “the Stock Market won’t even notice Brexit”.  He makes a strong case.  Worth a read.

Wetherspoon Founder “on pub crawl for Brexit”

City AM and the FT report that Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin plans “a pub crawl for Brexit”, visiting a hundred of his pubs to persuade clients to vote for independence. I have already reported that he has printed up 200,000 Brexit beer-mats (will they become collectors’ items?).  He has now reportedly also printed 280,000 copies of a special edition of the Weatherspoon’s newsletter, in which he says: “David Cameron told us that the EU needed “fundamental reform”, and many agreed. However, he achieved only token changes, but misleadingly said his renegotiations were successful. It was at this point that many open-minded people chose the ‘Leave’ option”.

EU “entices migrants to their death”

I mentioned this story briefly yesterday.  Libya says that the EU programme to rescue migrants in the Med and bring them to Europe is attracting more and more to make the dangerous attempt.  The Mail has more on it today.

Beat the bookies?

Bookies are still offering better odds on Brexit – despite the polls now showing Leave in the lead.   Maybe time to head to the betting shop?  Nigel Farage did.

Rational Passion: the single

Rational Passion single  – With your support, the LEAVE Campaign can top the Music Charts in the week leading up to Referendum Day with a song released on iTunes yesterday.  “Rational Passion” is a stirring rock song about the importance of getting out of the EU and recovering our Nation’s sovereignty.  All proceeds are going to UKIP.  The track is on sale at only 79p, so click on the link and buy a copy of ‘Rational Passion’ by Rob Wilson from iTunes and help take UKIP to Number 1.

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14 Responses to Daily Debrief June 4th

  1. Wonderfully encouraging!
    How do we try to disabuse the “Remain blob’s” mistaken views about not wanting to offend our European friends or voting In for stability, as Chas Moore described in DTel a week ago?

  2. rfhmep says:

    There are those (especially in church groups, I’ve noticed) who think that EU membership is just about being friends, and cooperating, and being warm and cuddly. They compare it (for example) to being in NATO or the Commonwealth. But there is a world of difference between (on the one hand) trade and friendly cooperation, which we all want — and on the other hand, giving up control of our affairs to an anti-democratic foreign technocracy which treats voters with contempt and certainly doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

    • Just that, but how to disabuse these well-meaning, misguided folk?

    • mike5262015 says:

      Roger, some churches probably come across as unworldly and cuddly towards E.U. but my experience with church is in the seeking of God’s will for this Referendum, and that is quite different from your apparent experience. See Acts 17:26 which gives God’s view of the mass migration taking place. – Rather than barring them entry, and that’s all, we should assist them in their own country. – It is all part of The Judgement of Nations, and Almighty God wants Britain to be able to stand alone for that ! So the churches that I have knowledge of, come down clearly for LEAVING THE E.U. They have little need to turn me, as I have wanted OUT since the 1980s, but these churches correctly seek the will of God, and that is unambiguous. – WE MUST LEAVE.

  3. Ken Seakens says:

    Tell them to watch Brexit the Movie.

  4. Shieldsman says:

    The Spectator – How the papers reacted: Project Fear on trial as PM ‘savaged’ in first EU referendum showdown – has some very interesting comments.
    The Migrant Merry-go-Around. Cameron says the large number of emigrants from the EU is due to our success in creating jobs, which are being filled by out of work Europeans under Article 45 Freedom of Movement.
    So he has no answer to controlling EU migration and as the 2005 manifesto points out Cameron blows with the wind to please his MASTERS. Carry on robbing our own youth of jobs training by recruiting unemployed Europeans.

    I shall be in my local Wetherspoons tomorrow for my pint of FREEDOM ale. Though I think Tim Martin is being overgenerous, Cameron got NOUGHT at the Brussels Charade, in fact he unwittingly gave more away than he got.

    It is high time that someone knocked the Conmans ‘Reformed EU’ on the HEAD. He is taking the Public for FOOLS and that includes the europhiles.
    Do we need the High Court to tell us that you cannot REFORM/Change the European Union without a TREATY CHANGE.
    Cameron’s new settlement could have been written by Jerry Adam’s it contained so many weasel words.

  5. mike5262015 says:

    When we see what is happening in Paris, with the immigrants out of control and their Police hard put to keeping order, we see what is in store for London and our cities. Just in passing, it seems odd that this news item is generally absent from our news feeds, but then Cameron has put his own stamp upon the BBC, and the rest of the media are walking carefully ! There is no doubt in my mind that Referendum results must be well guarded, because if Cameron and the stay-in shower, are manipulating our news, then there are no depths that they will not descend to and anyone found messing with votes, must be questioned in depth. Personally I am just so disgusted that this could happen in GB/UK ! VOTING OUT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO, BECAUSE WITHOUT OUR OWN CONTROL OF OUR BOARDERS, WE WILL BE LOST !

  6. Jane Davies says:

    In English history, praemunire or praemunire facias is a law which prohibited the assertion or maintenance of papal jurisdiction, imperial or foreign, or some other alien jurisdiction or claim of supremacy in England, against the supremacy of the monarch.

    This is an extract from Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath……..

    “It is clear that if we do sign the agreement with the EEC we will suffer some loss of Sovereignty. This is clearly an act of Treason because our Constitution allows no surrender of any part of our Constitution to a foreign power beyond the control of the Queen in parliament. This is evidenced by the convention which says:
    (Parliament may do many things but what it may not do is surrender any of its rights to govern unless we have been defeated in war).

    It is a Praemunire to allow any laws or regulations not made by the Sovereign in parliament to take effect as law in England. This is illegal under the Acts of Treason 1351, the Act of Praemunire 1392, The Act of Supremacy 1559, and the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9.

    It is a Praemunire to allow any case to be taken to a foreign court not under the control of the Sovereign. The European Court Justice or the European court of Human rights are foreign courts not under the control of our Sovereign. Praemunire is a crime akin to Treason.

    The Constitution confers treaty making powers only on the Sovereign and the Sovereign cannot transfer those powers to a foreign power or even our own parliament because they are not the incumbent Sovereigns to give away as they only hold those powers in trust for those who follow on.”


    Can anyone enlighten me as to how all of the above was allowed to happen?

    • mike5262015 says:

      I read Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Heath, with much interest, as there is little ambiguity in it. As for how this was allowed to happen. – Democracy is powerful if the people use it, but the people have become sloppy towards it and so many don’t bother to vote today. This is the fault of the people’s education, not the fault of Democracy, and in GB/UK we need to adjust our vote system, which was last democratic in the days of Wigg & Tory. Once another Party joins, ( Labour ), we have the nonsense of First past the Post ! As for the Treasonable actions of our Government. – I would suggest that laxity from the Lord Chancellor has added to the loss of correctness to our constitution. First we must get OUT OF THE E.U., and then it would seem, we have much work to do !

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    But, but…but, food prices going up if we Brex. Who said that courtesy of the BBC (again):


    I didn’t watch this cack and am surprised to see it flagged up.

    Had enough of the professor line up anyway but this is the EU at the interference extreme:

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Get Popcorn..getting to the question takes a bit…Monnet again! Very refreshing Mr Farage..but, but, but…..

  8. catweazle666 says:

    Anybody else seen this?

    The European Commission Wants You To Log Into Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards


    • mike5262015 says:

      The European Commission can stuff that where the sun don’t shine !

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Noticed it last week…if its anything like current and past Govt IT projects, it will fail badly and be hugely expensive. But hey, don’t let a classic screw up alter anything!

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