Daily debrief June 15th

Only eight days left to Independence Day!

An open letter to George Osborne: “Go at once”

Dear George, So you have come to the last end of your folly.  You threatened doom and destruction if we vote Leave, and the British public didn’t believe you.  Your Remain Campaign is in full retreat.  So now in a last desperate throw of the dice, double-or-quits, you threaten us with a “£30 billion black hole“.

This is finger-in-the-air, think-of-a-number stuff.  You commissioned from the Treasury a Brexit report which economists are now recognising as an outrageous abuse of statistics and of economic models, based on extreme negative assumptions.  You deliberately ignored all the up-sides of Brexit.  And now, in a new low in our public life, you threaten voters with a punishment budget if they have the temerity to disagree with you.

You have talked down the prospects and the potential of our country in order to further your personal ambitions.  You have done real – but fortunately temporary – damage to our economy.  There will be no post-Brexit trials for those who have chosen to damage their country in this way. But you will be judged at the bar of public opinion, and you will be found unfit for public office – and especially unfit for the highest office, to which you aspire.

Your hopes and dreams are turning to ashes in your hands.  As Shakespeare so succinctly put it, “Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once”.

The Sun: “Nasty euro moths – vote leaf”

In a brilliant front page such as only the Sun can do (remember “Up yours, Delors”?), it headlines “Time to mothball the EU”, adding “Remain poll lead collapses – Brexit rocket boost to shares….and nasty euro moths set to hit UK”. And it adds “Vote leaf to protect our country – and our cabbages”.

The “Rocket boost to shares” may come as a surprise, as Osborne’s scaremongering seems to have driven them down.  The Footsie is below 6000 as I write.  But the Sun quotes strategists at Deutsche Bank, who predict that the UK’s top companies will outperform their EU-based rivals by as much as five per cent in the wake of a Brexit.

Out camp reveals its Brexit plan

The Remain camp has constantly complained that the Leave side doesn’t have a clear plan for the economy post-Brexit.  Of course in one sense, it can’t, because it won’t form a government, and therefore cannot make or deliver detailed commitments. But it has now settled on an outline plan which will be launched today, showing a positive and viable way forward.  And if Leave wins, which looks increasingly likely, it is clear that some key players from the Leave Campaign are likely to be in government, and in a position to steer policy to maximise Brexit benefits. At the very least, this blocks one line of attack from Remain.

Juncker set to butt in?

Commission President Jean Claude Juncker had vowed to stay out of the UK Brexit debate, but the Express suggests he may be having last-minute second thoughts.  They say he’s been seen hobnobbing (or plotting, perhaps?) with Gordon Brown, the new de facto leader of the Remain camp.  For once Cameron makes a sensible judgement call – reportedly he has asked Juncker to stay away, believing a visit or intervention would be counter-productive.  There is also talk of some last-minute concession from Brussels designed to change minds in the last days.

You could do it, Jean Claude.  Convert the EU monster from an old-fashioned Customs Union into a simple modern free trade area, based solely on voluntary inter-governmental cooperation, with no political superstructure, and I’ll happily vote to Remain.

ECJ ruling confirms supremacy of EU law

Good news and bad news.  First the good news: the ECJ has (perhaps surprisingly) thrown out a challenge by the European Commission against the UK’s refusal to pay welfare benefits to EU nationals who do not have the right to reside in the UK.  The bad news: the fact that the ECJ was able to rule at all proves that our parliament and our courts are subservient to the EU.  The Conservative manifesto pledged to stop child benefits for children not resident in the UK.  Cameron was unable to deliver this pledge.  As a compromise, he was permitted to pay child benefit at the rate applicable in the recipients’ country (generally a lot less than the UK rate).  Iain Duncan Smith rightly asks why “every nut and bolt” of UK policy has to be run past the European Court for approval.

Norman Lamont deconstructs the Single Market

It is an article of faith amongst the EU’s true believers that the Single Market is the EU’s crowning achievement.  Those who are in it enjoy enormous benefits, while those outside (as we shall be after Brexit) are despairingly pressing their noses against the windows and pleading to be let in.  We shall “lose access to a market of 500 million people”, we are told.  I have to admit that fifteen years ago, I used to claim that the EU’s Single Market was “a great Conservative achievement”.  Now I know better.

So it was good to see former Chancellor Norman Lamont in yesterday’s Telegraph forensically deconstructing the myth of the Single Market.

My advice: read the whole piece.  But I can’t resist quoting some gems.  “Every developed country has access to the Single Market”.  And so shall we after Brexit.  “Non-members of the Single Market have often exploited it more successfully than we have”.  “Switzerland exports five times as much per capita to the EU as we do”.  “Non-EU members with no trade agreements benefited more from the Single Market than those with special trade arrangements like Norway and Switzerland”.  And the killer: he notes that the membership fees we pay to the EU would amount to 7% of our exports to the EU.  “Arguing for the Single Market on the grounds that you can avoid a 3% tariff by actually paying a 7% fee is mis-selling that dwarfs the PPI scandal”.

Matthew Lynn: The €uro is a long way from challenging the dollar: Matthew Lynn reminds us that in the heady days when the €uro was launched, there were people in Brussels and Frankfurt seriously suggesting that the €uro would take its place alongside the dollar as a major reserve currency.  Some said it would replace the dollar within a generation.

In fact it has caused mass unemployment, national bankruptcies and declining trade in Europe.  Its share of global currency reserves is declining, and on some measures is less than the Deutschmark alone used to enjoy – so in effect (says Lynn) the other eighteen national currencies have been turned into nothing.

Howard Flight: We must be set free from the shackles of Europe: Howard Flight makes an excellent case that not only manufacturing exports will benefit from Brexit – but also financial services and the City of London.  “The EU needs the services and expertise of London more than London needs the EU”.

80% of Dutch people want us to vote Leave

The Dutch are pretty fed up with the EU.  In a recent referendum, 64% of Dutch voters took an anti-EU line. The referendum was on an apparently technical issue – a proposed EU/Ukraine association agreement.  But most Dutch voters saw it simply as an opportunity to give Brussels a hiding.  Now a poll by Dutch paper De Telegraaf shows a resounding 80% of respondents hope that Britain will vote for Brexit.  They see it as a way of curbing Brussels’ ambitions and rolling back the tide of integration.  Let’s not let them down.  For us, for Holland, for Europe – vote Brexit.

Corbyn warns of a bonfire

And it’s not November the fifth (or April 1st).  Jeremy Corbyn warns of “a bonfire of regulations” after Brexit. He should perhaps go and watch Brexit the Movie, which recounts how the post-war German economic miracle was precisely based on “a bonfire of the regulations” driven by Adenauer and Erhard.  And it brought jobs and prosperity on a remarkable scale. A regulatory bonfire is just what the EU needs to galvanise its economy.

Corbyn also warns of a threat to the NHS, which he rightly said would be in great difficulty without the 52,000 EU citizens who work in it.  OK, Jeremy, but why would it have to do without them?  No one intends to send them packing.  It’s a non-threat (from a non-Remainian).

Turkey “our most reliable Partner”?

EU Council President Donald Tusk has described Turkey as the EU’s most reliable partner. Admittedly he qualified it with the phrase “in the region”.  So it may be true, but a comparison with Syria, Iraq and Iran is not setting the bar very high.

Merkel ready to give in: The Express reports that Angela Merkel is prepared to reach a compromise with Turkey’s President Erdogan. What this means is that she is prepared to abandon her insistence that Turkey should conform to minimum human rights standards as a condition of the Turkey/EU deal.  In fact Merkel is so anxious for the deal, she’d probably accept any terms at all.

Johnson/Patel win Telegraph Brexit debate vs Salmond & Kendall

The Telegraph’s Brexit debate pitted Leavers Boris Johnson and Priti Patel against Remainians Alex Salmond and Liz Kendall.  Currently the reader response is 80% for Boris & Priti.  The best exchange:

Salmond: “Do you want Turkey in the EU, Boris?”   Johnson: “Yes.  Provided we can come out”.

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11 Responses to Daily debrief June 15th

  1. Laurence Nice says:

    OMG! It’s really happening. I predict that this will be the end of the EU. I’m 62 years old and never have I enjoyed anything so much. There again, this should not have happened in the first place. I knew from the start, this was not going to work well for Britain. There will be a large turn out and Brexit will win. It sort of reminds me of the Golden Jubilee, when the Left claimed nothing much would happen?!!


      Well Laurence, I understand your feelings. I think we all now know how Montgomery must have felt before battle, except we are in comfort and not likely to be shot, but the check and recheck of have we done all that we can before battle is engaged, must be very similar. Yes, I feel that we will win, but there is that nagging uncertainty. We will have to come together as a Nation, the day after, and that may take some doing.

  2. cajwbroomhill says:

    If Commission Pres. Juncker “butts in,” to the UK debate, he should avoid the “cognac breakfast” suspected to have preceded his typsy antics revealed in Youtube, ” jean claude juncker drunk,” at a reception for EU bigwigs, when he cannot have realised the camera was rolling.
    (Just let like Gordon Brown’s gaffe when his microphone was on after chatting with a voter in N of England!)


      Juncker is a prime example of a silly old fart ! – But cut him some slack, for his use of truth; a nice change from Cameron. He said that the E.U. had failed, and that 60% of people in member states had no respect for the E.U. Hardly a reason to promote a vote for remain ! Let him come. I will be interested in seeing if he catches the bug from Cameron & Co., and lies, or if he drops another truth clanger just before our vote. As for his cognac breakfast ! Ask yourself, if you had to rub shoulders and work with those in the Commission, wouldn’t you need a drink ?

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    An excellent post Roger and plenty to savour as we move along nicely toward the much required BREXIT/LEAVE. Can I point out that since Leicester City Council declared their intent for the REMAIN camp we have tried to create a public debate on the subject: neither the deputy mayor (not worthy of capital letters I’m afraid) nor any one councillor has replied to our requests although (apparently) they all agree that bringing 200 more migrants into this city is the right thing to do! Let me copy/paste a small part of the letter I sent them in order that you can see exactly what illogical thinking we are up against:
    “….. According to official figures (FOI etc), January 2015 saw Leicester City have 10,236 unemployed persons. A further FOI noted that the city had 2,034 vacancies – can anyone do simple maths I ask? This means, of course, that the city already had/has an overflow of unemployed to the tune of approximately 8,000 souls so why in God’s name do idiots in power welcome 100, 200, 300, whatever the number, of Syrian refugees? (I have since learned that Nottingham & Derby ‘boast’ similar figures). The obvious questions are:

    a)… Who pays for these people to be housed?
    b)… who pays these people’s utility bills?
    c)… who pays for these people to be fed each week?
    d)… who pays for these people to be clothed?
    e)… who pays these people’s Council Tax? etc etc.

    The answer is very simple my friends, We, the British people do! Yet we don’t do any of this for our homeless people, many of whom simply die on the streets of whichever town/city they inhabit. Do you not find it somewhat insulting that we have ex-servicemen sleeping rough because our politicians feel the need to look after ‘the world’ rather than our own? We have politicians & councillors that are more interested in ‘looking good/looking the part’ in the eyes of the world than ‘practical people’ who care for their constituents – and then I wonder why they never want to debate this whole crazy IN/OUT EU situation but simply sit back and declare that “the council has decided…….”.
    Of course there are many other questions to be asked of our council but it seems that with Soulsby/Palmer at the head of a ‘lunatic, suicidal, multicultural must-have’ situation there is never to be any debate! This simple fact (lack of debate) alone is one of the main reasons why The Sun’s announcement is so critical for this country for The Sun gets to the very soul of the working/non working classes.
    At last the wind of change has blown in with no little force, the lies & fabrications (as you rightly point out Roger) are being exposed for all to see and in eight days time (barring total corruption of course) we should see the LEAVE vote victorious (a no0tional 56%-44% from me) and the collapse of a supremely corrupt EU begin!


    THANKS AGAIN ROGER. I think your warming to the task, because every day is better than the last. ‘ Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once.’ Shakespeare certainly had a way with words, and that fits perfectly for Osborne, ( and Cameron ).
    Another quote that seems to fit these two fools with jobs that are too large for each of them, and from the same Scottish Play, which fits their verbal drivel, is –
    ‘ It is a tale, told by an idiot,
    full of sound and fury,
    – signifying nothing ! ‘
    I suppose the modern version of your quote would be, – SOD OFF RIGHT NOW ! – It does not have the beauty of Shakespeare, but it will do !

  5. Shieldsman says:

    Cameron and Osborne are fools, all we hear from is that leaving the EU and its associated single market would be an economic disaster. It is scaremongering that becomes self perpetuating.
    When we vote to leave next week what are they going to do?
    Have they go their resignation letters written?
    Despite what Johnson and Gove say I cannot see the Conservative hierarchy leaving them in place, they have failed to obey orders, at the same time upsetting the markets.

    The Labour Party are at sixes and sevens. The SNP and most of the Labour Party (Corbyn now included) are more concerned about party politics – Tory bashing than the EU.
    Labour have no COGENT argument for remaining, Hilary Benn expresses the view of the Party and the TUC that the nasty Conservative Party under David Cameron (who they have been cosying up with) will repeal The Working Time Regulations 1998 (SI 1998/1833), it is the United Kingdom statutory instrument which implements the EU Working Time Directive 2003/88/EC, so we must stay in.

    Andrew Neil pushed Benn to admit that EU immigration was necessary for membership of the single market, and therefore worth it.
    Didn’t Ed Miliband and Mrs Balls say they would control immigration.
    The ignorance of Ed Balls – The UK should demand tougher controls on migration, the deal secured by David Cameron must not be “the end of the story.” WHAT DEAL was that?
    Watson now joins in with EU free movement rules must change. After Cameron’s dismal failure to achieve anything, how would any UK Government succeed other than by leaving the EU.


    I rather think, Shieldsman, that Corbyn and Labour can see that Cameron’s goose is cooked. but they don’t have the whit to see that all Party Leaders are seen by the voters as colluding against the British public. ( PMQs saw Cameron making sure they were all of the same mind ! ) Now although this will not be Universal, I would like a General Election A.S.A.P. and UKIP doing very well. After all they are the only Party that will have been right all along.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      It’s like forcing the follow-on in Cricket. You have the opposition on the ropes but your own bowlers are knackered. I’m not sure I could contest a GE in the near future. At least with a GE you can’t use taxpayers’ money against opponents.

  7. catweazle666 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the Remainiacs have entirely concentrated on dire prognostications concerning what Brexit will cause, from WWIII through ‘The Collapse of Civilisation As We Know It™’ with practically all other imaginable catastrophes in between, whereas the Brexit team has predominantly concentrated on the improvements to our economy, living standards, place in the World and ability to prevent the ingress of those who mean us harm?

    In other words, 100% stick versus 100% carrot, the Remainaics’ technique being 100% indistinguishable from that of Left wing totalitarian regimes throughout history?

    Now Osborn has really excelled himself with his threat to cut pensions, benefits, NHS finance, military spending and reduction in the police force, allied with a 10% increase in taxation across the board, tactics guaranteed to drop the country into a deep recession, no matter what positive economic effects Brexit may have.

    The sad, vindictive little man has shown himself to be an unmitigated thug and a bully, entirely unfit to represent our nation in any public capacity above a dog dirt warden. Even at that I wouldn’t trust him.


    I noticed that Roger Helmer was addressing Osborne as though he were the Chancellor, catweazle666. I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I consider both Cameron and Osborne to be unfit for office, following our Brexit. Out with both of the lying scum bags. I am sure that when we are free of the E.U., we can well do without those two idiots. I think the 1922 committee may get shot of Cameron, but Osborne may whine enough for them to keep him ! What should happen is a General Election to get shot of all the colluding fools in the Commons, since they all have been working against the will of the people, with a Brexit majority. It is only UKIP that has been on the money, and they should do well, and hold the balance at least.

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