Daily debrief June 6th

Seventeen days to Independence Day!

UK’s  bigger bill if we stay IN the EU

The BBC  reports Boris stating that we face a “triple whammy of woe” – including footing an extra £2.4bn bill from Brussels – if we remains part of the EU.

He will say in a speech today: “The risks of remain are massive. Not only do we hand over more than £350m a week to the EU, but if we vote to stay the British people will be on the hook for even more cash.

“It is a triple whammy of woe: the Eurozone is being strangled by stagnation, unemployment and a lack of growth, it could explode at any time and we will be forced to bail it out. The botched bureaucratic response to the migration crisis means the Eurocrats are demanding even more of our money. And now we find that there is £20bn billion black hole in the EU’s finances.”

Unions urge members to stay in the EU

Meanwhile, a letter in The Guardian from union bosses urges their members to vote to stay IN.

The letter ends: “Europe needs to change – its political direction over the past few years has taken governments down a path of austerity and liberalisation – but we believe this direction is not irreversible, and will endeavour to work with our trade union colleagues to help shape a Europe with a renewed social agenda and a Europe that values investment in our public services.”

Do these union bosses really think  Europe, (although I think they mean the EU), will change? The EU does NOT DO CHANGE, so any attempt to mould it if we stay in, will fail.

John Major is back – remember him?

The former PM returned to our screens with an attack on the ‘Out’ campaign. He called it, at various times, ‘fundamentally dishonest. Squalid. Frankly fatuous. A deceit. Misled.’

I think Sir John has simply joined Project Fear and resorted to name calling, rather than coming up with any genuine reason we should stay in the EU.

And for my thoughts? Well, I wrote a letter to Sir John some weeks ago – you can read it here.

‘Cover-up’ over migrants entering UK as data on illegals is kept hidden

The Daily Express  claims the Home Office has been accused of “covering up” the border crisis in the run up to the EU referendum.

The paper said it had repeatedly sought information from officials on how many migrants have been intercepted at the UK border on the Continent.

The request, submitted under freedom of information laws in March, should be answered in 20 working days. But with just over two weeks until the June 23 vote, a response is still awaited.

As UKIP’s Steven Woolfe it smells like a cover up. He said: “I’m not surprised the Home Office is delaying this freedom of information request.

“Britain is borderless in terms of legal and illegal migration and the government, which is essentially the de facto Remain campaign, is trying to suffocate the immigration debate.”

Brexit takes the lead!

And in case you missed it – Brexit has taken a three point lead in the polls! After a week of campaigning which our leader Nigel Farage described as “an historic turning point”, an Opinium poll of 2,007 people revealed that 43 per cent back Leave while 40 per cent back Remain.

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12 Responses to Daily debrief June 6th

  1. Anyoldiron says:

    THE PROPHECY Make it happen.

    Where are the brave, the gallant and good?
    That we need to defend these shores?
    Many were buried on foreign lands,
    They perished in two world wars.
    The ones still alive are pensioners proud,
    They fought the war in their teens,
    Not for them the nightly flings in the town,
    Clubbing, or drug enhanced dreams.

    Those gentle pensioners tucked up in their homes
    Shabbily treated, and poor,
    Cast aside when they had done their job,
    For them, no one cares any more.
    Who was taken in by promise of power?
    Of peace, and personal wealth?
    Better men than they, were gullible too,
    By the ploy of cunning and stealth.

    When that last war was lost, when Hitler was dead,
    They thought of another way,
    Of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice,
    And by that, they would rule one day.
    So who is to stop this Country of ours
    being given to strangers to rule?
    Our Gold reserves, our oil, our pound
    Given way by inexperienced fools?

    Yet the dream is destined once more to become,
    A nightmare to all that it touches,
    For Britain at least is the one sceptred Isle
    To be released first from it’s devilish clutches.
    From a most unexpected quarter at last,
    The union will disintegrate,
    True Justice be done, freedom be won,
    For each one of the Nation States.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Not our business. Are we already out? (Hope so)

    European Commission – Press release
    North Seas Countries agree on closer energy cooperation

    Luxembourg, 6 June 2016

    North Seas region countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) have today agreed to further strengthen their energy cooperation.


  3. davidbuckingham says:

    At risk of restating the obvious the following is coming into sharp relief….

    What unites the EU, IMF, OECD, Bank of England, etc etc in their doom-laden scenarios is that they deeply believe in the need for rule from above with a platonic elite creating Order and the only way to avoid the Chaos that would otherwise be inevitable. They were driven by and understand fear and think Project Fear is the best means of control. They use one central argument – the Argument from Authority. Don’t trust your own judgment. They think people will be intimidated into tolerating dictatorship out of fear of worse outcomes.

    The elite are disdainful of what they dismiss as populism – substituting the term democracy or rule from the demos, the people, with at best paternalistic authoritarianism, at worst blatant kleptocracy. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ex-Vichy member Mitterand isn’t the only one to see World Government as the solution to the world’s problems. It explains why they were so keen for the UK to adopt the ERM and the Euro and failed to predict (or brought on) the 2008 melt-down. Their priority is control and believe government is the answer to all problems. Economics can even be used as a weapon against the Little People.

    Rather than the EU elite keeping the peace it could be argued that it’s precisely rule by elites that created both world wars, with their sabre-rattling tit-for-tat mercantilism. The swiftly snuffed out Christmas Day football match and cigarette swapping in the trenches suddenly makes sense and illustrates the divide between individuals and their masters. The disenfranchised populace are not taking kindly to the disdain for democracy.

    The USSR and China also justified their iron fist rule out of fear of the chaos that would ensue without it in their enormous domains. 1984 has been slow coming over the last few decades.

    The powerful elite are fighting for survival. This referendum is vividly dramatising a stark choice between political philosophies : rule by the people in Anglo-Saxon tradition or by a powerful Platonic elite in Continental tradition. It could be the start of a serious revolution, restating principles with a powerful pedigree.

  4. Ian Terry says:

    The Bullshit Broadcasting Company are totally not fit for purpose as yesterday’s Marr programme showed. Not one question to John Major about the state of France and Italy’s economy going down the pan. Is it being kept out of the news until after the voting. If we lose the referendum this country will be even further in debt when we have to bail out the French and Italians and it will not be just a few million quid either. This madness has gotto be bought to an end.

  5. davidbuckingham says:

    BBC true to form being front and centre of the elite category above – the Tory internal coalition and Brits having long had this schizophrenia over top-downers and bottom-uppers. Paternalists Hezzaltine and Kenn Clarke fronting the anti free market wing, plus Lord Reith, sadly David Attenborough he of climate change? This latter also being a mechanism for top-down – think it was Mitterand’s angle – the need for global govt to get climate control – conspiracy theory perfect fit.

  6. catweazle666 says:

    Worth mentioning that today, the sixth of June, is the anniversary of the D-Day landings.

    It is tragic that given the sacrifice by so many soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians too, of practically every nationality on Earth, the freedom that they fought and died for is being handed on a plate to the very totalitarians – and anyone who believe the EU is not totalitarian in its essence is definitely not paying attention – by self-serving Quislings such as Cameron, Major, Heseltine and especially the late, utterly unlamented slimeball “Grocer” Heath.

    For the third time in a century Europe and the United Kingdom are in severe danger of falling under a regime that has little care for its own citizens, and if it is truly so that the exit of the UK from the Eurofascist kleptocracy based in Brussels but run really from Berlin will cause the foul organisation to self-destruct, then it will be the third time in a century that we British have managed to rescue the whole of Europe from a disastrous fate – and for once without a shot being fired.

    If we succeed, the whole of Europe should be grateful to us. Not that most will be, of course.


    • davidbuckingham says:

      Agreed. Brexit is the second Battle of Britain already, never mind Cameron’s 3rd world war somewhere down the line.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Winston Churchill said that Operation Overlord was ‘undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult’ ever undertaken. With nearly three million troops involved, it was an incredible feat of organisation – and the first step towards the liberation of Western Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany.

    We remember today the bravery and sacrifice of those troops on that day June 6th 1944.

    We now have the chance to re-establish the freedom those troops fought for, through the ballot box…..we owe it to their memory to vote for independence on June 23rd. It’s as simple as that.

  8. RODNEY OLLEY says:

    Tuesday, 07 June 2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    If I were a remain strategist I would be aiming to sow dissension in the ranks of the Brexiters. It we begin snipe at ourselves we and the British people will lose. All our leaders now need to ensure there is broad consensus on any issue before raising it. As a Brexit strategist I would be aiming my fire on a British PM who is constantly bad mouthing his own country. Do we actually believe we are so weak and pathetic that we need Big Brother EU to keep us going as the Remainers tell us over and over again?

    Sincerely yours

    Rodney Olley

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