Daily Debrief June 17th

Jo Cox RIP


As a mark of respect to Jo Cox MP following her despicable murder yesterday, I shall not be publishing my usual Daily Debrief today.

All of us, and especially politicians, regardless of party affiliation, will want to extend our sympathy to Jo Cox’s family, friends, colleagues and constituents.  We will also want to condemn and repudiate this kind of cruel and mindless violence in the strongest possible terms.

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14 Responses to Daily Debrief June 17th

  1. David, says:

    No one should be attacked in this way, nor in any violent way for their views, regardless of Party they support. So sorry to hear of this tragedy.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Mental health issues again….Trump said it in the US and has to be fixed.

    Truly terrible!

  3. Frances Fox says:

    Roger, understandable and I cry for her and her poor family especially her husband, children and family. Respectfully, Frances Fox Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 08:19:56 +0000 To: fran_fox_1@hotmail.co.uk

  4. Martin Reed says:

    I appreciate your sentiment. Sadly, some on the Remain side don’t show any such sensitivity for the deceased and her family and continue to push the smear for all they are worth and if anything upping the ante, with the Sun newspaper blaming the attack on a “Brexit Gunman” on the front page.

    • MartinW says:

      No! That headline does not appear on The Sun’s front page; it is on The Star’s front page. This is surprising, even for that appalling rag.

      • Martin Reed says:

        Thank you. The Star it is of course. Not being a red top reader they all tend to merge into one.

    • Ken Dickenson says:

      I agree with all sentiments and sympathies expressed by all commenters above. I also agree with Martin Reed regarding the Remain & SNP sympathisers. Here is a comment I posted last night in response to a Spectator article (Day of Infamy) by Alex Massie:

      Disgraceful Massie, trying to peg the blame for the dreadful killing of the young MP for Batley onto Nigel Farage and UKIP.
      And you don’t even have the courage to allow comments on your article.
      Self edit: The arrested man, a Mr Mair, has a history, according to his brother, of mental illness. My bet, he was crazed by using cannibis too much for too long.
      Massie is a disgrace for jumping the gun, guilty until proven innocent eh Massie. Typical (remain in) EU type justice lover


    Martin Reed, I know to what you refer, but this is not the time to even mention such things. – Our time today is to reflect on this evil that has shown itself in our Nation. It seems that evil, when released, knows no limit to wickedness. Jo Cox M.P. seemed to be a natural, bubbly person, but with the ability to cut to issues that she held dear, and without doubt Labour has lost a future star, – my own view is that outside the Labour family, we are all the poorer. I send my sincere, but ineffectual condolences to her Husband, Brendan, and weep for the two young children, now without their Mother. R.I.P. JO COX M.P.

    • Martin Reed says:

      Time is now very short and the establishment itself is quite simply not refraining from exploiting this tragedy for its own ends. In fact they seem to be doing their level best to try to blame Brexit for it just as long as it can make front page news in order to sway the referendum by distracting attention away from the real issues. Terrible things happen to people who we do not know personally every single day but we can not pretend to feel for them all in the same way their loved ones do, that would be hypocritical. RIP Mrs Cox.

  6. Jane Davies says:

    This tiny woman was no match for the man who did this. Shock and horror are words that don’t really cover how we all feel about this senseless act. Two babies who will not be able to understand why their mummy is not there to tuck them into bed and read them a story, not there to cuddle them and do all the things a mummy does. Not there…… ever again.
    My heart breaks for them.

  7. Ian Phillips says:

    We were extremely shocked, like everyone, by this murderous act, and pray for strength and comfort for the family to get through these next days and weeks.

    That a personal tragedy of this nature has so quickly been given a headline political dimension, is despicable. This is truly the lowest gutter level of press on a stick. But the politics is still with us, like it or not……..a fast moving reality which isn’t going away.

    We’ve just heard about the recall of parliament….are they now going to try to cancel the referendum altogether, we wonder? Cameron and Corbyn state that the murder of Jo Cox is “an attack on democracy”. At last we seem to have found a phrase which we can agree with. Yes, democracy is being attacked, and strongly by the EU itself. It’s a central theme of our campaigning. So, putting two and two together…….?
    If anything, this violent tragedy must strengthen our case re open borders. We have enough to do to cope with nutters and psychos at home, here in the UK, without an unchecked open door along our borders, available to all and sundry from overseas. We’ll be safer if we’re able to know exactly who is trying to come into our country from abroad. Surely this is just common sense.
    Down here (South Devon) we have been on the receiving end of verbal abuse with our campaigning stalls, had ongoing large placards in remoter locations regularly slashed and a couple of weeks ago had eggs, with a purple dye, thrown at our home near Totnes, which has an 8’x4′ VoteLeave on the wall. If there is “darkness” in this campaign, its definitely not coming from our side.
    Some months ago I spotted a brief clip where a senior (non-British) EU politician announced in a determined way that “Britain will not be allowed to leave the EU”.
    I feel this sums up the mindset we are up against.

  8. Shieldsman says:

    Who is Polly Toynbee? Anyone writing for the Guardian I ignore. Please read – Jo Cox MP Was the Best of Britain. Politicising Her Death is the Worst – By Louise Mensch

    The remainders and the BBC know so little about the EU they are blind to the turmoil that is going on. They can see that if we leave others may follow, but they are unable to react. It is a 28 headed bureaucratic sclerotic monster with France and Germany vying for the leadership. The eurozone is unworkable for many economies, and requires the transfer of funds from the richer to the poorer members which Germany will not countenance.
    The Italian lire used to vary greatly against the pound but like the drachma it can no longer devalue.

    The fall in sterling is being overplayed, there is general turbulence in world currencies and the price of oil is upsetting many.

  9. adams says:

    ” December 2 , 2015 . The decision on bombing Syria was taken in Parliament by a vote . Jo Cox was absent ! A very crucial vote to be missing when one wants a better World . Her husband was in an inflatable harassing the Fisherman outside Parliament . Some of the money he is getting from donations to her memorial fund is going to the fascist “Hope not Hate ” mob .
    Food for thought .

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