Daily Debrief June 13th

Just ten days to Independence Day!

Brexit the Movie: Must watch

It lasts just over an hour, and it could save our country.  Please, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch BREXIT THE MOVIE, available full length on You-Tube.  I saw it on Saturday at a Brexit event in Swadlincote – I just wish the BBC would run it, but there’s little chance of that.  Please tell your friends and neighbours about it.

“Brexit takes 19 point lead”

The Express headlines a 19-point lead for Brexit – though this is a poll in which the question indicated other trade options for a post-Brexit UK/EU relationship. But importantly it points up the benefit of getting the message out that Brexit isn’t about cutting off trade with the EU, as the Remain camp tries to imply.  It’s about trade on new and better terms.

Corbyn “rescue bid”: The Times reports that Jeremy Corbyn, smarting at criticism of his half-hearted approach to the Brexit Campaign, is launching what it improbably describes as a “rescue bid”.  Whether that’s to rescue the Remain Campaign, or to rescue Jeremy Corbyn’s career, is not clear.  But the second clause of the headline is heart-warming “…as Labour supporters flood the Brexit Camp”.

Brown to assume the Remain mantle:

 In an apparent recognition that the Prime Minister is no longer trusted on the EU question, the Guardian says that Gordon Brown is about to spearhead the last days of the campaign for Remain.  The FT reports that the Remain baton has been passed to Brown and Corbyn (sadly the link takes you straight to the FT subscription page, not the article).

Brexit Blackmail: Fury over PM’s pensions threat

The Express headlines “Fury over PM’s pensions threat” (see yesterday’s debrief) “as Cameron tries Brexit Blackmail”.  But increasingly it seems that the great British Public no longer trusts the PM on these issues, and his pensions claim flies in the face of warnings from the pensions industry that Remain poses the biggest risk to pensions as new EU financial rules will damage pension providers.

The Mail headlines “From Project Fear to Project Panic” on the same story.

Pensions expert Edi Truel withdraws funding from Tories: Edi Truell is a major player in the pensions business, and has previously warned of the risks to UK pensions from up-coming EU regulation. He is also a major donor to the Conservative Party.  The Telegraph reports that he has withdrawn his financial support from the Tories while Cameron is Prime Minister, because of his anger at Dave’s scaremongering.

Sturgeon cools on second Scottish referendum

Having previously warned that a Brexit vote would trigger a second Scottish referendum, Nicola Sturgeon now seems to be rowing back from that position. I suspect she may have been spooked by reports that the Brexit vote in Scotland may be closer than previously predicted – and that many SNP supporters will vote for Brexit.

But Alex Salmond disagrees: Salmond claims that a Brexit vote would trigger a new Scottish poll “within three years”.

“1.5 million Turks”

Yesterday I mentioned the “secret plan” to allow a million Turks into the UK under EU visa-waiver arrangements.  Today the Mail develops the story – now quoting 1.5 million.

French Admirals condemn EU Army plan

The Express reports that two French Admirals have said that Brexit could “stop Brussels’ dangerous EU Army plan”. Clearly they are right.  Another concern with the EU Army: several EU countries still have military conscription.  Might an EU Army also mean conscription?  I don’t know.  But let’s not risk it.

Tory Donor taps French Grid to avoid blackouts

UKIP – and a great many others – have warned that on current energy polices the UK risks very serious blackouts.  Now major Tory Donor Alexander Temerko, a Ukrainian-born entrepreneur and a trenchant critic of UK energy policy, putting his money where his mouth is, is planning a new UK/France interconnector so as to take advantage of future shortages.

Brexit and the supremacy of parliament

Ambrose Evans Pritchard writes that he will vote for Brexit with a heavy heart, and with only one issue in mind: the supremacy of parliament, and whether or not the UK should be an independent country. I have a high regard for Ambrose, and he raises a critical point, which is indeed in itself sufficient justification for a “Leave” vote.  But I can’t agree that it is the only issue – I believe that there will be huge medium/long-term economic benefits as well.  But frankly, I’m not really concerned as to why Ambrose will vote Leave.  I’m just happy that he will do so.

Boris on the Single Market: You don’t have to be in it to win it

Boris makes a powerful case that after Brexit, we will still benefit from the EU’s Single Market – even when we’re not in it. The Remain side has been scare-mongering about the dangers of leaving the EU’s Single Market (an old-fashioned Customs Union overlaid by a mountain of oppressive regulation) in a way that shows that they have very little understanding of how international trade actually works.  No one will stop buying and selling things because the UK has left the EU.

And a smile to cheer your Monday morning:

John Cleese declares for Brexit.  And says he wants to hang Jean Claude Juncker.  Of course we cannot condone such a wicked threat, but I daresay more than one reader will have a sneaking sympathy for Mr. Cleese’s view.

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29 Responses to Daily Debrief June 13th

  1. David, 14 years a kipper) says:

    Re Brown come back to take remain top spot, that’s just going from BAD to WORSE.

    From our Out position is seems a beneficial move for Brexit.

    Thanks Gordy, your a great asset!

  2. John S Churchill Jnr says:

    “John Cleese declares for Brexit. And says he wants to hang Jean Claude Juncker. Of course we cannot condone such a wicked threat, but I daresay more than one reader will have a sneaking sympathy for Mr. Cleese’s view.”

    Remain complain about Leave’s scaremongering.

    “You started it!”

    • mike5262015 says:

      Don’t knock old Juncker ! He is one old pill that broke ranks with Cameron, and gave his honest comment about how the E.U. is not working. Well done Juncker !

  3. Alan p says:

    I’d rather see DC threatened with a lamp post with his name on.
    It might eventually penetrate his thick skull that it’s not his decision.
    Demos. Choice of the people. Not the career choice of some inept, pampered prat.
    He has acted appallingly with his litany of deceit and contempt for the electorate.
    Not fit for the job. Foreign Office or swing. I don’t much care.

    • ilma630 says:

      I think I would just like to see DC and GO take up a normal job, where they have to clock-on at 9am, pay for their own travel-to-work and lunch, and risk sanctions for poor performance, and not be rewarded for dismal failure as most EU commissioners seem to be. At least the #BRexit MEPs are honest and principled enough to campaign hard to lose their jobs. I cannot see DC or GO being principled to resign if they lose, but as we’ve heard commented by other MPs, will most likely try to carry on as if nothing’s changed.

      It would also be good for UKIP to publicly highlight the litany of EU-driven company closures/exports and corresponding UK job losses that Jane highlighted.

  4. charles wardrop says:

    Spiv Cameron has exhausted credibility for many undecideds, very non- Prime Minesterial, even approaching Dumbo Blair!
    Brown has very little either, like Corbyn and the EU Commission.

    • mike5262015 says:

      Yes, yesterday’s men all with nothing to offer, and you forgot Major with Cameron on that bridge ! Cameron’s goose will soon be cooked.

  5. John S Churchill Jnr says:

    What a pity that even Roger has fallen for the lies about the Norway option (as a base camp) when on this very site some months ago he published what our Norwegian counterparts told us as to how their arrangement works. They DO get a say, do NOT pay into the EU budget (per se) – Google Norway Financial Mechanism – and do NOT have to accept what the EU decides. I refer to the piece that Roger advises us to read and pass on as a paraphrase not verbatim! It was of at least 8 paragraph/points. I checked out the first 4 and found them to be spot on!

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    A former Labour MP has confirmed he is to head the Scottish branch of a campaign for the UK to leave the EU.Tom Harris said the debate was about “putting our own country, our own economy, our own people first”. Of course Brown wants the complete reverse and a Kinnock type EU job I suspect?

    Interesting really….Harris was on Sunday Politics Scotland yesterday. Certainly gave the impression that the Scots are not all looney SNP. And he countered the smart mouth BBC presenter very well.

    BBC page (Apols)


  7. Shieldsman says:

    The problem with the single market, the EEA are the political strings attached, including freedom of movement. In leaving we want to be able to treat and control migration from Europe the same as from the rest of the World. If you accept the Norway option, then how do we get out of freedom of movement?

    ‘Duffy’ Brown is being paraded again. All these ex PM’s who got us into this undemocratic, sclerotic disintegrating EUSSR want us to repeat their mistakes and stay in. Along with Cameron they are completely out of touch. The remarkable thing is no one dares mention the disaster zone that the EU has become. Not being in the Euro will not save us from the knock-on effects and costs of the migrant invasion and the failing economies of Southern Europe.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      “If you accept the Norway option, then how do we get out of freedom of movement?”

      Good question! Cameron says he wants to reduce immigration. It is he who will have to come up with a deal (whatever option he chooses) that to acheive that. You are quite right the Norway option includes FMoW. But it’s FMoW from lower GDP/head States that is the problem. Even Alan Johnson reckons we should alter the rules to allow this term only when the figure for each new member has converged to the average. We don’t renegotiate the EU FMoW term but the equivalent one in the EEA Agreement with the threat “or else!”

      It is at that point that any EU intrasigence causes any trade disruption and it will be their fault not ours for bringing it about.

      For those who know the Norway payments arrangement, they pay for specific development projects over a 7 year period and then renegotiate. Their voters get a new Referendum to accept the new proposals once to old ones have elapsed. For the opt out from FoMW the UK could make similar payments. These would be regarded as development aid and come out of our Aid Budget instead, adding not a penny to the UK cost but at some other developing country’s expense.

      Don’t knock it!

  8. mike5262015 says:

    Cameron will have to go, and the sooner the better. Is there any way to make a General Election mandatory, as all Party leaders will be seen to be wrong ? VOTE LEAVE THE E.U.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      “Is there any way to make a General Election mandatory”

      With the Fixed Term Parliament Act only a vote of confidence failure can achieve that. One that the Tories fail, followed by one that any alternative government fails. Then a GE has to take place to resolve the impasse! That is not beyond the bounds of possibility. But please not yet. UKIP will need to get its breath back before taking on such a challenge.

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Doom…at last? (or trough soon to be empty)

    “Brexit could threaten western political civilization, says EU’s Tusk”


    Wondered when WW3 would KO?

  10. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Here’s something to keep an eye on: (it might actually be a joke?)
    “EU referendum: Three quarters of British ex-pats back staying in EU”


    In fact if you ever wanted to visit London I’d check this newspaper frequently for recent stabbings etc. Might help in avoiding many places in London…all of them in my view!

    • davidbuckingham says:

      I’m curious about the effect of Brexit on ex-pats, Gibralter et al, good or bad. Anyone got any wisdom on it ?

      Trying to anticipate where Remain will home in over the final two weeks. Economy still needs some sharper succinct statements from Leave. I’m v pleasantly surprised how often self-government, control, independence is motivating Leave supporters. Not that the media mention it much – focussing on immigration and the economy, trying to neutralise the first because they think they’ve won the second. I still think the crux is the independence argument, re-joining the other 168 sovereign nations that don’t feel the pressure or the need to be ruled by a supranational kleptocracy to do just fine.

      Coupled with the fact that the kleptocracy is dysfunctional, delusional, declining rapidly, going bankrupt and with a tsunami of regulations and crises being kept under wraps until June 24th. Also as the Telegraph said today, the status quo is not on offer, any more than devolutionary reform is, demonstrated by threats to bully us to stay rather than concessions. Not more of the same, but MUCH more of the same…

      But we should be vigilant and prepared for one or two key U turn type revolutionary reforms going on offer suddenly, especially on immigration, like Scotland experienced. The sticks so far haven’t worked – so it’ll be the turn of the carrot.

      As for Hong Kong being given back???? Surreal – without a deal? Can’t be surprised at some cynical criminal clandestine arrangement by the west/UK like betraying Taiwan. Maybe by stealth over next few years? Anyone know any moles in the FO?

  11. ilma630 says:

    Another little (major?) headache for Cameron is that the Chinese seemed to have thrown in the towel over Hong Kong, and saying they’ll hand it back to the UK before the end of the year (http://www.eastasiatribune.com/north-asia/china-announces-plan-to-hand-hong-kong-back-to-britain-by-end-2016/), so he can’t on the one hand be supporting #HKexit whilst simultaneously wanting to stop #BRexit. What fun 🙂

  12. Jane Davies says:

    Yet another mind blowingly poor decision by the Remainers. At last the penny has finally dropped that Cameron is harming the campaign with his increasingly hysterical outbursts and what do they do to try to perform a damage limitation exercise (?) they wheel out Gordon Brown, the most unpopular PM since Neville Chamberlain! Really can these people be more out of touch with voters. First it’s John Major, now Brown so who’s next….I can’t wait!


    ” Please Gordon, would you mind having a word with your supporters ? Nobody listens to me, and Jeremy won’t speak to me !” – Pathetic or what ? – JUST SOD OFF CAMERON !

  14. John S Churchill Jnr says:

    Today, another BSE leaflet landed on my mat (adressed to me – the previous one to my wife). Inside was a quote from Martin Lewis, one he denounced in the earlier BSE leaflet as not having given his permission to use. They really are an immoral lot! More recently, on TV, he gave a much more balanced view.

    But what I had expected this morning, this close to the vote, was the two booklets, one by each side, giving their positions on which to judge. To leave this activity until after the postal votes are in, is yet another blow to democracy!

  15. Jane Davies says:

    Not my words but is all of this true?

    Results of our EU membership-

    “Cadbury moved factory to Poland 2011 with EU grant.
    Ford Transit moved to Turkey 2013 with EU grant.
    Jaguar Land Rover has recently agreed to build a new plant in Slovakia with EU grant, owned by Tata, the same company who have trashed our steel works and emptied the workers pension funds.
    Peugeot closed its Ryton (was Rootes Group) plant and moved production to Slovakia with EU grant.
    British Army’s new Ajax fighting vehicles to be built in SPAIN using SWEDISH steel at the request of the EU to support jobs in Spain with EU grant, rather than Wales.
    Dyson gone to Malaysia, with an EU loan.
    Crown Closures, Bournemouth (Was METAL BOX), gone to Poland with EU grant, once employed 1,200.
    M&S manufacturing gone to far east with EU loan.
    Hornby models gone. In fact all toys and models now gone from UK along with the patents all with with EU grants.
    Gillette gone to eastern Europe with EU grant.
    Texas Instruments Greenock gone to Germany with EU grant.
    Indesit at Bodelwyddan Wales gone with EU grant.
    Sekisui Alveo said production at its Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park foam plant will relocate production to Roermond in the Netherlands, with EU funding.
    Hoover Merthyr factory moved out of UK to Czech Republic and the Far East by Italian company Candy with EU backing.
    ICI integration into Holland’s AkzoNobel with EU bank loan and within days of the merger, several factories in the UK, were closed, eliminating 3,500 jobs
    Boots sold to Italians Stefano Pessina who have based their HQ in Switzerland to avoid tax to the tune of £80 million a year, using an EU loan for the purchase.
    JDS Uniphase run by two Dutch men, bought up companies in the UK with £20 million in EU ‘regeneration’ grants, created a pollution nightmare and just closed it all down leaving 1,200 out of work and an environmental clean-up paid for by the UK tax-payer. They also raided the pension fund and drained it dry.
    UK airports are owned by a Spanish company.
    Scottish Power is owned by a Spanish company.
    Most London buses are run by Spanish and German companies.
    The Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to be built by French company EDF, part owned by the French government, using cheap Chinese steel that has catastrophically failed in other nuclear installations. Now EDF say the costs will be double or more and it will be very late even if it does come online.
    Swindon was once our producer of rail locomotives and rolling stock. Not any more, it’s Bombardier in Derby and due to their losses in the aviation market, that could see the end of the British railways manufacturing altogether even though Bombardier had EU grants to keep Derby going which they diverted to their loss-making aviation side in Canada.
    39% of British invention patents have been passed to foreign companies, many of them in the EU
    The Mini cars that Cameron stood in front of as an example of British engineering, are built by BMW mostly in Holland and Austria. His campaign bus was made in Germany even though we have Plaxton, Optare, Bluebird, Dennis etc., in the UK. The bicycle for the Greens was made in the far east, not by Raleigh UK but then they are probably going to move to the Netherlands too as they have said recently.

    Anyone who thinks the EU is good for British industry or any other business simply hasn’t paid attention to what has been systematically asset-stripped from the UK. Name me one major technology company still running in the UK, I used to contract out to many, then the work just dried up as they were sold off to companies from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc., and now we don’t even teach electronic technology for technicians any more, due to EU regulations.

    I haven’t detailed our non-existent fishing industry the EU paid to destroy, nor the farmers being paid NOT to produce food they could sell for more than they get paid to do nothing, don’t even go there.
    I haven’t mentioned what it costs us to be asset-stripped like this, nor have I mentioned immigration, nor the risk to our security if control of our armed forces is passed to Brussels or Germany.”

    • davidbuckingham says:

      This is extraordinary. What is the source Jane? If true, why haven’t Brexit/Leave heard about it and blasted it out loud ?
      On a completely different matter – what form would the Irish border security take, assuming it wouldn’t also leave the EU? Would it be practical to have a special arrangement cooperating with Ireland? Is it a big deal? Remain will conjure up wire fences given a second’s breathing space. What was the arrangement before EU membership?

      • Jane Davies says:

        It was posted on an expat groups facebook page so I don’t know the source David.
        This is why I was hoping Roger would confirm it or not before I share it around.
        If true what a damning catalogue of awfulness and how damaging to the country that belonging to this club of incompetents has been

      • John S Churchill Jnr says:

        Britain & Eire have a schengen-like open borders deal between them. The £/Euro is a bigger problem.

      • John S Churchill Jnr says:

        I know the first item to be true. Cadbury was a huge stitch up local to me.

      • John S Churchill Jnr says:

        There’s alot that sleep-at-the-wheel VL has not picked up on. That the EEA is the source of the Single Market, that we are heading for a County called Europe and the end of Nation States within it. That the EU cannot sign International Treaties, that the EU by definition must destroy jobs to be able to lower prices (economies of scale), that the ECJ only judges according to EU Treaties not International Law. That we were promised in 1975 that the Monetary Union threat had been eliminated and there would be no European (sic) Army.

        That’s the trouble with being foisted with jonny-come-latelies to head up the campaign. Thanks Election Commission!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      I recognise a lot of that list..M&S manufacturing is a wonder though?

      I see a lot of folk going to work here…I just wonder what they do apart form selling stuff online etc? I did notice this:
      “and now we don’t even teach electronic technology for technicians any more, due to EU regulations.”

      Beko domestic appliances is Turkey production…assume its Turkish?
      Think BA is more or less Spanish (Iberia) and our airports are not ours largely.
      RR and Bentley cars to Germany
      Trains…think Bombardier just lost the HS2 train job…to Hitachi?

      If anything is still owned by UK and that produces goods, I imagine its all the small metal bashers and similar. Cherry picking of the big stuff has a very wide effect. Question is …will it return?

  16. catweazle666 says:

    Not only have Brexit been gifted the much-loved Gordon Brown sticking his oar in, but if we’re lucky that greatly admired statesman Juncker looks likely to intervene on the Remainiac side too. If that doesn’t swing it, nothing will!

    Juncker only managed to convince Cameron to give him a small loophole: If Brexit supporters have a clear lead in polls in the week prior to the June 23 referendum, the Commission president will be allowed to make his voice heard. That, of course, would be too late to significantly shift public opinion, but it would mean that Juncker could not be accused of having done nothing to prevent a Brexit. Under no circumstances does Juncker want to go down in history as the first Commission president to preside over a member state departing the EU.


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