Tax harmonisation is a conspiracy by governments against taxpayers – Roger Helmer MEP


This is notable for a “Blue Card” intervention from Belgian Green MEP Mr. Lamberts (and my response to him).

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9 Responses to Tax harmonisation is a conspiracy by governments against taxpayers – Roger Helmer MEP

  1. John S Churchill Jnr says:

    Sock it to ’em Roger just as you did to we folk in Stroud last week!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      That was so well put Roger. Are there many Dopey Dicks like that Lambert, in the E.U. ‘ Parliament ‘ ? I’M ALL SET TO LEAVE THIS CIRCUS !

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Testing (for sanity)

  3. Christopher Browne says:

    Monsewer Lambert does get his knickers in a twist doesn’t he.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    So how is this confrontation going to take place, with Cameron not prepared to face Farage ? Are we to expect separate rooms, with an interviewer going back and forth between them ? One thing is certain, I am pleased that my late Father did not send me to Eaton school. I was sent to a school that valued, and added to backbone. – No shyness in the face of opposition !

  5. mancunius says:

    Of course you’re absolutely right there, Roger. If you raise tax rates, tax revenues go down – but as you say, you can’t expect the left to grasp that. Far more pernicious is this sinister plan to prevent governments from setting their own tax rates. The idea of an unelected Commission of civil servants charging and collecting the taxes they arbitrarily levy, and distributing the money wherever they think fit, is a piece of Stalinist collectivism – and anti-UK and anti-Irish spite – beyond anything the EU has dared so far.

    Btw, I see in the Spectator that Lord Astor, Cameron’s father-in-law, has announced that if we vote for Brexit, the Tory Remainians would oppose the abolition of the 1972 Act, so any such move towards Brexit would be thrown out. Certainly it would have insuperable problems in the europhile Lords.
    Do you think Parliament could and would oppose the Referendum decision for Brexit? If it did, what could we do then? Under the Fixed Terms Act, the government could in theory defy the will of the people and carry on until a 2020 election unless a No Confidence vote in the government is passed.

  6. Ian Terry says:

    If Astor tries that one there will blood on the streets. Parliament as we know it will cease to exist.

  7. Derek says:

    Great speech, Roger. I wondered what happened to Lambert. Was he restrained or given his medication?

  8. dave roderick says:

    well we know it will be fixed as was the scotish referendum and thanet they have had two
    trial runs this next one will be a piece of cake to them

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